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8x17 "Goodbye Stranger" Discussion thread

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  • 8x17 "Goodbye Stranger" Discussion thread

    So, we are back from the hiatus (finally!!).

    Just some quick and random thoughts to get the thread started.

    This episode was simultaneously better and worse than I expected. Better because the terrible things I was expecting didn't really happen.. I mean, the Dean/Cas stuff was bad, but I expected an apocalypse from what people in the know were suggesting.

    Worse because it didn't blow me away (the first 10-15 minutes were a bit slow for me), even though it was a good episode overall. I always enjoy the mytharc episodes, but I wish the writers would find a way to balance things a little bit more. They tend to have long strings of stand-alone episodes, and then cram all the possible mytharc-related guest stars into one episode. Why not mix it up a bit?

    Naomi is a very interesting character. In this episode, she did what many of us were anticipating (commanding Castiel to kill Dean) and I should hate her forever, but I'm actually intrigued. There was a certain anxiety/urgency shining through her expression during the course of this episode.. meaning that she might just be doing what she feels she needs to do in the current circumstances. We still don't know anything about her. Still, you bitch, you just don't order Castiel to kill Dean Winchester of all people... poor Cas, the opening scene in which we witness how Naomi trained Cas to kill Dean is pretty chilling.

    And despite the training, when confronted with the real Dean Cas couldn't go through with it (although he came pretty close). Dean's emotional plea to Cas echoes their conversation in Purgatory, both times Dean said to Cas that he needs him, which is a pretty big thing for Dean. It was only Dean who could break Naomi's hold over Cas, and Naomi knew it very well. The final scene in the crypt was masterfully portrayed by Jensen and Misha, as always.

    I'm relieved that Cas (also with the help of the tablet) seems to be completely freed from Naomi's control, but I don't like the fact that he immediately fled with the tablet without much of an explanation to Dean... and he won't be back for several episodes. This is getting really old... there's always something wrong with Cas or he is off screen, and whenever he is remotely ok he is never allowed to stay at the boys' side for more than three seconds. I just want the real Cas to spend some time with the brothers...

    Rolling my eyes at the Megstiel stuff, which is just unneeded and stupid. Not everyone needs a romantic interest. And if they really have to find Cas a love interest, let it be someone more suitable than a demon, especially this particular demon. It would be very disloyal on Cas' part to develop feelings for someone who has caused the death of so many friends/family of the Winchesters. I'm flabbergasted that a big part of the fandom is all "OMG, Megstiel are soooo cute, opposite attract,they need to be together, bla bla".. how I like Meg as a villain or semi-villain, but just like I wouldn't want Dean or Sam ending up or having a romance with a demon (Sam already went down that route, and it didn't end well), I don't want it for Cas. I know many people in the fandom disagree and are on board with this ship (mostly because of the demon/angel thing), but it's a no-no for me, at least not on a serious level. As long as they flirt, I can find them cute (Meg was cute in this episode, even though I really don't buy Castiel being "her unicorn"... ), but nothing more than that.

    Despite my dislike of megstiel, I'm sad to see Meg go, she was at her best, sassiest self in this episode, with great one liners. She was the only remaining character from season one besides Sam and Dean.. no more now. At least she got a very good, heroic send-off. I hope the actress is ok, because I read that she was very poorly on the set.

    I'm mildly worried about Sam. I mean, it sounds bad (at a molecular level, even Cas can't fix him), but we still have a couple of seasons to go, so nothing really permanently bad is going to happen to Sam, is it? Also, all this talk about Amelia... she isn't coming back, is she?? I'd rather not...

    Crowley... so far it has been canon that he was a Scottish man from the 17th century... but now it turns out that he and Naomi went way back and he was in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago?? What the hell is going on?? So is the theory about Crowley not being a demon correct?? I want answers....

