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5x13 Total Eclipse of the Heart

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  • 5x13 Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Katherine writing down what she was doing was incredibly stupid and very un-Katherine like. Why would she leave evidence like that? I liked Katherine better earlier in the season when she was human. I really think she should have just died – because it’s very OCC for her to be pining over Stefan and not concerned about her survival. Self-preservation is Katherine’s thing – hanging around in Mystic Falls trying to win Stefan is just going to get her outed as not-Elena.

    Damon is at least consistent. He really does better playing the villain role (like he did in Season 1) than anything else. This episode just proved he hasn’t changed at all. In early Season 2 when Damon was rejected by Elena the first thing he did was kill Jeremy. Now he’s been rejected by “Elena” again so the first thing he does is kill someone. He’s actually proving Katherine right. In the last episode she told him that she couldn’t be worried about what was going to happen every time Damon had his feelings hurt because he always responds like this.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Enzo. I think his character needs to be fleshed out better. How old is he? Why does he have a daylight ring?

    The Nadia/Matt/Tyler scenes were okay. I did like the call back to the time Tyler made out with Matt’s mother and then Tyler beat up Matt in Season 1.

    Bonnie seeing Liv spin a pen earlier in the episode was way too convenient. They should have set that up much earlier.

    Did Jeremy's hunter powers go away when Silas died?

    Caroline needs some sort of actual story-line. Not a love interest – but a storyline. I’m not at all interested in a Katherine/Caroline/Stefan love triangle. I hope Caroline was just trying to look out for Stefan because she thinks Elena is upset about Damon so Elena’s just going back to Stefan because he’s there and Caroline doesn’t want to see Stefan get hurt all over again when Elena still has feelings for Damon.

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    Agree it would be nice to have some expository reason why Jeremy didn't just go ahead and throw down with Damon -- if he's not a hunter anymore... worth mentioning at some point in this episode, if not earlier. Those five were supposed to be the next thing to a Slayer in TVD, so Jeremy should not be helpless against Damon. Or he should at the very least try to get his ring back on (aren't there still two?) -- they can't have it both ways, he can't be supernatural and ring-proof but also NOT a hunter anymore.

    Damon... honestly, over him. He's thrown away every damn bit of development over 5 seasons, and I care about as much for his well-being as I did at the end of the Vicki-vampire mini-arc. It's hilarious to me, though, how utterly amoral everyone is -- him killing that totally innocent Aaron guy was, for Stefan, like nothing at all, just a hiccup in a recovery program. As for Stefan and Enzo... total illogic that Stefan didn't just kill him. Enzo is nothing to him, and Stefan still kinda owes Damon a murdered old friend for Lexi, IMO.

    And Katherine's character is being kinda butchered here -- the diary leaving evidence, but also just her contentment to be taken as Elena and not as herself. I can only fanwank that it's something that would lose its appeal to her after a few months of playing at it before she wanted to reveal herself, even if it meant running away again. She's Katherine Pierce.

    That said, she's also a better Elena than Elena has been for a while. This show kinda died when Elena did
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      They are ruining the show for me. I think the writers are so focused on "The Originals" that they've forgotten that TVD still needs interesting characters and plot lines. All this just feels tired to me.