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Supernatural Renewed For Season 10

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  • Supernatural Renewed For Season 10

    For good (or for bad depending) on your point of view the CW have announced today that Supernatural has been renewed for a tenth season.

    The CW has renewed freshman dramas The Originals and Reign and is is also bringing back established hits Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and Arrow for tenth, sixth and third seasons, respectively.

    via press release:


    February 13, 2014 (Burbank, California) - The CW Network has ordered early pickups for the 2014-15 season for its hit series Arrow, REIGN, THE ORIGINALS, THE Vampire Diaries and Supernatural,which will be returning for itstenth season next fall. The series pickups were announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW.

    "This season we've had great success with our new hit series THE ORIGINALS paired with Supernatural, giving us our best Tuesday nights in years. THE Vampire Diaries is #2 in its time period in the young adult demos, and with Arrow continuing to gain among young men, and REIGN growing its time period, we now have strong nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday," said Pedowitz. "I'm very pleased to announce early pickups for all five series, and let our fans know they?ll have more great drama to look forward to next season."

    The CW's lineup of breakout freshman hit series THE ORIGINALS and fan favorite Supernatural has doubled the network's Tuesday night ratings year-to-year in adults 18-34 (+100%, 1.4 vs. 0.7), grown +150% in adults 18-49 (1.5 vs. 0.6), and gained +88% in total viewers (3.2 million vs. 1.7 million) versus last season. In its ninth season, Supernatural has seen double-digit increases year-to-year in total viewers and all key demos, and recently had its most watched episodes since 2010.

    In its second season, Arrow is The CW's most-watched series (3.9 million), and is #1 in its time period among men 18-34 (1.4). THE Vampire Diaries remains the network's highest-rated show in all key demos in its fifth season, and season to date is ranked #2 in its time period among adults 18-34 (1.8 ? tie), and #3 in adults 18-49 (1.8), ahead of ABC and NBC. Season to date, REIGN has improved its time period in total viewers (+4%, 2.35 million) and in women 18-49 (+8%, 1.3).

    This season, both Arrow and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES have also seen a 25% jump in digital viewing versus last season, and SUPERNATURAL has seen a huge 57% jump in digital viewing over last year. THE ORIGINALS was also named the most social new series of the fall season by ListenFirst Media.

    Source: Nielsen Media Research, Most Current data, original telecasts premiere to date

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    I think they should call it quits after 10 seasons. 10 is a good place to stop.


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      I'd be disappointed if this show didn't know they were supposed to go to eleven. I mean how would I be able to tell people that Supernatural is better than all other shows if I couldn't point out that it goes to eleven?

      I'm not asking for them to investigate mini stonehenge, or Dean to admit he thinks he would be good at selling shoes if he hadn't gone into hunting, or Sam getting lost in a maze underneath Cleveland. But a show with this much rock music, meta, and comedy should do eleven seasons if they have the chance.

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        I can't believe that there will be another one seasone. The show is so exhausted in my opinion. I can't imagine what they gonna do in this new season. Anyway, I'm happy that the show is not over yet. I'm so use to watch Sam and Dean , so they gonna miss me , when Supernatural finaly over. It doesn't matter if the show will be good , or not. I'm gonna watch it anyway. I read that there will be a new show - a Supernatural spin-off. But I can't believe that is's gonna be good if Sam and Dean are not in it.
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          I think it should end soon because I´m afraid the more they try to "squeeze" the product the less juice or quality it will have. This season is better than season 8 and 7 but I agree that this show is exhausted. I also think it approaches the end because of how the characters are: worn out, tired and I say this all the time, but I don´t think the show will end up well.

          Still, I´m gonna keep watching because of my boys!


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            Buffyholic, I won't be surprised if they get killed in the end of the show. I hope they stay alive , but I really doubt that Supernatural going to have a happy endidng.
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              Well, the spin-off got canned because fans didn't care much for it. I am happy it's renewed for its tenth season but I have to wonder how they keep going at this point? Don't get me wrong, I love the show to pieces but there are only so many stories to tell! I imagine Jared and Jensen would like a break, they've been at it ten years as the same characters, they've played varied versions not to mention Dean being a demon next season (yikes!), but it must get exhausting for them. Ten is a good limit to go out with, but eleven wouldn't be awful either. It doesn't seem to be announced as the final season, but the CC trailer sort of made it look that way. Anyways, I"m still watching because there is no way in hell I'll miss the series finale!
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