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5x08 Dead Man on Campus

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  • 5x08 Dead Man on Campus

    I feel like the writers are changing Damon’s back-story as we go. They’re just pulling things out of left field. In 1953 we know Damon killed Joseph Salvatore – so if he was taken by some secret society and experimented on it seems like that should have come up before now.

    I like Stefan/Katherine. I think that back in 1864 she really did care about him or possibly love him but self-preservation took over and she realized it was a good opportunity to fake her death. I also think that Stefan’s feelings for her back then were real – I don’t think he was compelled to love her (we saw in flashbacks that when he told her that he was falling in love with her she seemed pretty shocked) but just not to tell anyone that she was a vampire and so forth. They do have a lot to bond over – Katherine is dealing with her issues concerning her impending death and Stefan is still trying to deal with drowning in the quarry. Maybe they can help each other out and be there for the other because they both need it. Stefan really doesn’t have anyone else who really cares. Damon seems to be busy with other things and isn’t making any effort. Elena & Caroline are preoccupied with school and so forth so they’re not there for him either. Katherine is more or less alone as well – she doesn’t really have anyone to lean on so I think her and Stefan could be good together for now.

    I’m not sure if this is the end of the Nadia/Matt/Travellers story-line or not but at least we now know what the knife was for. I guess we might see them again though if they really want Katherine dead. I wish the Travellers had been explained a bit better and we knew what their agenda is.

    Bonnie really needs to stop trying to hide things from everyone. First she tried to cover up her own death and now she doesn’t want anyone to know what being the anchor actually entails.

    Caroline/Jesse was very out of the blue from the beginning. She just broke up with Tyler, the last thing she needed to do was jump into another relationship. I really think Caroline just needs to be single for a while. The foundation of the “relationship” was also really similar to the Tyler situation (helping her love interest cope with their supernatural ailment). I suspected that Jesse wasn’t going to be sticking around all that long so I wasn’t surprised at all to see him get killed off.

    Jesse’s death actually reminded me a lot of Vicki’s death back in Season 1. Stefan could have tried to pull Vicki off Elena or broken her neck or something but he chose to just stake her instead even though he said that he was going to help her. I don’t think that Jesse could have killed Damon by just feeding off him though because vampires have to be staked, beheaded or set on fire – they don’t die from blood loss. Mikael fed off both Katherine & Stefan and they survived just fine so it’s obviously possible for a vampire to feed off other vampires.

    I do think Caroline needs to get off her high horse though. She’s killed 15 people (guy at the carnival, two deputies, 12 witches) since becoming a vampire and faced zero consequences. She also got Tyler’s friend Chris killed (she talked Klaus into letting Jeremy behead him) and just stood by when Mason Lockwood was killed for no real reason.

    If it hadn’t been Jesse – if it had been someone who was a part of the group things would have gone down differently because that’s how it always goes. The main cast can get away with killing countless people but if anyone else does it they normally wind up dead.

    I know that Caroline has never liked Damon and that’s fine she has good reason to dislike him. Damon may have sexually assaulted her – we know he was abusing her and compelling her to forget about it in early Season 1. He has also tried to kill her twice – once when she was human and once when she first became a vampire. Damon didn’t even want to give her a chance he just assumed she’d never make it as a vampire and thought they should just have staked her then (Elena & Stefan saved her). But I sort of wonder if she’s projecting her own issues with her feelings about Klaus onto their relationship.

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    These writers are scratching the bottom of the barrell. They keep ripping off the Buffyverse. First Stefan stuck underwater for the whole summer, Angel-style. Now the whole college-based scientific experimentation society, à la The Initiative. And now our resident vampire, Damon, has been kidnapped, just like Spike was.

    So basically, in order to continue, this show now has to resort to either emulating other shows, or retconning its own mythology (the origin of the doppelgangers). Nice. Maybe it's time to wrap it up, CW strongest rated show or not??

    I don't care for this Augustine vampire/Doctor Wes plot at all so far, boring. And now we are supposed to buy that Damon had been captured and experimented on in the 50s, and we didn't know anything so far, conveniently. Oh, well. Whatever, show.

    But all is forgiven because... STEFERINE!!!! Yes, I'm here for that!!! Give me that!! I loved their interaction in this episode. They have a terrible past together, but we know Katherine loves him, and I don't believe Stefan when he says he hates her. Deep down he cares. Right now they are both suffering and alone, so they might find some support and solace in each other. AND LET'S FIND A WAY TO CURE KATHERINE'S RAPID AGING, PLEASE. Sorry for the shouting... I just had to underline that this is paramount. LOL

    Screw Elena and her sucky self, Damon can keep her. Stefan can have the superior doppelganger!!

    I also like how Katherine is showing more selflessness these days, while Elena at the same time is becoming more and more self-involved, selfish and vamp-Katherine-like by the day. It's an interest parallel.

    Poor Jessie. RIP. If he had been someone Elena cared about he wouldn't have been killed, but unfortunately for him he wasn't part of their gang and therefore he was doomed.

    I'm totally ok with Caroline's hatred towards Damon, she has every right to loathe him... but we know it, she knows it, Elena knows it, Damon knows it, everyone and their mother knows it... so maybe it's not necessary to keep beating that dead horse every episode.

    Meh Bonnie and Jeremy... at least they finally got laid.

    Oh, hi Matt! Where were you hiding in the last few episodes? Now that he has been freed from the traveller and his only real storyline is over, he'll most likely disappear again. Bye Matt!

    So, kinda meh episode for me, saved by Steferine and Katherine. Now there's a mini hiatus, apparently. Not happy about that, but that's life.
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      Please writers, stop ruining Caroline. This is getting really annoying- first they put her right back into cheerleader mode, then they have her ready to hook up with Jesse about a hot minute after Tyler breaks up with her, she never mentions a thing about Klaus so as far as we know she's not even thinking about him (which bothers me mostly because it means she was just using him for whatever benefit she could get), and now apparently she's going to go on a rant every five minutes about the evils of Damon without recognizing that she's being a total hypocrite.

      It's not that I don't think Caroline has reason to hate Damon, but it still seems like too much. Yes, when Damon first met Caroline he was an appalling dickwad to her and I would never expect her to forgive that conduct, particularly as he has never apologized or acknowledged that he treated her badly. HOWEVER. He (by himself and with Stefan) has saved her life several times, too. The point is that her description of Damon as far more dangerous than the evil doctor or whatever is ridiculous. Damon is what he is- he is impulsive and selfish, but he hasn't been evil really since the first season. I think it says something not very flattering about Caroline (as she is being written) that she so pig-headedly hangs onto that resentment when she let bygones be bygones when Tyler allowed her to be tortured by his werewolf buddies, when her father tortured her, when Alaric killed her father, when Stefan killed Vicky fairly needlessly to protect Elena, etc. It seems like it's coming out of nowhere, too, since she was very recently calling Klaus to come and save Damon on graduation day.

      And I really did not like her holier than thou attitude about Jesse. You are totally correct, Gemini9857, about her own body count and her attitude about Vicky and Chris. And unlike Vicky, Jesse was pretty much guaranteed to have to die if he had some compulsion to eat fellow vampires once he got a taste of vampire blood. That isn't Elena's fault or Damon's fault. I'm actually really annoyed that they all (except Damon) thought it would be wrong to kill the mad scientist. He MURDERED Jesse and was doing Mengele-style experiments on him. How do you let that guy live?