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9x05 Dog Dean Afternoon

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  • 9x05 Dog Dean Afternoon

    Even though this episode was pretty silly, I did enjoy it.

    It's nice to have a humorous episode every so often.

    Dean really bonded with the Colonel - but I can understand why he felt like he couldn't keep him.

    I keep waiting for the episode where Sam finds out Dean has been lying to him and that he's possessed by an angel.

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    I thought this week's episode was beyond ridiculous and pointless and it made me question once again why I'm still watching this show. Of course it didn't help that I'm not a big fan of dogs so all those dog-centric episodes are pretty much lost on me. Most of the so-called humour in this episode made me cringe, especially that the writers insisted once again on putting in a bestiality joke. Stop it already, writers, it was not funny last season and it is certainly not funny now. At least "Dog Dean Afternoon" was not quite as bad as the beyond awful "Man's Best Friend with Benefits".

    The only scene that made me chuckle a bit was the one where Dean wanted to shoot the pigeon because it was shitting on the Impala. Nobody messes with Baby!

    Another week, another episode where Sam gets magically healed by Zeke. This is getting so boring and repetitive that I cannot take it seriously anymore when Sam gets hurt. Plus I just don't understand why Sam is not more suspicious. Does he really not know that there is something wrong? Shouldn't Dean's questions and worries about Sam's wellbeing tip Sam off that something is off? I really hope that Sam finds out about Zeke soon because this is getting ridiculous. In addition, as much as I did not like Castiel's angel powers conveniently always saving everyone and understood that this was one of the reasons why the writers made Cas human, how is the situation we have with Zeke now any different?

    This season may not be quite as infuriating (apart from Dean's choice in the season premiere obviously) as season 8 but its quality is certainly nowhere near earlier seasons.


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      I liked this week's episode. It was funny and I laugh almost of the whole episode. Epecially, like Cori said - with the scene with the pigeon. This season is enough good to me. I prefer this, instead The Big Bad Leviatans for example. Well, I 'm still not sure who is the big bad this season ? May be the angels who are after Cas for vengeance ? I couldn't tell, but even without a big bad arc , I like the show. I was kinda sceptic when I heard about a 9-th season, but now I'm glad that they made it. Well, this episode and also the previous one IMO are a filler episodes, but honestly, I can't rememeber how long I didn't laugh so much on Supernatural episode. / May be since the Trickster episode and French mistace /. I have to say that I have exactly such a dog - a german shepherd. It is a female big dog and I love it - she is a memeber of the family. May be the dog is one of the reasons to like the episode, but it is not only because of the dog.

      I have a bad feeling about Cas. I think that the writers going to send him away and then they will bring him back just in the end of the season, like usual they do . Remember that in every season Cas goes away and appears in the very end.
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        Every single time since this episode that I've seen my dogs barking at the mailman (a near daily occurrence in my house) all I can think about it Dean, in the window, yelling at the mailman.

        This episode was weird and kind of pointless, but it did make me LOL a few times.


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          This episode was fun and of course, most of it due to DeanĀ“s interaction with Colonel or even when he was yelling at the pigeon.

          Very funny, indeed!