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    Obviously most of us are no longer watching very fanatically... But I thought it might still be nice to have a thread for the season.

    Honestly, the season so far turns out te be better then I had expected.. And even episodes that I dreaded (like Fan Fiction) turned out to be pretty enjoyable.
    I'm still enjoying most of the episodes and the Dean/Sam goodness.

    To help the discussion: here's a short summary of the episodes so far:

    10x01 Black: - Dean is a demon and running amuck with Crowley while Sam tries to figure out what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, Castiel is dealing with his diminishing grace.

    10x02 Reichenbach: - Crowley is worried about Dean getting out of control, giving him a target to feed the mark. Sam struggles to escape from Cole. Hannah tries to convince Metatron to give Castiel's grace back.

    10x03 Soul Survivor: - Sam continues to try to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Realising that Dean's antics are causing problems for him in hell, Crowley seeks help from a reluctant Castiel.

    10x04 Paper Moon: - Sam and Dean investigate a series of werewolf attacks in an attempt to find out who the culprit is.

    10x05 Fan Fiction: - Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at a theatre.

    10x06 Ask Jeeves: - Dean encounters a surprising message on Bobby's phone, and Sam and Dean investigate.

    Any thoughts?

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    I am going to presume that in this thread it's okay to talk without spoiler tags.

    I may be one of the few that is still watching fanatically but I'm certainly really pleased that I am. Whilst there have been times in the past 5 seasons when I've been disappointed with the direction the series took, I've never left and it still remains my most favourite show currently airing. I am far too emotionally involved with the Winchester brothers to give up!

    So far season 10 has been outstanding in my opinion, the best since season 4/5. The end of season 9 was completely gut wrenching for me. I actually felt grief symptoms for days afterwards. I was so apprehensive that making Dean a demon was going to be a cheap trick and he would be cured by the end of the premiere. I so wanted to see Jensen Ackles stretch his acting chops to play demon Dean, and Dean be the big bad of the season in the same way that Angelus was in Buffy season 2. What a wonderful opportunity and I was so excited at the possibility of this actually happening.

    The funny things is, that didn't happen and I'm pleased about it. I thought I wanted to see demon Dean all season but now I'm sure that 3 episodes of him was plenty! Jensen played him so slimey, so twisted and evil I couldn't wait to see human Dean again. The scene when he's cured and we see human Dean come back was a masterclass in acting as far as I'm concerned. Bravo Jensen, bravo.

    The 200th musical episode was so totally totally wonderful to me. It was a sloppy kiss to the fans that have watched from the beginning and I cried buckets during the "Carry on my wayward son" scene. For me, it shows how much the show runners appreciate all of the passion of their fans, and it didn't seem cynical at all. Even my friend who hates absolutely everything about musicals, said it was a good episode and trust me that's really high praise from her.

    I am really enjoying the closeness of the brothers this season too. I hope that the writers have finally got past the whole the-brothers-must-be-at-odds-with-each-other-to-make-good-angst scenario, but if I'm honest past history is not encouraging me that it will last all season. The down side of the wonderful Winchester-liness is that some of the focus has to be taken off them and their healing to feature Cas and Crowley. Don't get me wrong, I like both characters a lot and am really pleased that they're in the show, but both their current storylines and just dull against what's going on with Sam and Dean.

    The only dud so far for me was Paper Moon. I didn't like the Bitten episode in season 8, and didn't really care for the character returning. The parallels between the two sisters and the boys was not very subtly drawn and went over old ground - how the Winchesters are happy to do the "right" thing when it comes to monsters, but won't do it for themselves. Yawn, that's so season 2,4 and 6.

    Also, I totally interested in the red haired lady with the people nailed to the ceiling - who the hell is she????

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      Just saw the 200th episode, "Fan Fiction" and I really liked it. It was so cool seeing those little tidbits to the fans as well as the whole subtext about Cas and Dean and Sam and Dean.
      The song "Carry on Wayward Son" was pretty good too.


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        Although I haven't always been blown away by the last few seasons, I do really like season 10. The main reason I've been watching Supernatural anyway is the charachters. I just love the characters so much. And the last episode, "Book of the Damned" was really good in my opinion. I'm a Samgirl and all the "al those feeeelings" moments with Sam really got my inner fangirl going.
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          Has anyone been watching or watched season 10? I just finished episode 20, "Angel Heart".

          I loved this episode. It was endearing, funny, moving and well-paced. I don´t want to put any more information in case you haven´t seen and I´m spoiling it for you.


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            Yep, I watched it as it aired last year. The last few episodes of the season are all really good (Okay, the whole season was really good)! Dean's transformation is really interesting to me.


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              I still have two episodes to finish off the season.

              Man, this last one was good but sad. Why did Charlie have to die?


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                I'm still mad about it.


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                  I just have one episode left.

                  Wondering how all is gonna end! But man, Dean beating up Cas broke my heart.


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                    How scary was Dean at the end of that episode. Yeesh.