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TO 1x09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

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  • TO 1x09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans

    I suspected when I saw the preview that Klaus ordered the wolves to be killed because Tyler got all the vampires worked up about hybrids. Why would he even want a hybrid army that would be sired to the baby? Maybe he also learned from the hybrid failure in Mystic Falls and isn’t interested in reliving that all over again. Chances are one of them would figure out how to break the sire bond (like Tyler did) and they’d turn on him just like the hybrids did in Mystic Falls.

    Although Elijah coming to take Hayley away to somewhere “safe” does make me think he may be planning on taking the child away from Klaus once she’s born. At the moment I don’t think Hayley needs to be “saved” and I’m not sure why Rebekah & Elijah think so. I’m pretty sure Klaus has no plans to harm her/the baby. Elijah and Klaus were on pretty horrible terms in Season 2 of TVD (to the point that Elijah was ready to actually kill him) and I really think Elijah’s interest in Hayley is going to wind up driving them back apart. Klaus did tell him in the last episode that he already thinks that Elijah is going to swoop in and take away the baby and the closer Elijah & Hayley get the more I think that it might happen. I also think that if Elijah takes away Klaus’ only child that could be the final nail in the coffin for them – that’s not really something that they should be able to come back from.

    I think Klaus & Hayely really just need to sit down and discuss their situation. It seemed obvious Klaus hadn’t really thought ahead to what was going to happen once the baby was born. I have a hard time imagining Klaus actually taking care of the baby – so it would probably work out better for him to work out some sort of arrangement with Hayley where she’ll take care of baby once it’s born and do things like feed her and change her diaper.

    I like Father Kieran. I think that leaving him alive was probably a good idea. Although the incident with the humans really illustrated why Klaus is so horrible at being a leader – he can’t politic. Marcel was able to come to an agreement with the humans and that seemed to be working – why not just leave it alone? Klaus also really doesn’t have any regard for human life so I can’t say that I’m surprised he didn’t give into the demands of the Faction.

    I’m really starting to like Josh. I really like his friendship with Davina. He’s the only person who doesn’t want something from her and isn’t using her.

    I do like Klaus & Marcel teaming up and working together. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last – but I like it.

    Are any of these werewolves actually Hayley’s family or are they just really distant relatives like third cousins twice removed (which most people don’t consider to be family)? I know Shane said her parents were dead and so far we’ve only met Eve but it doesn’t seem like Hayley has met any aunts, uncles, cousins, or long lost siblings yet. Those werewolves have obviously been there for decades and are capable of taking care of themselves – I’m not so sure they appreciate that Hayley keeps sending in Original Vampires to “protect” them.

    As memory serves back on TVD Elijah told Elena that Mikael killed Klaus’ biological father and his entire family once Klaus trigged the curse. Rebekah later told Elena that Mikael went on a rampage and killed half the village. Obviously some of the werewolves survived and they have descendents now – but I don’t see how they would remotely qualify as being Klaus’ family. The paternal side of his family was wiped out by Mikael over a thousand years ago. Maybe he had some distant cousins or whatever back then – but I don’t really understand why Klaus would care at all about their descendants. Klaus obviously didn’t consider the werewolves to be his family back when he was turned into a vampire – he instead chose to go back to Europe and never sought them out and there’s been nothing to suggest that any of the werewolves ever sought him out either. I was completely baffled as to why Klaus asked Father Kieran to protect them. I also don’t understand why Rebekah and Elijah have suddenly decided to care about the werewolves.

    I think it would actually be better if Elijah & Rebekah stay put and don’t move in with Klaus. If they’re content to stay where they are I see no reason for them to leave. I don’t understand at all why Elijah thought that Klaus would want to move back in with them though. They obviously can’t seem to all co-exist living in the same house and even back on TVD Rebekah moved out of Klaus’ house and got her own place at the beginning of Season 4.

    I don’t understand what’s going on with Rebekah at all. In Season 3 of TVD it really seemed like her and Klaus were really close and that she had pretty much chosen to stick with him. Even once everyone was undaggered and she could have left town with Elijah, Kol or Finn she chose to stay with Klaus. It was in Season 4 after Klaus chose to save Caroline over her and she threw away Elena’s blood that their relationship imploded. I do find it ironic that she’s claiming to try to make amends with Klaus while continuing to try to plot against him with Marcel.

    It was obvious that Marcel was never going to chose Rebekah though. If he really wanted to be with her he would have left town with her when she offered. I don’t understand why Rebekah keeps falling for guys who don’t really care about her. We’ve already been down this road with Stefan and Matt (and to some extent Damon – since she did sleep with him twice and was under the impression that he might care about her).