    And since I didn't sleep last night, I'm not coherent and this messy post is the result. Pretend that it's a nicely written essay.
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    I don’t have time for an in-depth review this week but I would still like to share some thoughts I had while watching this week’s episode. I liked the episode well enough, even if it was a tad too Cas heavy for my taste. However, I knew that beforehand so I wasn’t too bothered about it this time. I'm very sad and disappointed though that the writers killed off Meg. She has always been one of my favourite characters, especially the early version, I didn't care for Rachel Miner's performance all that much. I'm gonna miss her funny, sarcastic lines a lot! I loved that the writers did not forget about “Born Under A Bad Sign” and referred back to this episode, thereby demonstrating the long history Meg had with the Winchesters, which makes me even more sad that she is no more. Although on this show you never know, she could come back from the dead in a different meat suit. At least Meg got a heroic death even if it felt a bit rushed. I don't really care about Megstiel one way or the other so I had no problem with that even if Meg calling Castiel her unicorn was a bit OTT. I was rather annoyed that Amelia was brought up again though, I just prefer to pretend the Samelia storyline never happened.

    Even if I'm not a huge fan of the Dean and Cas friendship (mostly due to continuity issues which will probably never be resolved), I love that Dean has the power to bring someone who has been under mind control back from that. He accomplished a similar feat with Sam in "Swan Song" and now his heartfelt pleading (plus possibly Cas touching the angel tablet) resulted in Cas returning to his former self before Naomi got her hands on him. Dean’s devotion and affection for the people he cares about is just too strong, not even mind control can compete with that and I totally love that whole idea.

    Crowley had some great lines in this episode, I always enjoy seeing Sam being embarrassed and uncomfortable because of Crowley’s inappropriate sexual innuendos, it makes me laugh. Oh and bleaching Meg’s hair that unflattering colour was definitely also a kind of torture. So Crowley and Naomi hooked up back in the dark ages, eh? Not sure what to make of that. Maybe the writers included that to show us even more than before that Naomi cannot be trusted. And as Francy mentioned, I find the continuity issues re Crowley and how old he actually is just irritating.

    Unsurprisingly, my favourite scene in this episode was the Sam and Dean moment in the car towards the end. Something that I have been craving and waiting for (namely that Dean calls Sam out on his lying) has finally happened and I am so relieved. I’m glad that Sam apologised to Dean for lying and that they actually had a mature conversation about the whole situation. Dean really does not deserve to have people lying to him all the time and I’m happy he got vindicated in this respect in this episode, both with respect to Sam and Cas. Words cannot express how much I loved hearing Dean quote LOTR and how defensive he got when Sam pointed this out, that was so cute! Dean is such a geek at heart! So Sam is Frodo and Dean is Samwise in this scenario? Name-wise that’s not confusing at all. I was also happy to finally hear some classic rock back on the show, Supertramp’s “Goodbye Stranger” fit the last two scenes perfectly.

    So overall I enjoyed this episode because it was gripping, moved the mytharc along, had a few good funny Meg moments and some nice brotherly scenes. Now please excuse me while I go mourn the sassy, sarcastic badass that was Meg!


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      Goodbye Stranger by Robbie Thompson is a fast paced myth arc centred episode which provides viewers with further developments on the tablet storyline, Castiel’s personal arc for the season while giving insights into the consequences of the trial storyline for the brothers and acting as the final goodbye for a character who was deeply rooted in the shows history. Although the episode was not perfect I personally found it to be a fantastic forty minutes of television and it ranks up there with A Little Slice of Kevin as being one of my favourite episodes of the season.

      Dean: “Listen, I may not be able to carry the burden that comes along with these trials, but I can carry you.”
      Sam: “You realise you kind of just quoted Lord of the Rings right?”

      I absolutely adored the various interactions between Sam and Dean in this episode and between this week’s episode and their conversation at the end of Remember the Titans I feel as though my investment in the brothers dynamic is beginning to return so a huge thank you to Robbie Thompson and Daniel Loflin for that. The episode begins with Sam trying to hide the specifics of his deteriorating health from Dean and although that should be a point of frustration the younger Winchester’s efforts seem half-hearted, it is almost as though he wanted Dean to find out but couldn’t bring himself to directly land that burden and worry on Dean’s lap. In my opinion Sam would not have made as rookie a mistake as leaving a bloody tissue in plain sight if he was serious in his attempts to hide the truth of his ailing health from Dean.

