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1x18 Under Control

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  • 1x18 Under Control

    Things that I loved in this episode:
    Worried Elena discussing Stefan with Damon. In her bedroom, no less.
    Stefan coming to Elena to admit how he's struggling with the whole human blood thing
    Damon and Alaric's team of awesomeness

    Things are getting really complicated in Mystic Falls, what with the evil Uncle John who seems to know everything about everybody.
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    This was a great episode. Not as excellent as the previous ones, but also very good.
    This episode showed me a different side of Stefan, a side that really surprises me! And Damon is loving it, he wants Stefan to give in to his animal side.
    Elena is also very understanding and is trying to help.
    The trio is getting better and better and I wanna know what Uncle John wants. Also, Jeremy is now aware of what happened to Vicki and I feel sorry for Matt.


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      Another excellent episode, I enjoyed it immensely. I’m really amazed and pleased at how good the second half of season 1 has been, I don’t think there has been one episode lately that I didn’t like.

      I thought the Founders’ Day party was a great backdrop for all the events the characters were involved in. Drunk Stefan was hilarious and I loved Damon’s line about being in an alternate universe where Stefan was actually fun. The way Damon said that was amused and sarcastic but I think I also detected a hint of affection for his brother in his voice but maybe that was just me. I do hope though that Stefan will get his human blood cravings under control soon even though the ending of the episode did not point in that direction. I also thought it was interesting that first Damon wanted to see his brother suffer (thus going back for his glass of blood that he left on the table to tempt Stefan) but then when he realised how bad things had really become for Stefan, he left his glass of blood for Stefan and therefore helping him with the cravings (even though of course Damon would never admit that).

      I also loved the scene in Elena’s bedroom between her and Damon discussing Stefan’s worrisome behaviour. Damon sitting on her bed with the stuffed animal and making his usual sarcastic remarks was priceless!

      This episode had enough plot twists again to make my head spin. The writers should really be careful that they don’t overdo it. However, that said it was great to learn about Uncle John (played by David Anders no less!) and intriguing to find out that he owns the same kind of ring as Alaric does. Damon’s perplexed facial expression when John walked into the room after Damon had just killed him was great as it takes quite a lot to faze Damon. I really liked that this episode showed us again that Damon and Alaric form some kind of reluctant team and the fact that they were both very suspicious of Uncle John cemented that bond. I’m really curious to find out what Uncle John’s deal is.

      I had to laugh at first when Julie Cooper (aka Matt’s mother played by Melinda Clarke) was making out with yet another high school boy, even though it is of course not funny for Matt. The scene where he packed her bag and told her to stay out of his life was heartbreaking. I hope that Matt’s mother gets her act together now and that she can prove to Matt that she is willing and able to change. I mean she has already lost one child so she should do everything in her power to lose another one.

      I thought it was interesting how Tyler completely lost it and afterwards seemed to be sorta confused as to what had happened. It is my strong suspicion that Tyler is a dormant werewolf (or another kind of supernatural creature) whose powers haven’t fully developed yet but who is prone to unexpected and violent fits of rage. Something about him is definitely not right and I’m curious to find out what that is. Speaking of Tyler: I really liked the scene at the beginning of the episode where we saw Tyler and Jeremy bond over Vicki. Those two guys who don’t have that much in common and who used to really dislike each other coming together in their grief, I liked that and I hope we see more of that in future episodes.

      Jeremy finding out about vampires from Elena’s diary was another thing that I enjoyed in this episode. I’m glad that Elena finally told Jeremy that she is adopted and that nothing has changed in their sibling relationship. However, I cannot really blame Jeremy for searching Elena’s room and reading her diary, the things she was saying would have made me suspicious as well, especially since Jeremy already didn’t believe the official version of how Vicki died. It will be interesting to see what Jeremy will do with the information re vampires, how he will act around Elena from now on, etc.

      Overall I thought this was another fantastic episode in a series of fantastic episodes and I cannot wait to see what happens next!


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        "You call, I come, cuz I'm easy like that!"

        God, do I love this show! And especially Damon! He is just SUCH a fun character to watch, and to play it seems--it's so clear how much he enjoys himself each episode! I just adored the bedroom scene (Damon on Elena's bed with her teddy bear? PRICELESS! ), and their other interactions at the dance later, his imitating Jeremy asking questions ("Who could have done that? Oh I know, me!")....he just has the greatest expressions!

        Originally posted by Cori
        The way Damon said that was amused and sarcastic but I think I also detected a hint of affection for his brother in his voice but maybe that was just me.
        Of course it wasn't just you, he was definitely smiling affectionately at his brother during that scene! No matter how much he may mock or tease or torment his brother, it's pretty clear IMO that deep down (or not so deep down these days) he really does love his brother, and care about him and his safety--look how concerned he his about his brother's recovery, how desperate he was to save him in the last epp! And time and time again this season....that's one of Damon's best qualities, his love for his brother (along with his affection for Elena), I just love the complex relationship between the brothers on this show!

        And yes, the plot thickens once again, it does make your head spin sometimes, all the twists and turns each week, but so far I don't think the writers are overdoing it, and I think it's wonderful to have a show that genuinely surprises and shocks once--or even multiple times--each week! I am really impressed at how well the writers are doing it so far.....I look forward to learning more about Uncle John in the future!

        Also I have been waiting for ages for Jeremy to learn the truth about Elena's involvement in the vampire world, and so was quite pleased to see that go down as well! Elena sure is a terrible liar.... Now I want to see Jeremy interact with Stefan and Damon, knowing what he knows, and I wonder if he will become a vampire hunter now, especially under his uncle's potential influence?
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          I loooooooooooooove this show and my addiction to it it just beyond giving the fact that i hated the first episode but good girls on LJ told me to give it another change and i'm so happy that i did =)

          Anyway i know everyone is team Damon but i'm all the way devoted team STEFAN ,this episode was amazing specially bcuz we have to see another side of Stefan character which really interesting .

          Uncle John is fascinating fella and i would love to know more about him and why the hell he knew way too much about everything and anything,and i laughed my ass off when Jenna through i don't know what at him when he told Jeremy they used to sleep together lol

          Jeremy is starting to get on my nerve i mean he's so focused in knowing what happened to Vicki and his hair make's me wanna scream.

          Matt my heart just broke for him his mom keeps ruining his life even more that it's already and just wanna slap her on the face and screams at her to wake the hell up.

          Alaric and Damon team awesome i mean they hate one another but they work just great together =)

          Now let me just vent about my dreamy Vampire STEFAN omg i just love him and PAUL keep amaze me every single episode i mean he's awesome actor and he portray emotions like no other ,when he came to tell Elana how he's feeling and how he's afraid of hurting her my heart just broke and i literally had tears in my eyes.
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