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  • TO 1x10 The Casket Girls

    I didn’t really like this episode all that much. The constant shifting of alliances every episode needs to stop.

    Camille is just annoying and I wish the compulsion had stuck and she had left town. I’m annoyed that she didn’t even want to her Kieran’s side of the story. She could have at least made an attempt to hear him out and let him explain why he didn’t want her in the loop. She instead chose to trust a witch that she’s only met once before in her life. And her threatening Klaus at the end? She’s lucky he didn’t just kill her on the spot.

    I didn’t like Rebekah that much either, honestly. She has never before expressed any interest in ruling the New Orelans. That’s always been something that Klaus and Marcel wanted – but it’s never anything Rebekah wanted before. I remember a few episodes ago she said she wanted no part of what Klaus, Marcel & Elijah had going on and she was going to leave town. If she wanted to live her own life away from her brothers – she should have just gone and done that. I really felt like the only reason she’s doing this is because she’s all upset that she allowed herself to be used by Marcel and she’s jealous that Marcel was always closer to Klaus than he was to her. She’s also using Davina now just as much as Klaus was. Rebekah’s may be a little more subtle about it but she’s still using these people for her own gain.

    I did feel like Rebekah had some sort of selective memory though. She was the one who interrogated Katie and found out that she was in love with Thierry. She and Klaus worked together to set up Thierry in their attempt to get Elijah back from Davina. Rebekah was just as much at fault for what happened to him as Klaus was.

    Hayley I thought was finally back to her old-self. So I was glad to see that she was consistent. Hayley betrayed Tyler (who was a friend of hers and she was romantically interested in) in order to get a flashdrive from Professor Shane that had information about where her biological parents were buried. In exchange for said flashdrive she and Shane created a scenario in which they got Klaus to kill 12 hybrids (for the expression triangle) and Carol Lockwood. Hayley off-screen also made a deal with Katherine. She informed Katherine about the going-ons in Mystic Falls regarding Silas in exchange for information about her family. This lead to Katherine finding Vaughn and trailing the group to the island and lead to Silas rising and Jeremy dying. So I thought it was very in character that she would make a deal with Sophie so the werewolves would be un-cursed.

    I couldn’t feel bad about Tim’s death because we didn’t see enough of him. Also in the first two (maybe three) seasons of TVD I remember high-school kids being killed by vampires pretty frequently and nobody seemed phased by their deaths so I was a bit baffled that everyone was so appalled that Klaus would poison a 16-year old as a Plan B.

    I do think that Marcel actually does care about Davina. I think that although he is using her to keep the witches from practicing magic he does care about her much more than anyone else on the show (aside from maybe Josh). I know Davina is a confused 16-year old girl who doesn’t know who to trust (aside from Josh) but I feel like trusting Rebekah would be a bad move on her part.

    I also do sort of feel like in general everyone is always very judgmental of Klaus for doing horrible things, but then they turn around and do horrible things themselves. Rebekah was all worked up about how Klaus wanted power and so forth – but now she’s doing the exact same thing that he was. I think it was just a couple episodes ago that Marcel said something to Rebekah about how what he was doing was no different than what Klaus had done. The biggest difference I think is that Klaus can be more honest about what he’s done (he doesn’t pretend to be the good guy – I like that he’s straightforward and upfront about it) whereas it seems like most everyone else tries to whitewash what they’ve done.

    In this episode we also had Davina kill three withes. So she’s obviously in a grey area too. In the past she’s told Marcel about the witches doing magic and Marcel has been doing the killing so this is the first time we’ve seen Davina actually kill people herself. It doesn’t seem like Davina has any problems killing people (just as long as they aren’t her friends).

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    WOW, could I agree with you MORE?! I think not...

    I'm pretty sick of the alliances switching up so much. I mean seriously, one minute people want to rip each others' throats out and the next they're fighting side by side. At least TVD usually gave us a couple episodes in between alliance shifts. LOL

    I am sick of the whole tease going on between Hayley and Elijah, too. Shit, get them together already; it's pretty obvious both of them are hot for the other, and their scenes are absolutely amazing... The chemistry!!!!

    I felt bad for Davina for losing her crush, but like @Gemini9857 said ^^ we didn't see enough of Tim to be emotionally connected to him.

    And Rebekah is probably one of the most annoying characters EVER. I don't think the writers know what the hell they want her to be, and that wishy-washiness is showing through in her scenes. One minute she wants to be a normal girl who just wants to fall in love, one minute she wants to be the bitchy mean girl... I wish they'd make up their minds. I hated Katherine Pierce, too, buy hey- at least they kept her consistent.


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      I am also getting very tired of Rebekah; she's such a hypocrite. I thought it was appalling how she was trying to play the "we girls have to stick together" card- she could not have been LESS like that when she was in Mystic Falls. She was ridiculously cruel to the women on that show, often for no particular reason. And she wouldn't be chumming it up with any of these women if Marcel had kept giving her puppy dog eyes instead of trying to make it work co-ruling with Klaus. The writers should be ashamed of themselves for having all the female characters have giant weaknesses that make them act in a totally selfish, tunnel-visioned kind of ways.

      Rebekah will do anything for love, including betray her brothers. And if she's crossed in love, she'll do anything for spite and revenge. Including betray her brothers. I really don't get why Rebekah got forgiven by both Elijah and Klaus for what she plotted with Marcel. She doesn't appear to regret anything about it except that it didn't work.

      Hayley will do anything for information on, or to protect, a family who gave her away and have made no attempt to find her. For this she will (and has) double-crossed every single person who has ever treated her decently on either show to work with the biggest villain of either show.

      Davina is, for all her power, a complete idiot who takes the word of random strangers in deciding that she no longer trusts people who have earned her trust in the past. At least as a sixteen year-old it's more understandable that her weak spot is a boy.

      All of the witches are appalling on this show, willing to sacrifice four teen-aged girls because they believe it will give them more power. That is a BIG freaking gamble to make with the lives of four young people.

      Cami sucks. Her self-righteous attitude makes me want her to get eaten in every episode. She's like an ant screaming at a polar bear, all the time. I hate characters who believe that in a morally ambiguous situation they would always know exactly how to act and what to do... and would have done it, too.

      It's like all the women have no capacity for higher-ordered thinking. Get it together, writers!