      Furthermore I loved that Dean didn’t quietly resent Sam for his lying with the writers waiting until a big clash later on to bring up the issue but instead he immediately calls Sam out on it twice. First through forced circumstances in front of the crypt when he had to get it out there in order to keep Sam safe from the potential dangers within the crypt and later in the impala during a more intimate and personal moment between the two. I loved that the two of them were able to have a mature conversation on the topic with Dean able to get what he was feeling out there and Sam able to understand his brother’s point of view and agreeing to work with him rather than continue to hide things. I also adored the way they broke the tense moment with the sudden calling out of Dean’s reference to the Lord of the Rings as I mentioned in my review for Man’s Best Friends with Benefits it’s little moments like that where we see them just click and enjoy each other that makes their relationship work best for me not huge sweeping declarations of love and affection.

      Dean: “Cas, Cas I know you’re in there, I know you can hear me. Man… It’s me, were family, we need you, I need you.”
      Castiel: “I am so sorry Dean.”

      As someone deeply invested in the bond between Dean and Castiel this episode was rather painful to watch at times. To start with there was the opening scene where Castiel was seen to kill ‘Dean’ in a quick and efficient manner and of course there was the entire scene in the crypt where Dean starts off by insulting and goading him while Castiel beats on him until he is severely injured and bloody. I must confess that I am not entirely happy with the crypt scene and it’s not due to the painful nature of the scene I just mentioned. On multiple occasions this season particularly during his confrontation with Sam back in Southern Comfort Dean has mentioned lingering hurt towards Castiel for letting him down, but due to circumstances we’ve never actually got to see him talk about this hurt to Cas. I had hoped that during this scene we would finally get to see Dean get this out, let the two of them discuss resentments they may have towards the other so that later in the season they could finally move on with their friendship stronger than ever having got the hurt out in the open and resolved. Unfortunately we did not manage to get that as I had hoped.

      On the other hand there were still plenty of things about the crypt scene that I positively adored. For one I loved that Dean reaffirms his belief that Castiel is family and how the entire scene reinforces that idea by making it so that it is his bond with Dean and the older Winchester’s general care and affection for him that allows Castiel to finally break the hold that Naomi holds over him. I feel this scene was the perfect example of both words and actions in backing the idea of Dean considering Castiel to be a part of his extended family as he joins a very exclusive set of characters who’ve managed to beat possession due to the family bond they share with Dean. John managed to do it when Azazel possessed him back in Devil’s Trap, Bobby likewise managed a similar feat while being possessed in Sympathy for the Devil and then of course it was Sam’s love for Dean that allowed him to save the world by jumping into the pit in Swan Song. I really adore the idea that the depths to which Dean shows his care and affection for those he considers family are so strong that it even allows them to overcome possession from outside influences.

      In regards to Castiel’s decision to flee with the angel tablet I am rather hopeful that the writers will give the character good reasons for his actions now that he is free from Naomi’s control and won’t go down the ‘antagonist’ Castiel route. Based on the information that we have been given to date I imagine that the reason Castiel fled from the scene with the tablet was due to fears of what would happen if Dean and Sam got their hands on the tablet. He already knows of their intention to close the gates of hell by completing the trials so it is not unreasonable to assume that he worries they might use the information on the angel tablet to destroy the angels in the manner Naomi feared would happen if Crowley got his hand on the tablet. If that were the case I’d find his motives completely understandable, after all if Castiel still feels intense guilt for the destruction in heaven his actions caused back in Meet the New Boss then of course he wouldn’t want to play a hand in causing even more destruction by handing the brothers a weapon they could use to destroy angels and heaven completely.

      Meg: “Thanks for noticing Dean… This wasn’t my idea, it was Crowley’s and it’s just another reason I want to stab him in the face.”

      After more than half a season we finally got to find out what happened to Meg after she was captured by Crowley and his demons in Survival of the Fittest. I found Meg to be a delightful watch during this episode and I thoroughly approve of the fact that through lines such as the one quoted above or “Hey I’m Meg, I’m a demon.” That even when the character is being portrayed in a more sympathetic light she still remains something of a bitch with a strong sense of self-preservation.

