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5x14 No Exit

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  • 5x14 No Exit

    Matt & Nadia was really growing on me. I’m assuming Nadia is going to die since there are no cross-overs with The Originals planned. I did like how they bonded over how they have similar mothers and so forth. I did not like that they once again retconned the mythology and now suddenly a new hybrid is stronger than a vampire that’s 500. Stefan, Damon killed a bunch of hybrids pretty easily before and they’re substantially younger than Nadia. Even Jeremy was able to kill a hybrid prior to being activated as a hunter.

    Caroline did annoy me in this episode. It seemed like she was trying to force Tyler into being her friend. There was no need at all for her to march over to her house and clearly he didn’t want her there – he just wanted to know if she’d seen Matt. It’s like it doesn’t even register with her that they broke-up and are done because she’s still friends with Matt post break-up (but it seemed like she gave Matt a lot more time to decide to become friends with her (because they broke up in Season 2, the summer went by and they were barely talking at the start of Season 3) than she’s giving Tyler) so just expects that whenever a relationship falls apart you’ll remain friends and that’s just not always the case. Sometimes once you break-up with someone that’s it – and you both move on with your lives.

    I could not believe Stefan could not figure out that it was Katherine earlier. She wasn’t even being subtle about it. Ripping the hose out of his car and getting grease on her? That should have been a big tip-off. I guess it’s because Stefan just doesn’t know Elena anymore. In the first two seasons he could usually tell pretty quickly if it was Katherine or Elena but since Elena became a vampire I think he lost whatever connection he had to her. Both Stefan & Caroline felt like Elena turned into a different person when she became a vampire and neither of them really know the “new” Elena and are still holding onto who she used to be.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen with Damon but I won’t be the least bit surprised when some cure appears.

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    But between the Vampire Elena and the Human Elena there is no a big difference. Elena is good peson, deosn't matter vampire, or human. This episode was interesting to me , mostly because of Katherine. if she get killed , or gone I don't know what going to be interesting to me anymore. I hate to drop the things in the middle, but this season is the last TVD season ,which I'm going to watch. I liked so much this show in the beggining. But now I just want to finish this season faster.
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