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    I agree with bespangled that BtVS delivered more in the range of themes and situations that we saw Buffy face and the level of work that SMG had to deliver and gave incredible performances doing so. I do think Nina D had a few impactful moments and the difference with Katherine was fun, but it was just nothing to the varying work that SMG delivered on.

    I personally also think that the handwave to turning off your emotions was a really weak aspect of the show which allowed them to behave horrifically and then just move on from it. Stefan's angst over what he did as a 'ripper' was really shallow to me compared to the complexity of seeing Angel and Spike trying to deal with feeling both connected to their pasts, having those memories of doing all the things they did and enjoying it, whilst also feeling separate from the person who did that. The retained presence of the demon and their struggle with the ongoing darker side of being a vampire and having the desire for violence and blood but wanting to walk a distinctly different path when souled was so much more intriguing than an on/off switch.

    I enjoyed TVD, but it was a light teen show and to me the mythology, characters and writing weren't anywhere close to the level of BtVS or AtS. The only thing I would definitely agree on that others have said, was that they did werewolves better.