      In regards to Megstiel I have mixed feelings on the subject on the one hand I never really bought the ship as actually existing in canon before I watched this episode, but on the other hand it was handled in such a manner that I am not screaming at the screen that it came out of absolutely nowhere. For me while the episode was trying to show Meg as having developed deep feelings for Castiel through her ability to relate to Sam’s story of falling in love with his ‘unicorn’ and of course her later order for Sam “go, save your brother… and my unicorn.” I do not think we are supposed to believe Castiel felt the same level of feelings for Meg. I think he was certainly fond of her and there was definitely a sexual attraction there, but I just did not get love from Castiel. Since previous episodes have shown Cas displaying a certain fondness towards Meg with him describing her as a ‘thorny beauty’ and Meg is a character who spends much of her time off screen I can buy the mostly one sided feeling we were shown.

      On that note while I doubt we will ever get an on screen romance for Castiel as if they were interested in such a thing they probably would have explored Megstiel more I feel this episode really should be enough to end the fandom debate in regards to whether Castiel is asexual or not. After all during his conversation with Meg he states “If you’re referring to the pizza man, yes I remember the pizza man and it’s a good memory.” When talking about their kiss back in Caged Heat he refers to it as a ‘good memory’ which strongly implies that he enjoyed the kiss and furthermore he did not seem to dismiss Meg’s suggestion of sex if they were both to survive admitting he knows what she means. Of course we will never know one hundred percent if he would have accepted thanks to Dean’s timing, but he definitely seemed more interested than he should have been if he were asexual as much of the fandom claims. Of course like I said I don’t think we’ll ever see an onscreen Cas romance for this to matter, but still it’s nice to know these little details about a character I’m invested in.

      Meg: “But remember I spent time in that walking corpse of yours. I know your sad little thoughts and feelings.”

      I found the conversation between Sam and Meg rather interesting and I was delighted with the reference to her possession of Sam back in Born under a Bad Sign as there are times when it feels as though the writers have forgotten their own history. First of all there was her apparent hurt at the idea after what she’d done for the boys in recent seasons that Sam didn’t even bother to look for her once although at the same time, I found the irony in that comment amusing. After all if he didn’t look for Dean believing him to be dead during that period then there was no way in hell Sam would have spent time looking for a demon he shares a rather rocky history with.

      I did however enjoy that we got to see Sam open up a little more about his thoughts and feelings at the moment and it seems even though Sam is now fully dedicated to the mission he still holds out hope for one day having a normal life free from hunting. I know other fans might disagree with me on this but I think that hope is a large part of who Sam is and that it’s this hope that keeps him going, the hope that he’ll one day be able to have a normal life and more importantly have the thing that was missing from his mostly perfect year with Amelia… a normal life which Dean is a part of.

      Other Notes
      Personally I loved the sense of continuity that was present in this episode something that I feel has been missing for large parts of season eight. I enjoyed the fact that although the focus of this episode was advancing the tablet storyline the effects of the trials were not forgotten and were discussed on several occasions within the episode. I also found it interesting to hear Meg talk about how she misses the apocalypse for its simplicity and she rightly highlights how much of a grey areas things have gotten for the characters compared to the earlier years of the show where it was simply hunters and humans good, monsters bad. Although of course this is only from Meg's perspective things were rather murky and filled with shades of grey for the brothers back in seasons four and five. Furthermore I found it amusing that back in the fight towards the beginning of the episode one of the demons the brothers were fighting switched hosts in order to escape a plan that I believe would have worked had it not been for Castiel’s arrival, it’s always nice to see the brothers face a somewhat intelligent enemy. I have to confess that I actually laughed when I heard Dean make use of the term Megstiel and I found myself rather intrigued by the confrontation between Naomi and Dean in particular the explicit hint that the history we know of Crowley may actually have been a fake. On a final note R.I.P Meg you will be solely missed for what you brought to the show and your importance in its history

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        Breaking the ice with my long winded review for this episode, featuring every little thought and expression I had while watching!

