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  • 1 x 11 Apres Moi, Le Deluge

    I don't know how I feel about this episode yet, but I know what I didn't like. Celeste? Really? Can't anyone from the past who is mentioned in passing on either this show or TVD not then show up out of nowhere in the next episode, acting in a way that is completely inconsistent with who they were in the flashback? If Celeste turns out to be some horrible, evil person I am going to know for a fact that Elijah is a MORON when it comes to women. So far the only other women he has shown an interest in was a woman for whom his brother was a romantic rival (Tatia, or whatever), Katherine Pierce (who he was surprised to learn had acted poorly in her own self-interest), and a woman who is currently knocked up with his brother's baby. If Celeste is not the sweet woman he thought she was, he must be the worst judge of character ever.

    It was nice to see the comfort moment between Klaus and Marcel at the end. I hope that Marcel does not blame Klaus (or the other Originals) for what happened, because it seems perfectly obvious that once the Reaping thing was started by the witches, Davina's fate was sealed one way or the other. I really don't understand why they didn't try taking Davina out to the middle of nowhere or something to see if they could ride it out, but it seemed like she was probably going to die anyway. Frankly, if Davina had not been rescued by Marcel and the ceremony had been completed right away (though I agree it was horrible, and you can't blame someone for being unwilling to let her throat be slit), she and all the other girls would be alive. Agnes was still alive then, so the ritual would not have been hijacked by whatever happened with Celeste. Probably. I pretty much hate all the witches for what they did, and it's totally their own fault that this horrible result occurred. I also don't really understand why they thought bringing Klaus into the situation was going to help them, since what they really needed was to find Davina quickly, not get rid of Marcel.

    I wish the show would put the breaks on some of the action and focus a little more on relationships; the constantly-shifting alliances are frustrating and implausible. Rebekah is in danger of becoming a one-trick pony, in my opinion. No one has asked her to stay in New Orleans, and she apparently is not feeling any sibling loyalty, so why is she sticking around to destroy their plans? No wonder Klaus is paranoid, since his sister really is plotting against him pretty much all the time, and somehow Elijah never picks up on it.

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    Thanks for making the thread!

    I liked this episode so much better than the previous one.

    I still think that Elijah/Hayley is forced and I still don't see any chemistry. I'm really hoping that the Celeste development will squash anything further between them. I think it's a given that Elijah doesn't have great taste in women judging by what we've seen so far and goes after girls he needs to "protect".

    I think that Celeste/Sabine did something to screw up the Harvest. Instead of resurrecting Davina, Monique and those other two girls those other three dead witches came back. I wonder if would have worked properly if Sabine hadn't been involved.

    I can understand that Marcel was upset about Davina dying and everything. But they didn't really have great alternatives - Davina was self-destructing and she could have wound up killing a bunch of innocent people. I can see why they to go ahead and complete the ritual to stop everything.

    Rebekah was less annoying to me this episode. I don't think aligning with Sophie will solve anything and it still seems like she's just bitter that Marcel dumped her.

    Klaus was much improved this episode I thought. I think he was sometimes shifting way too much from one extreme to the other before - so it was nice to see him not wallowing in self-pity or being super paranoid. I don't think he was upset about Davina dying - but I did like that he realized how upset Marcel was and decided to comfort him. I thought it was a really good moment for them. I also thought Klaus dealt with Hayley well (going out into the bayou with the earthquakes and rain was not a good idea) - although I didn't understand why she seemed so surprised that some of Klaus biological father's clan could still be around.

    I was half-expecting Esther to make a reappearance once she was brought up. So does Celeste now have her magic? I wonder if that was her plan all along.


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      Celeste must have done the whole body-switcharoo thing using Sabine's body that Klaus has done (twice) before, which I guess would explain why the was no dead.. essence or whatever... to consecrate in her bones. And I'm sure you're right that this is why the Harvest didn't work; I'm not sure when this got arranged though, so I guess it's hard to say whether the Harvest/Reaping would have worked before Davina ran off. I don't remember what else Sabine has had to do with the story so far. When did she show up, or has she always been around? It's hard for me to keep everyone straight on this show, even more so than on TVD.

      I agree that Klaus was much improved this episode, and wish that they would try to be more consistent with his character. They can't seem to decide if they're moving too quickly with the redemption story, so they have him backslide all the time. Which I guess is understandable, but I don't like it when they make him seem childish and short-sighted, because it seems out of keeping with someone as supposedly awesome at strategy as he's supposed to be. They pay lip service to Klaus's ability to plot three steps ahead of everyone else, but then they show him being absolutely astonished when the obvious consequences of his actions dawn on him.

      I don't really understand the whole thing with Esther and her power being used for the reaping. She is not related to any of these witches, and it seems pretty convenient that there's suddenly a way to 'pinch power transfer' out of the family. If that WAS Celeste's plan all along, I have to say that there are a lot of ways that it could have gone wrong and very few ways that you could plan for what happened to happen. Now we've got Davina's vision about an Evil Celeste and a vision about Klaus and Hayley's baby being the destruction of the witches, right?


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        Originally posted by gregor View Post
        \Now we've got Davina's vision about an Evil Celeste and a vision about Klaus and Hayley's baby being the destruction of the witches, right?
        Since the vision about the baby came from Sabine/Celeste - I think it's pretty questionable how valid that was now. She could have known that if she told Agnes the baby was evil that Agnes would then go after the baby thus pissing off Elijah & Klaus - who would kill her. Maybe she wanted all the Elders out of the way to suit her own purposes?


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          That's true, I hadn't remembered that it was Sabine who said that. Was she also the one who tricked Hayley into going to that swamp doctor who tried to kill her baby, or was that someone else? I've only watched each episode once, and I'm losing track of some of the characters. If Sabine/Celeste did all that in order to have Agnes killed so there would be no other elders and she could get all that power, that is the kind of gift for strategy that I would like to see the writers put into Klaus's character!

          On another note, I am really sad about Davina dying (if she stays dead, of course), but I'm relieved that if she does come back to life she won't have all that extra power. It was getting to be a little hard to find any of the other characters very intimidating when Davina could pretty much twist any of them inside out whenever she was throwing a tantrum.


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            Agnes was the witch who got Hayley out to the doctor. She's also the one who stuck Sophie will the needles of Sorrows. She was the last Elder - and killed by Elijah.


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              Okay, I was surprised at Davina┬┤s death. I was not expecting that at all.
              As for the rest of the episode, I liked it a lot and with Celeste, it feels we have a sense of real danger.