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9x11 "First Born" Discussion Thread

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  • 9x11 "First Born" Discussion Thread

    Here is something that I just posted over on LiveJournal that I thought would work as an episode topic opener

    I am on a general hiatus from show right now (the last episode I saw was Heaven Can't Wait) so I can't comment on the Dean and Cain story-line. I did however watch the Sam/Cas scenes as that is a pairing I've been literally crying out for, for years now so I can offer some insights/thoughts there. I loved their interactions this episode as I thought they were extremely beneficial for Sam's mentality and they provided Castiel with character development that makes me as a major fan of the character positively gleeful!

    First of all I've noticed that Castiel has been getting alot of grief from users on-line for pointing out Sam's past mistakes, which I have to say positively baffles me as I think the approach Castiel took with Sam this episode was perfect. Whether we agree or not with Sam's perspective (for the record I don't) in Sam's eyes he has thus far been a screw up and had Castiel went for a lovely "Aw no Sam you're not a screw up at all" approach the words would have had no impact and Sam would have simply dismissed him. Instead Castiel gives Sam's perspective an acknowledgement, but he puts a positive spin on it by helping Sam to see a light at the end of the tunnel by talking about how even a screw up (he uses both himself and Sam as examples) have the ability to change no matter how dark things may seem. It was this message of encouragement, this offer of a light at the end of the tunnel that I feel got through to Sam by the end of the episode and I think it was for giving him that hope that Sam offered the hug . Hopefully in future most likely while talking with Dean Sam will further improve his mental mindset and realise he has not screwed up as badly as he currently thinks he has, but at that moment in time he just was not ready to reach that step.

    As for Castiel's character development I was screaming "Yes" at my laptop during some of their scenes and I was deliriously happy Thompson went against my expectations and did not make Castiel hurt Sam again. As I have mentioned in the past I have long been a believer that a number of Castiel's past mistakes such as teaming up with Crowley and breaking Sam's wall have been rooted in Castiel's big picture mentality (at the time he wanted to stop Raphael from resuming the apocalypse). So for us to have him learn from his experiences as a human that the ends do not always justify the means and that the individual can be just as important was an essential development for Castiel's character.

    Gah I'm not being as eloquent as I'd like to be I need to watch the scenes a few more times but I hope I got what I enjoyed about their scenes across nonetheless.

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    I only really cared about the Dean/Crowley/Cain scenes. Castiel/Sam just did nothing for me.

    This was the first episode that Cain was introduced - so that was all new. So you know just as much about the Cain story-line as the people like me who have seen every episode.

    This is kind of a wait-and-see where things go now for me. I assume Crowley is going to try to find the blade so Dean can kill Abbadon - but there's no way to know how that will really play out yet. I wonder if we'll ever even see Cain again or if he's just going to disappear the way God/Chuck did.


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      I liked this episode and we had this sense that things are not gonna end peachy for the boys.
      And Crowley, who doesn´t love Crowley?