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9x09 "Holy Terror"

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  • 9x09 "Holy Terror"

    I have not actually watched the episode yet, but I thought I'd start the thread! As those of you who watched already know last night one of the shows main recurring characters of the last few seasons Kevin Tran was killed off. The following was posted by the actor who plays him Osiric Chau on twitter. I thought Id post it on here for those who do not follow him to see.

    Three characters might be enough to sum up everything going through my head right now but I'm gotta do what I do and vomit over my keyboard hoping for feelings to come out with the rest of the gloop.

    As I was filming this last scene, I could not help but feel a deep sadness for what was to come. It was inevitable after all, of course it was, Kevin Tran advanced placement of Neighbor Michigan was supposed to die a less than heroic death by the end of Supernatural's 7th season. Sam and Dean would take a moment to sigh in regret and then move on as they should and we would have done the same. This show was supposed to be nothing to me... but it became everything.

    It's weird to stop and think just how far Kevin has come since I first met him and how much he's been able to accomplish in such a short time. He's lost everything and everyone he's ever known, forced to run and hide and at such a young age, you kinda wonder how else he was ever gonna rest in peace.

    They said every prophet was supposed to have an archangel tethered to them for divine intervention should there be danger. Chuck had Raphael to protect him from Lilith but by the time Kevin had become the prophet, the arch angels were either dead or locked away. I like to think that the SPNFamily had been Kevin's angels all along and the biggest reason for his survival. I thank you for that. These thoughts were swimming through my head as I lay there on the floor in darkness.

    I had prosthetics on my eyes so I couldn't see, nor could my eyes be seen. That was for the best because it was in those moments that I said my farewells. To the studio, the houseboat, the Men of Letters bunker where I spent so much time. To craft services, the caterers, and the candy tray, where I spent even more time. To the faces I've gotten so used to seeing over the last two years, I had to say "see ya later" because I just couldn't bring myself to say goodbye, all the while hoping that the glue holding my eye pieces in place weren't in jeopardy of dissolving.

    It's been an amazing ride and though I knew it was coming, it's still this strange sensation that I can't quite readily describe in this mindset. I've met so many wonderful people and I've made so many memories I'll cherish for a lifetime.. but it's that time where I say my thanks and take that last step into the fandom and let that world envelop me as I continue to support the show and the fans that have changed my life. Thank you for everything you've done, everything you're doing, and everything you continue to do. Thank you.

    And yes, I do think #KevinLives. In all of our hearts
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    I loved Kevin so much! It really pissed me off when the writing was on the wall that he was the one that was going to be murdered.

    His character was amazingly tragic yet the show failed to explore that emotion and character especially in how the Winchesters perceived them. Even after 2 years I barely think either would have more sadness for Kevin's death than a random person that they just met and lost. Kevin should have been a reflection of their lives or a brother to them but he was little more than a pet they remembered to feed. Heck, Sam cared more about a random dog when Crowley captured Kevin at the end of S7.

    All of my sadness about the loss of Kevin is now amplified by reading this about a person who loved the show more than it ever showed love to him. I wouldnt have posted, but reading Osric's words burned away some of my apathy towards the show.

    The tragedy is that killing Kevin is only meant to momentarily inconvenience the Winchesters. It was immediately obvious Kevin would be killed so the Winchesters wouldnt have access to his prophet skills, but since a new prophet is immediately called, they will soon find a him/her and have the ability to translate the tablets. It feels like such a cheap plot device to delay the Winchesters in fighting heaven and hell.

    I dont think Sam was even there to see Kevin's death, so there might not even be any emotional fallout when Sam is rescued. There is no telling what kind of spell was cast since "Zeke" altered it and then told Dean something like there is no Sam.

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      I had no idea that angels could steal each other's grace. That is pretty weird, if you think about it. I could go on a rant about how bad of an idea I think it was to turn the show into As the Angel Turns, but it's been said. Why do people keep falling for Metatron's crap? He's got a total 'snake oil salesman' vibe. Angels are pathetically naive and gullible, it seems.
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        I knew Kevin was going to die sooner or later. Everyone on the show is expendable - everyone but Sam & Dean always seem to die.

        I had a feeling that something was up with the angel that was possessing Sam. I'm sort of surprised Dean didn't realize something was up before now.

        If the angels keep killing each other at this rate we should see the extinction of the race at the end of the season.


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          I still have a hope that Cas will appear in the next episode and going to bring Kevin back. At least , Cas is an angel now and he is able to do it, if he wants to . The episode was very strong. I like it. May be "The Big Bad "this season is Vartolomy and his minions . I'm happy that Cas finaly has the grace again. Well, not exactly his grace, but still, now he has a grace. Last year I watched a movie called "Gabriel" with Andy Whitfield / RIP , Andy - Sparatcus - Blood and Sand / . And this angel - Gabriel was good . He was a soldier, sent to the Earth to save the Earth from the darkness. In the end of the movie, Gabriel sacrafice his life to save the Earth and the human race . May be this Gabriel ,who possessed Sam's body is good after all. May be he just do it what he has to.
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            This show just keeps going downhill, in my opinion. I feel like I've been watching the exact same storyline for 3 seasons now. I've over Kevin Tran and the tablets (though it looks like that may now be done), I'm over the constant presence of angels.... and I think I'm even over Castiel. I used to love him, but... I feel like they don't even know what to do with him any more. It's like the writers just keep drawing everything out simply because they don't want to get rid of Misha Collins. Not that I blame them, he seems like a lovable guy, but I just feel like his story should have already been told and completed by now. He's good, he's bad... he's an angel, a god, a human... he's sane, he's crazy... I mean, come on. Just give him a big, epic ending and MOVE ON ALREADY.

            I loved this show in seasons 1-5. 6 was alright, and then... SMH. There's been a handful of stand-alone episodes that I really enjoyed (the one where they time traveled back to the wild west, the one where Balthazar unsinks the Titanic) but the seasons overall just feel tired and repetitive to me. Does anyone else feel this way?

            Not that it matters. Sigh. I'm too invested now, and I'll see it through to the end of the series. I just don't look forward to watching it every week like I used to. It's starting to feel like more of an obligation.


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              Don´t bring Kevin back to life. Because a) the show loses credibility as "death" is treated as nothing serious (like The Vampire Diaries) and b) some characters need to stay dead.

              I liked the episode but I also felt it was too much information for one episode alone. But I liked the explanation that it isn´t Ezekiel in Sam, but another angel in hiding.


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                I had a feeling that something was up with the angel that was possessing Sam. I'm sort of surprised Dean didn't realize something was up before now.
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