    I was disappointed that Davina didn't allow Camille to just leave town.
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    Maybe it's just me, but I really don't understand why Hayley was acting like Klaus was her worst enemy in the world before he ordered the werewolf hunt. I have to confess that I was really hoping that was an elaborate double-cross to get rid of some of Marcel's most loyal vampires, like it was a trap of some kind that would not be traceable to Klaus, and would at the same time shore up some loyalty from Hayley. I'm getting somewhat irritated with the show's willingness to have Klaus not think things through and act impulsively, leading to bad consequences. He's supposed to be a great strategist who is always three steps ahead of his enemies. Where is that guy?

    Regarding the human element, while I agree that he should probably have seen the human blow-back coming, strategically it was possibly a good idea to call their bluff and then kill all of them (except Father Kieran) to re-establish an appropriate pecking order. Politicking is necessary, and Marcel may be great at that, but if the humans had got to the point where they said the things that they said and then did what they did, they clearly no longer feared Marcel's reaction. Which means that they didn't believe that any threat of violence was real. THAT had to change.

    I'm sick of Cami, and I want her to go. While I sort of like Klaus's dynamic with her, she really bugs me. I don't find it realistic for either Klaus or Marcel to be so preoccupied with her well-being.

    I don't understand what's going on with Davina. Why does she think that if Agnes is dead there is no longer any threat to her? That doesn't make sense to me at all. Wouldn't they still want to slit her throat to resurrect the other girls who were part of the ceremony? And wasn't the idea that if the reaping didn't happen the power would disappear and she (as well as the other witches) would be a normal person? If that's the case, I sure hope she remembers that she's going to be pretty helpless fairly soon before she goes blasting people into oblivion... I find Davina very, very difficult to like as a character, but I do like her friendship with Josh. I was pleasantly surprised that he ended up with a continuing role.

    I'm fairly disgusted with Elijah right now. I love his character, but he knows almost NOTHING about Hayley except that she's pregnant with his brother's baby. Seriously- he doesn't know a thing about her. And yet he's giving her the undying love look every time they share screen time. It's STUPID. Also, Elijah is completely encouraging her hatred of Klaus, which is absolutely inappropriate if his goal is a happy family. Hayley's basically acting like Elijah is Prince Charming; if he told her that Klaus isn't acting with bad motives and that she should give him a chance as a person, she probably would.


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      Originally posted by gregor View Post
      I don't understand what's going on with Davina. Why does she think that if Agnes is dead there is no longer any threat to her? That doesn't make sense to me at all.
      Sophie told the Originals that only the Elders could do the Harvest and Agnes was the last Elder (I guess the rest of them were killed when Marcel and his vampires attacked) so she needed her alive.


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        So does that mean that they're all going to lose their witchy powers now since the harvest was never completed? The sudden focus away from the witches is a little confusing- that was the main plot in the first several episodes, but there have been no witches in the last few episodes at all.

        Are we supposed to think that Tyler is in 'the garden' right now? I wonder if they're planning to just leave him there for the foreseeable future or if they're going to have some future plot with him later. I'm so disappointed with what they've done with Tyler's character. It seems like he just suddenly took a sharp right into Doucheland for no apparent reason. I'm totally ok with him hating Klaus and being screwed up about his mother dying, but did they have to make him into a baby-killing jerk who can't be bothered to think through the logistics of his plans? His actions don't actually make that much sense if his concerns are what he says they are. And I don't really understand why he would have assumed that the baby's blood could sire hybrids without any doppleganger blood, since that was an absolute requirement before.

        Another thing I found very surprising was how quickly Klaus was willing to let it go that Rebecca had conspired with Marcel. I get him being ok with Elijah once Elijah acknowledged that he should not have assumed Klaus had bad motives about his child, but Rebecca was hoping to lock him up and let him desiccate for fifty years. And this was at a time when she could have just packed up and left with no interference from him, so it's not as if she had to defend herself. I would not have thought he would be so quick to let that go. I actually am fairly surprised that Elijah would not have a harsh word or two to say to her on the subject as well! What she did was WAY worse than what Elijah did.
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          While it's better then TVD. It's still lacking imo.

          The best scene/s up until now imo were Elijah and Rebecca trolling Diego (I hate this guy ) and his gang.


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            I liked the episode but one thing that bugs me a bit is they don´t have a clear opinion on what they want Klaus to be. One moment, he´s all "all I want is power and I don´t care about anyone" to the next moment be all offended by his brothers plotting against him. I mean, Klaus is always daggering them or just not caring and then he wants us to feel sorry for him?