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  • Moving on without Elena

    How do you feel about Elena no longer being in the story? Are you planning to quit the show? Are you excited about new possible storylines to freshen up the series? What did you think about how Elena's farewell happened in the S6 finale?

    I am very excited and hope for an emphasis on the Salvatore brothership. They have always been divided regarding their relationships with Elena and her doppelgängers. It would warm my heart to see their relationship strengthen. There has been so much rivalry in their lives from even before Elena. I wonder their mother will be a cause of more or if they can unite against her.

    The show has always been about how everyone was connected by Elena. I wonder if anyone will drift away because she is not there. I am very intrigued to find out how Damon and Bonnie will progress. Will Elena's predicament create resentment or bring them closer? I am definitely hoping for the later as the Damon and Bonnie relationship was a highlight of last year.

    I thought Elena had a beautifully designed and bittersweet ending. I definitely did not see it coming. I wonder if Bonnie is the safest person on the show now. That would be a significant contrast to how often Bonnie was in peril or did die in previous years. I liked how the spell gave everyone a chance to say goodbye or, at least, until we meet again. For a show about vampires and death, it was very moving in how much they capture the act of living. I loved the show played upon the old themes of "dance is life" and "vampires don't dance". The private dance in the forest with between Damon and Elena is an all time favorite television scene for me.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    I totally agree, Ehlwyen! I'm very excited for the new season. Have you seen the trailer?

    Yes I'm sure it's gonna be weird at first without Elena but since the brotherly relationship between Damon and Stefan has always been the heart and soul of the show for me, I'm gonna continue watching as long as they play a part in it. I have always cared most about the brotherly relationship and all the Stelena and Delena drama took away from that and I thought that was a pity. Also, in recent years Elena has become a really self-centered and selfish character, which made her very unlikeable at times. Plus she had a beautiful send-off in the season 6 finale so I think the show will manage to close the Elena chapter and move on. So with Elena out of the picture, I hope that the writers will really focus on Damon and Stefan in season 7. Moreover, the characters of Caroline and especially Bonnie should be explored in more detail now that the world does not revolve around Elena any longer. I also really hope that the Bamon friendship will deepen in the new season, they were such an unexpected pleasure in season 6 and like you I hope that Elena and Bonnie's predicament doesn't drive a wedge between Damon and Bonnie.

    I also hope that Steroline will get back on track in season 7. I really did not like what the writers did to them in the second half of season 6, I'm still bitter about the fact that they had sex for the first time when Caroline had her humanity turned off. And afterwards they were just awkward around each other. I want their chemistry back!

    Now Mama Salvatore is obviously bad news so I'm curious how the gang will deal with her and if she has really lost all motherly feelings for her boys.

    After the disaster that was season 5, I never thought I'd be pumped for a new TVD season ever again but fortunately season 6 changed that.


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      I quit the show in season five but I gotta admit that I don´t know how they´ll manage without Elena. She was very important to the story, at least the three first seasons.

      Season four was a bit of a mess and season five was bad.


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        I think it has been interesting so far, but honestly not to poke at the writers.. it is getting a tad out of hand. I really hope they can do something soon to hold my interest. It isn't really fun to watch with all the "in the future" plot lines going on. It was interesting but if I had to complain (obviously I am.. ) I hate that part of it. I don't see anything wrong with adding new characters you pretty much need that. I haven't hated the new characters. What I do like is that Caroline gets to act out her "mommy" fantasies. She used to be my least favorite character. She and Bonnie seemed so whiny. But now I really like the dynamic personality she has become.

        Okay off my soap box.. happy Tuesday!


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          I miss Elena terribly and Katherine even more so. I despise Steroline. I hate Caroline and Stefan when they are together romantically. I'm happy Bonnie got some good story lines this season and a good romance I can get behind for once (not a Beremy fan). Season seven was mostly story but wasnt all bad due to Bonenzo, Defan, Calaric, Caroline in Dallas, Caroline mother, Valerie, Stefan on the run, Stefan in another body, and Stelarie. Brooding, pining Stefan is a nightmare. I can't wait for this show to end so Elena can come back and we'll get the Delena endgame we deserve. LASTLY, I can finally be rid of Sterocest forever and that is a day I dream of!


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            I miss Katherine; I was hoping she could make a comeback like they do on soap operas somehow. I know that Julie Plec said that she wanted to wrap things up with the doppleganger concept but I was still really enjoying it. Damon's statement that a certain character in season 7 looks like Elena is of some comfort.

            Elena's farewell was beautiful. The fact that vampirism lets you talk to the unconscious through their dreams is beyond cool.

            I will not stop watching. I have to see how it all ends. The only thing that could maybe change that is if Kat Graham left the show because Bonnie has become my focal point. With Elena gone, we really get insight into the Salvatore brothers' dynamic and relationship. This insight is honest, raw, and something we haven't seen as much of since season 1. This show continues to pay homage to the series title through Stephen's diary 1st, then Katherine's diary in season 5, and finally everyone's diaries as they leave entries so that Elena does not miss a moment of their lives.
            “In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer.”


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              Originally posted by Cori View Post
              Also, in recent years Elena has become a really self-centered and selfish character, which made her very unlikeable at times.
              Yes, what happened to our Elena? I miss how you used to be in the earlier seasons. I feel like she started changing in season 3, and nothing got better after that.