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5x09 The Cell

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  • 5x09 The Cell

    The 1953 flashbacks feel like a retcon to me. Back in the Season 1 episode “You’re Undead To Me” Elena learned that Stefan was a vampire. A classmates’ grandfather recognized Stefan because he stayed at the Salvatore boarding house in the 1950s. Logan Fell allowed Elena to go through old news footage and that’s where she found the news coverage of the death of Joseph Salvatore and Stefan was lurking around in the background. So obviously Stefan was in Mystic Falls in June 1953 as was Damon (who killed Joseph). I was a bit bored though watching all the Damon/Augustine stuff though.

    This episode was really flashback heavy. I suspect that Enzo isn’t going to be alive for much longer. I do understand why Damon left him behind because it didn’t really look like he was going to be able to free him and he thought he was going to burn up – it was a very Katherine move (to save yourself). On the other hand I think that if he was in the same situation again and Elena was the one in the cage he would have never left her. I also don’t think he would have left if it was Stefan.

    I guessed that it was probably Damon who killed Aaron’s parents last episode. Elena has felt so much sympathy for Aaron but as soon as she finds out that it was Damon who’s been slaughtering his family for generations it seemed like that went out the window. It’s certainly not Aaron’s fault that he was born into that family (any more that Elena could control that her parents/ancestors were vampires hunters and she was born a doppelganger) and he was clearly clueless about what was going on. Although it did sort of make me think of the tomb vampires – they wanted to kill the Founding Families because of the actions of their ancestors.

    I don’t really understand why Elena was so surprised that her dad would have been involved. He was a doctor and he knew about vampires so it actually makes sense that he’d want to understand vampires to see if they could serve any sort of purpose medically. Both Grayson & John were raised to hate vampires (which Elena & Jeremy knew because John told them) and it went back generations. Although none of this explains why there was a picture of him on Megan’s phone. I’m going to assume though that it was Enzo who killed Megan.

    I did like all the Katherine/Stefan stuff. I really didn’t know if the show was ever going to go there because of how Stefan/Elena was written in the first couple seasons but I actually think Stefan has more chemistry with Katherine than he does with Elena (which is odd since it’s the same actress). He did love Katherine first and I’ve always believed their feelings in 1864 were real. I don’t think Katherine compelled Stefan to love her – just not to tell anyone that she was a vampire and so forth. Katherine has been the best part of the season for me and I really hope they don’t kill her off. I’d like to see Stefan/Katherine play out but I have a feeling that it will wind up like Stefan/Rebekah and Julie won’t actually allow him to move on from Elena, which really weakens Stefan’s character IMO because he’s better with both Rebekah & Katherine than he is with Elena.

    Caroline was just kind of there this episode - again. It did sound like Katherine called her for back-up which I liked (they should team-up more) and she was trying to help Stefan. I don’t think though that she needs to run and tell Elena about Stefan/Katherine though because Elena will then make it all about her and how Stefan is trying to get back at her and so forth (which is what she said when she found out he hooked up with Rebekah whilst overlooking the fact that Stefan actually dated Rebekah well before Elena was born).

    Matt is gone again. Katherine killed Gregor and so he’s back into hiding. Both Bonnie & Jeremy were missing as well – I guess they could be together. After all that hoopla about making Bonnie the anchor they’re now all back to ignoring her presence. I was hoping we’d get a Bonnie scene and she could mention something about all the dead vampires that have to pass through her (Klaus killed quite a few recently, plus the human Faction took out some).

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    This season has been bad, bad. The storylines including this recent one don´t interest me and the characters are not as strong and interesting as they were.

    Maybe I shouldn´t say this but I´m thinking of quitting the show once the season is over. And I´m not seeing any signs of improvements.