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    I do think Damon was right about Tyler. There’s really not much left for him in Mystic Falls. He was never really good friends with any of these people except for Matt, but Tyler and Matt’s friendship took a real hit when Tyler decided he wanted Caroline (while she was still with Matt) and they didn’t interact a whole lot in Season 3 and I don’t think they had any scenes together at all in Season 4. Tyler has always kind of been on the outside of the group. It’s fine if he’s done with Caroline. I didn’t like Caroline trying to force herself on Tyler in the last episode but I do think she’s right – he should just get out of her life if he’s done with her. She doesn’t have to sit around and listen to him bring up the fact that she slept with Klaus all the time because nobody seemed the least bit fazed when Stefan slept with Katherine and it hasn’t been brought up by anyone since it happened. Nobody really said anything about Matt hooking up with Rebekah either – so it just felt like it was an issue since Caroline is female but since Stefan & Matt are guys it’s fine.

    I think Tyler is wrong about Elena though. Judging from the promo for next week Elena is still going to want Damon despite Aaron’s death. Damon has previously killed Jeremy and she didn’t care – so I don’t have a hard time believing that she won’t get over it. Elena also never had any problem with Stefan and his massive body count and while he spent the summer ripping people apart Elena was pining away for him.

    It’s still a massive plot-hole that Bonnie hadn’t noticed that Katherine hadn’t passed through her. It also seems like Bonnie should probably have more people passing through her considering everyone who died on The Originals.

    I did like Katherine’s goodbyes to everyone. I still don’t really get what happened at the end. I hope it’s explained in the future. My initial thought was that the Travellers were somehow behind it. We still don’t know what they want with the doppelgangers or why they took those bucks of blood from Stefan & Elena. My second guess was that Tessa created the Other Side and the rules and she didn’t want any Amara doppelgangers getting though. Caroline Dries said an interview that Katherine was taken to a “dark dimension” – but I don’t like that unless they’re actually going to explore that further and explain why Katherine would be taken there but not other supernatural beings. We’ll have to wait and see if it starts happening to other people as well – or if it was just Katherine because maybe something’s wrong with the Other Side?

    Klaus was mentioned a lot in this episode. I was half-surprised that Caroline didn’t call him considering that Matt seemed to care about Nadia, but I knew he wasn’t going to make an appearance since they aren’t any cross-overs planned and Tyler didn’t tell them until the day after it happened so there probably wasn’t enough time for them to go to NOLA by then.

    Katherine wound up dying regardless. Whether or not Klaus would have helped doesn’t even matter – she didn’t even try. She could have asked Caroline to call him but she was too afraid of being exposed as not-Elena that she’d rather let her daughter just die and not do anything to save her. Stefan on the other hand went to Klaus when Damon was bit by Tyler back in Season 2 and was willing to do anything to save him. I liked Nadia’s scenes with Matt in the last episode, but she wasted 500 years looking for Katherine and she wound up dead because of her. Had she not been doing Katherine’s bidding and compelling Matt it wouldn’t have happened.

    I do like Liv more than the other new characters we’ve been introduced to this season (who are all now dead – Jesse, Aaron, Dr Maxfield). I am sort of wondering if she’s a Traveller though and isn’t really just some newbie witch that’s clueless about everything.

    What I don’t understand is the ripper virus now having werewolf venom in it. Shouldn’t having werewolf venom in her system be fatal to Elena? The “science” that Dr. Maxfield has been using makes no sense at all to me. I’m afraid we’re going to find out that Elena is now a hybrid and her bite his fatal to vampires – instead of her dying from the werewolf venom.

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    Caroline Dries said an interview that Katherine was taken to a “dark dimension” – but I don’t like that unless they’re actually going to explore that further and explain why Katherine would be taken there but not other supernatural beings.
    I feel like it's waaaaaaay too late in the series to introduce alternate dimensions, so I hope that was not precisely what she meant. I agree that it must have something to do with travelers, because as awful as Katherine's various misdeeds have been, it seems unlikely that she's more evil than Koll, who was clearly on the Other Side.