        The first two minutes of the episode were not okay. At first, I thought maybe Castiel was faking it and killing the Dean clone just to please Naomi and go on his way – it made sense because in the past when he was upstairs with her he seemed relatively in control of his free will. Then, of course, they pan out and kyboshed that whole idea. It was reassuring though that at least the writers are sticking to the mutual bromace between Dean and Cas – it took how many hundred Deans before he wouldn’t hesitate anymore? Can you imagine what the first few attempts were like?

        This next scene really bothered me. I like to think I know Dean Winchester’s character pretty well. I roleplay him on a regular basis and simply put, he’s my baby. I react the strongest to anything he does. But the characterization in the opening sequences inside the Men of Letters hideout rubbed me the wrong way. While I enjoyed seeing the boys very casual and at home, I think the lack of having similar scenes before made it so weird. Dean in his bathroom was goofy casual – this seemed like a weird forced casual. Especially when Sam apparently had a lapse of his senses and dropped his perfectly bloody tissue into the trash. Like, c’mon. Stuff it in your pocket or walk all the way over to the far trash can. I groaned on my couch as I watched him do it because I knew Dean would see it. It had been already hinted Dean knew to some extent meaning it was deliberate writing to remind the viewer which somehow made removing Sam’s paranoia about getting caught okay? The little porn banter afterwards was also a bit awkward for my tastes too. I love Dean and his healthy sex drive but neither seemed into it and it was just some more forced writing on the screen.

        So we move onto the tragic story of Ann. I’ll admit at first I didn’t think it was demonic possession. I thought it was going to be something really insanely cool – I’m easily excited over new monsters and new lore. Crowley’s demon posse? Buzz kill. It bothered me though they didn’t really explain what the weird dirt shrine was about however. Maybe it makes sense if you apply what we do know to it – Meg got them close enough and they tried rituals to seek it out? Then why did they ever need Meg? Who knows. I got excited and I was let down.

        We’re nine minutes in and I’m writhing with disinterest.

        When they first said ‘orchard’ I was immediately drawing a parallel to the Garden of Eden. Intentional or not, I was pleasantly pleased that connection could be made at all. I’m a fan of Paradise Lost and everything historical that that comes through in Supernatural – kudos to the writing staff for thinking that one out. Continuing into the scene inside of the lady’s house, can I say the faces Sam makes are so weird? You know what a PhD is boy, you went to law school! Don’t seem so weirded out! I was happy though once Castiel made his appearance especially as it was a good reminder our favorite character to baby is more than able to take care of himself. I love hurt and comfort, especially when Castiel is the one hurting, but I love me some powerful angel ass kicking too. This is when my Dean feels started going off the charts too – Jensen is awesome at portraying Dean’s emotions so well. He’s not super expressive, but in just one worrisome look, you can easily read everything that’s going through his head. And the fact Dean allows Sam to do all the bad mouthing of Castiel to the angel’s face – it’s not the same explosive anger we usually see from him. Dean’s really been hurt to his core but while I feel like I’m whining over an expensive gift, I just really hope at some point we get a clear as day reason why Castiel means so much to Dean. Family makes sense, but how did Castiel become family? The fandom spends a lot of time piecing it together and assuming because Dean is the reserved one, but I’m itching to get something really solid. Like a good Purgatory flash back pre-Benny.

        I love the fact Castiel acknowledges the boys are helpful. Maybe that’s a huge duh, what am I even getting excited about, but it’s kind of painful too. Usually when he’s grouped with them, he feels like a hindrance. Dean’s expression when he says he was hunting alone to be more of a help? Pretty much ‘****ing not this again’. And Dean backing Castiel during the interrogation scene? Him and Sam had just discussed Castiel’s fishiness on the couch – Dean sticking him up for him yet may have made me aw. Slightly.

