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Do you like Jack?

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  • Do you like Jack?

    Do you like Jack? The Son Of Satan & A Mortal Woman? I know that I like him.
    Strip off their skins. Lord Bolton, he used to say a naked man has few secrets, but a flayed man's got none -- Ramsay Snow

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    I find him very likable. The writers and actors succeeded in making him cute but not cloying, which I found impressive, especially given that he's a kinda-sorta child character. Most shows that bring in a kid have a hard time with that balance.

    I do wish that they'd done more to explore the nature of Grace vs. souls vs. brain in S14. Was human!Cas a nice person because fallen angels gain souls (possible, but never stated) or because his vessel's brain (in this case, Jimmy Novak's, minus his soul) happened to be built that way)? If it's the former, then we're left with the question of what happens to Cas's soul when he regains his Grace (is he even still an angel, or would a soul + Grace make him a lower-tier nephilim?), and if it's the latter, we're left wondering why soulless!Sam was such a jerk (considering that Sam had a long history of being one of the nicer characters on the show). The conversations about Jack's issues as a nephilim had the potential to resolve a lot of those questions, but, for whatever reasons, the writers didn't take that opportunity.


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      I like him a lot more than Connor haha. Sometimes it feels like he's been brought in as the eye candy since Sam and dean are looking their age but that's fine. I'll stick with the old guys for my beef cake.

      I like who I am when Iā€™m with him. I like who we are together.ā€


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        I adore him, Jack is super cute without being an annoying teenager. I could not stand
        seeing him with burnt out eyes. I hope he comes back for the final