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    I agree. Honestly, I think it was kind of inevitable that once Elena chose Damon the show would get stale because that question was the central tension in the show since it's inception. And they really haven't replaced it with anything else (that doesn't feel totally contrived for the sake of lengthening the run of the show). On Buffy there was always an implied question of Spuffy vs. Bangel, but it was not the central tension of the show. Buffy's love life was always a side issue that complicated things but did not dictate them. TVD, however, set itself up with two central tensions- the love triangle and the hate/love relationship between Damon and Stefan. In my opinion, they could have done themselves a favor by emphasizing the brother relationship over the love triangle if they wanted to make the tension last realistically. They shouldn't have made it all about who Elena would choose, because once she's chosen each of them once, what else is there to do?

    I also believe that Klaroline is probably not done, particularly if TVD gets cancelled before the Originals does (like the way that Spike ended up on Angel). TVD seems to have this issue with many of their characters right now. Tyler has nothing left on that show really. Bonnie and Jeremy, now that they have each other, don't have much new business either. Matt's storylines feel very forced, like they're not really sure how to keep him in the show. (Why is Matt not in college? He's never heard of a student loan?) It just feels like they've doubled down on Damon/Elena/Stefan, tossing Katherine in because fans like her, and the other characters are just filler. I couldn't care less about the Augustine story (except that it's appalling and makes me hate Elena's father), and the Enzo stuff seems like it's there just so that Damon and Elena can't be happy for more than half a season.


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      This episode made me angry because essentially, it was an episode devoted to characters celebrating the death of Katherine and mainly Damon was being stupid. Blaming everything on Katherine?
      I don´t know these characters anymore and the plots are just uninteresting and it seems "dumbed down".

      btw, I gave up watching it and I´m gonna stick with the first three seasons.