        “Hey, I’m Meg. I’m a demon.” Damn straight. All of her remarks in this episode are pretty enjoyable. Despite that, I have a mostly love, mostly hate relationship with Meg. She’s always been a snarky bitch and my track record with female characters is mostly hate. My hate for Meg though doesn’t come from the hyper sexual chat she had with Castiel though, no matter how damn awkward that scene was.

        Getting back to what’s going on on-screen, thank the heavens they remembered seasons one through four happened. I’ll admit at first I thought she meant Alistair somehow knew as she apprenticed under him, but Azazel? The writers remembered further back than I did. I liked how Meg looks to Castiel when she explains how she managed to trick them –“Look at me, I’m brilliant. Acknowledge it.” Probably not intentional and probably just to change the camera shot, but it worked especially for that followed. The boys wouldn’t have cared , and if directed at them, probably would have been taken as a threat she’d trick them too. Dean’s betrayal face though when she spills the beans next to the fact he pretty much shut up about it? I have nothing really intelligent to say about that other than my baby! He wants so bad to be able to trust Castiel and just roll with it. That and it wouldn’t be cool to let Meg in on their issues, but. She’d shout it to the heavens in order to exploit it.

        Then we’re at the Megstiel scene. Know what really makes it awkward for me? Why didn’t he just heal her. If she was that in danger, Naomi probably would have ordered it, which means she probably didn’t need to be cleaned up. And second, Meg has never had a lick of issue with pain or wounds in the past. Hell, her first vessel was shattered to the point as soon as she was gone the original Meg died, and she still used it for a season without pain or issue. The only reason why I can see it? Castiel wants to use her per Naomi’s orders without letting on that well, she’s being used. Their friendship makes sense as she took care of him in the mental hospital and all, so aside from the awkward panning and the weird forced out of character, I’m not even going to talk about it. My only thing I have to say though is Castiel may think he knows all these sexual things, but I just have to laugh and think it’s generic porn sex that if it happened in the real bedroom would result in an awkward silence and she’d silently shuffle back into her jeans. I laugh, real hard.

        Now our beloved gang is heading for the crypt. Of course it opens up with Dean looking super fine – sorry, but where did you get the nice clothes? Whew. Back on track though, I feel like Dean and Castiel are like, Sam’s parental unit. He got scolded then mother had to come gently soothe it over. I feel bad for him as he desperately wants to carry on and be of use and be the hero for once that doesn’t mistakenly get labeled as the criminal. I feel like Dean, mentioning it at this point instead of some other, shows he’s just caring and looking out for Sam. A lot of their other huge heated debates usually are about trust and the alike. I think realizes especially after their other chats that Sam wants to really finally have his chance to be the unspoken hero without having to fight for it. Dean’s accepted that much, but putting Sam somewhere he’ll get hurt when he still has a say about it – nah, that’s not going to happen. He’s being the protective bear I was really fond of in the early seasons, the one that doesn’t squash Sam’s feelings to protect him for Dean’s own sake.

        Sam admitting he wants to live out a normal life was just kind of sad. Not in a pathetic way, but in a ‘is there really any way the show will allow this?’ kind of way. Poor guy never gets a break. I didn’t think Meg was too invasive, after all it’s clear she thinks she’s closer to them than she really is, and it’s refreshing Sam didn’t have to continue bottling it up. Especially as every time he tells Dean, his only other contact on a daily basis, Dean gets pissed off over it. Also, Sam’s had the same dream since season two at the very minimum. He’s just now as of season eight getting a chance to live it out. Salt to wound, please. Their interaction also capitalized the idea the Winchesters discard everyone they come into contact with once they’re not of use. Sad reoccurring theme, but true. Kind of felt bad for Meg at first, I’m guessing she had a serious thought at one point that maybe they would come rescue her for the sake of saving her and not rescuing her for the sake of using her. In hindsight, their whole conversation was pretty much her farewell speech. It kind of was gloomy on the re-watch for me.

        Skipping back to Castiel and Dean, I have to say I kind of laughed when a draft clued Castiel in. You’re wearing like, four layers. Did it gently caress your hair? You know that breeze probably came from the long corridor you’re walking down? I laughed again, the way Misha presented it didn’t help at all either.

