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  • Are you going to continue?

    What did you think of The OriginalsĀ“s season finale and are you continuing with the show?
    If you are, what do you wanna see in season 2?

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    I loved it! I felt so sad for Hayley and Klaus having to send Hope away but it's an easy way to avoid having to shoot a baby and to bring Rebekah back from time to time.

    Also? YAY for Haylijah FINALLY happening !!


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      I also plan to continue viewing the series - unfortunately I have to watch it with Comcast On Demand as I missed it when it first aired. I liked what I seen thus far and Klaus and Elijah became my favorite characters at TVD along with Damon, Matt, Caroline an Bonnie.


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        I will continue watching The Originals - it's been far more entertaining than The Vampire Diaries. I'm very excited to see most of the Mikaelsons' being reunited. I know some people had problems with Rebekah/Claire leaving the show on a more permanent basis but she will obviously come around as we saw in the finale and in the season 2 trailer. It looks like in her absence we will be getting some of the other family members back. I desperately want Kol back on the show, I want to know more about him! They killed him off so quickly, yes, he was a jerk most of his time on TVD but I want them to explore his character. I always want flashbacks, these people are 1,000 years old, there is much the writers can do with that! Also in the season 2 trailer, Hayley seems to have gone off the rails, cannot wait to see how Elijah deals with that.
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