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5x10 Fifty Shades of Grayson

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  • 5x10 Fifty Shades of Grayson

    I do like Stefan/Katherine. I think they have really good chemistry and they did fall in love back in 1864. I really think Stefan’s feelings for Katherine were real back then (but over the years he managed to convince himself that he must have been compelled) and I think Katherine always favoured Stefan over Damon. It’s just that Katherine always looks out for herself first so when she found out about the vampire round-up she realized it was a good opportunity to fake her own death (maybe Klaus would think she burned up in fire) but then she did check in on Stefan every so often. I also really do think a lot of his feelings for Elena were transference (the same with Damon) and I think Stefan prefers the human version of the doppelganger (he liked Elena better when she was human and now that Katherine’s human he likes her more).

    I don’t care about Damon/Elena and I never really have. I could have cared less about their relationship in Season 4 and I don’t care about it now. I knew that they were going to have to break-up though so the love triangle could continue.

    I don’t really have any interest in this Augustine storyline and we’ve seen a doctor use vampire blood so save lives before – Meredith Fell. Why is it any surprise that Grayson would have done the same? I’ve really always believed that if Grayson & Miranda had lived they would have agreed with John & Isobel and wanted Elena to live a human life as far away from vampires as possible.

    Caroline was missing in this episode. Does she even have a storyline at this point? It seems like since Season 2 she’s just been a love interest (mainly for Tyler and Klaus) and now that she’s single the writers don’t know what to do with her (although I am glad to be rid of the scenes where she left a million voicemails for Tyler).

    Does anyone even care about Bonnie? They went through so much trouble to bring her back and then they went right back to ignoring her. Do they even know that she’s in pain every time a supernatural being dies?

    It was nice to see Matt again – because he has been missing a lot as well. I do like him working with Katherine – it gives him something to do.

    Jeremy was also missing. I guess he might be off with Bonnie somewhere.

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    I seriously don´t know what to say about this season anymore. This season is bad, the characters and storylines are not interesting and the whole Silas thing earlier ruined things.
    Elena is becoming more and more bland and I also agree that Caroline has been a bit faded since maybe season 4.

    I honestly don´t know what to say anymore and I honestly don´t know what went wrong here.


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      I am loosing more and more interest for this show. it's just a mess right now. The only redeeming ans still slightly interesting character is Katherine. lets hope they don't kill her of. Or worse, turn her into Elena.


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        I really wish they had just let Elena's parents stay decent people in her memory, because it's really sick to think of her father doing Mengele-style experiments on vampires in the basement of his medical practice. It must be hard to realize that if your parents were alive, they would think you were such a monster that live vivisection would be cool for you. I also didn't really buy that Enzo would focus his rage on Damon because their plan didn't work. It all just seems like a convenient way of stirring up Damon's self-hatred so he would drive a wedge between himself and Elena. To keep things interesting. Except it doesn't work, because how are we supposed to buy the realness of all this deep and abiding love between characters (Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena, Caroline/Tyler, Jeremy/Bonnie, Caroline/Klaus, Rebecca/Matt, etc.) when none of the relationships last more than one or two seasons? Except Damon loving Katherine for 145 years, which he apparently got over in about ten seconds when he discovered that she had acted like... she always does...