        Castiel’s idea of dealing with it is leaning on Dean’s trust. And of course, Dean can see what he’s doing. The way his face screws up in confusion – ugh. I love how he tries to talk his way out of it, classic Dean. He doesn’t see Castiel as threat, not yet anyways. He wouldn't think Castiel to hurt him. And I think if that trust wasn’t so prominent, he would have tossed the tablet back into the warded box and ran as fast as his little bow legs could take him. Regardless, Dean mentions Purgatory. I got excited again – in the break between seasons I was so pumped for what season eight would bring of Purgatory. I’m still desperately clinging to the hope they’ll eventually do it justice. Of course though, Naomi doesn’t pressure him to lie about that for whatever reason and the heart break commences.

        “There’s one thing I don’t understand – you hit a dog and stopped why?” Might have peed. I laughed and my heart spiked in pain over the abrupt mood swing. Sam’s expression and reaction is pure gold though, can someone just please make me a gif of it? Thanks a million.

        Castiel’s panic over it all just really works you up. In the controlled situation, Dean just begged for his life and did nothing to try and justify the relationship he has with Castiel. I don’t think Naomi understood their relationship, and if she had, it would have ended in Dean’s death in the crypt. If the writers never have a face to face between Naomi and Dean just so she can say “Damn you meddling kids”, I’ll be heavily disappointed. Naomi using the argument Castiel destroyed heaven and this is his punishment was also more proof of her lack of grasp of the situation – bottom line once you sift through it, Castiel did all that for Dean too. There was no way he could remove Dean himself because of it.

        And damn, of course Dean still has his senseless deep rooted faith in Castiel and touches him only moments after he tried to stab him in the chest. Maybe it’s more desperation at this point, but if it was any other creature attacking him and they suddenly paused for a breath, if Dean actually understood their power, he would not have created that opening on himself. The whole time Castiel is beating on him too, he has Dean’s wrist in his hold. I don’t know why and really can’t justify it, but I feel like that means something. Entrapment maybe, but there was no way Dean could have gotten away from Castiel even if he wasn’t holding him down. Just something I noticed.

        They drop the family Dean mentions alongside the ‘us’ Naomi brings up. Dean, who’s tried to save and work with him every step of the way and wants to help Castiel break free of well, everything, or the mysterious lady who’s controlling his vessel remotely? Yeah, going with Naomi really doesn't know much about their relationship. Castiel is defined for the fact he has heart and free will. How she failed to take any of that into account says to me her character probably comes from deep in the shadows or is extremely arrogant. Possibly not even angel (though that’s arguably already been proven she’s not).

        Ugh, damn it all. Dean whimpers. The healing scene hurts a lot because Dean finally accepted that maybe this isn’t his Cas, not the one he can actively relate to. Or maybe Dean was afraid of being killed on a more personal level? Think on it, sword versus being smited by a touch. Castiel recreated him, how fitting for him to destroy him with the same hand. Any way you hash it, Dean whimpered but there’s also something to say for how Castiel touched him. While I don’t think it was the affectionate caress (despite how much I’d love that), he touched where he had hurt Dean – it was an apologetic gesture. Fixing personally the damage he had caused and understanding that.

        I think Castiel’s decision to flee with the tablet makes sense and is wholly Castiel. He’s been trying so hard for how many seasons to do something right. While I’m curious to see how they’ll resolve it (I’m thinking Charlie actually), I hope they actually do something with it in the limited episodes left. Have Castiel live a bit human from the bus, walk around and explore remote towns and empty villages with the tablet in a bag on his arm. He’d have to stay off the angel radar and I’m sure it’d come with a nice learning curve that so hopefully enables him to live low and quiet after this whole plot ends.

        I didn’t care for the ending mostly because the light hearted chat Dean and Sam have totally ruins the tension between the escape and the long, slow stressed face Dean has in the Impala shot, but over all it was an okay episode. A lot of little things bothered me but honestly, the Dean and Castiel scene really stole it for me. No matter how much people complain about the Swan Song that comes though, I really liked it as it’s been the scene we have been waiting for for a long time.
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