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5x12 The Devil Inside

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  • 5x12 The Devil Inside

    I was fine with Tyler’s reaction to overhearing that Caroline had been with Klaus. It was obvious he wasn’t going to take that news too well. I really think Caroline should have just left Tyler alone though and given him some time to process the news and so forth. I get that she wanted to explain or whatever but I think it was just too soon to do that. That said I loved it when Stefan punched Tyler in the face because it was obvious by the way he told Stefan that Caroline had screwed Klaus that he was trying to shame her (and maybe it was because Stefan recently slept with Katherine or just because Caroline is his friend) and Stefan wasn’t there for that.

    I did like the way Caroline wound up telling Katherine (of all people) about Klaus and that Katherine really didn’t seemed that phased by it and pointed out that Caroline was one of the least awful people she knew. I also noticed earlier in the episode that Katherine was hoping that Elena liked Caroline more than Bonnie – so I think maybe she’s starting to kind of like Caroline.

    I liked the Caroline/Stefan scenes. I know that Damon treated Caroline horribly (so her hatred of him is okay with me) and Stefan is always going to bit a bit biased because Damon is his brother. I really enjoyed the scene they had at the end and how Stefan (who’s dated/slept with people like Katherine & Rebekah) didn’t turn into a hypocrite and start judging her.

    I did like the Tyler/Matt stuff. Tyler and Matt were friends in Season 1 (and into Season 2) but then once Tyler got involved with Caroline (which I can understand Matt wasn’t that cool with because there was some overlap to the point that both Matt & Tyler kissed her in the same episode) it was like it just disappeared. So it was really refreshing to see them rebuilding their friendship and Matt offering to go on a road trip with Tyler. Tyler also used to have a lot of scenes with Jeremy – but I don’t think they’ve had any since Season 2.

    I did think that Tyler only really wanted Caroline back because he had nothing else going on. He was clearly on a suicide mission (and just wanted to take Hayley out with him) and since he didn’t wind up dead he has no idea what to do next. So I felt like he was just latching onto Caroline (who told him that they were over for good) because he had no goals of his own.

    With Damon it’s always the same thing over and over again. Elena rejects him so he starts killing people. In Season 2 he killed Jeremy when Elena rejected him and now this time he’s killed Aaron for the same reason. He hasn’t grown at all. The things that Katherine said to him are the things that I wished Elena would actually say to him. Although I did like his line to Caroline: “You? You hate me. You once told me that calling me Satan was an insult to Satan”. He really does need to find something in life worth living for other than Elena. It seemed like Stefan was really just trying to push Elena back on to Damon so that he wouldn’t kill people.

    I don’t really expect this Katherine/Elena thing to play out for much longer. I suspect that Elena will back soon enough. Elena probably should have killed Mia instead of just knocking her out. I was confused though about how Damon & Elena were able to take on Nadia so easily when Nadia is over 500. The older a vampire is the stronger they’re supposed to be – so I really wish there was more consistency with that.

    I don’t understand why Bonnie & Jeremy can’t also be in the episode. Why is it such a rarity for all the main characters to be in an episode?