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    Originally posted by evilbunny View Post
    That's a relief :-) but any ideas why it stopped?
    Because the show is currently on hiatus, as Jenni Lou explained. Probably your broadcaster's contract with the network does not allow them to air new episodes ahead of the US broadcast date (which would be standard). Since V is remaining on hiatus until spring, there will be no new episodes until then, either in the US or Ireland. You have stopped at the same place that the show went onto hiatus in the US - it stopped because there are no more episodes to air until the show returns from hiatus.


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      Really enjoying this so far. Liking Morena B in this much more than in Firefly... I think she makes a good villain/scary person. The priest and the FBI woman are an interesting double act - distrust, fear, not some immediate us against them solidarity.

      I'm fascinated by the daughter (whose name escapes me, want to call her Kara but I'm pretty sure that's cos she was on Smallville....right? Same one?), whether she genuinely has potential to feel anything for a human or whether it's all her mother pulling her strings. I hope they bring some ambiguity to that - since these aliens are clearly capable of falling for humans in some cases.

      The alien-turned-goodie guy is also interesting. I want to know more! Never saw the original, so I'm pretty much in the dark about where all this is going.

      It's not a show I feel like sitting down and analysing for hours, but it's good clean alien invasion fun

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        You're not wrong, she was on "Smallville" -- her character in "V" is Lisa.

        The Morris Chestnut character seems so far to correlate to be a hybrid of a couple characters, as is the medical officer on the NY mothership. (Original "V" spoilers)
        Robert Englund played a Visitor named "Willy" who was basically a decent guy, a bit smitten with a human lady. The other character he seems to be a replacement for is Martin -- Martin was a senior officer and directedly under Jane Badler's Diana (who wasn't actually in charge of the Visitors, just their biggest badass -- John was the Supreme Commander in title. Anna seems to be both now). He was also the head of the Fifth Column, which is exactly what it sounds like -- a movement inside the Visitors, particularly their military, opposed to the plans of their Great Leader for Earth.

        In term so general "where this is going", here's a synopsis of the original miniseries -- no idea what it will have to do with the new series, though.
        In the original, the Visitors came claiming to need our help developing a compound vital to their survival. This was a cover. They came for our water, and were harvesting it out of the sea using the processing of this compound as a cover. That wasn't all though -- in a legendary scene where Martin is helping Marc Singer's Donovan escape from the LA mothership, he shows him a cavernous, Matrix-like chamber full of humans in suspended animation. Donovan doesn't understand why they aren't just being killed. Martin says "some" will be soldiers against their Leader's enemy. When Donovan points out the some, Martin explains --

        "In addition to the water, there is another... basic shortage on our planet."

        Donovan's eyes widen in horror and understanding.

        "... food."

        Now, personally... I hope this new show is going to exactly that same place. It's about frickin' time that we actually were reminded on television that sometimes the bad guys are actually just bad. Plain old non-negotiably unambivalently, unambiguously bad. I'd argue that the Others on "Lost" already are and Rossum and the Dollhouse are as well, but for some reason people try to find reasons why they aren't.

        Aliens come to take all our water and eat us? I don't know who is going to be able to rationalize that.
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          Having just seen episode 7 (yeah I know a bit late), I thought it was time to revive this thread. Anyone else still watching?

          Anyway V 1x07: What a revealing episode! I loved the flashbacks with John May and finding out how he became the first rebel. Plus I loved seeing Michael Trucco as John May, that was a brilliant casting choice! Finding out that Ryan was the one who killed John May was quite the jawdropper, I did not expect that. I thought it was great that Ryan became a rebel because he wanted to turn his guilt over killing John into something constructive, that he was moved by John's stepson James at the funeral and that this was the first step for Ryan to be affected by humans and to start to realise that what the Vs do to humans is wrong. I'm also glad that Ryan's girlfriend (fiancee) is finally starting to find out about Ryan's secret identity, that he is not the man he says he is because this was starting to annoy me. Poor woman, who knows what kind of crossbreed she is carrying, definitely looks scary.

          Another secret that was revealed in this episode is that apparently Tyler's father is not his father. I wonder what that means, especially since Tyler's mother swears she did not cheat. Lisa was really devious in this episode, I did not like how she manipulated Tyler and screwed everything up between him and his dad.

          Poor, brave Georgie, sacrificing himself for the cause! And I guess seeing his family's murder made him miss them even more so it was not surprising that he wanted to join them.

          Did Anna's line at the end mean that she will give birth to a 1'000 soldiers? The whole V birthing process looks very gross to me so I wouldn't mind not seeing any more of it.

          Overall I thought this was a pretty gripping and well paced episode with some surprising plot twists. I definitely liked it better than the last few episodes.

          What did you guys think?


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            Well I know this thread hasn't really gotten a lot of attention-- which is unfortunate considering it had such an AMAZING first season --but I just wanted to make sure everybody knew about The Complete First Season DVD/Blu-Ray set being released on August 24th! Let's hope sales do well and the show's second year is just as wonderful and flawless! I'm hoping it can last for a few more years! It's honestly my favourite new show of the year, so hopefully everyone enjoyed it just as much as I did!

            For more information you can go here!

            Take a look at that gorgeous artwork too while you're there!


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              Does anyone know if this show is coming back for a second season. I found somewhere a list of shows re-starting in September such as Human Target, Stargate Universe & Castle, but nothing for V. I thought it had been renewed?

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                Yes, it will be back though I don't know the return date off hand.

                Charles Mesure who plays Hobbes has also been updated to series to regular, so expect to see more of him.
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                  I understand it's doing the midseason thing again, so we can expect it back in February or something.


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                    Premiere date is Tuesday January 4th at 9PM on ABC.

                    They chopped down the episode order to only 10 Not a good sign for a third season.


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                      Originally posted by RedKryptonClark View Post
                      Premiere date is Tuesday January 4th at 9PM on ABC.

                      They chopped down the episode order to only 10 Not a good sign for a third season.
                      I have faith though. The trailers have looked very good so far, it got amazing praise in Season 1, and I've heard that everybody on ABC's staff of executives are on board so hopefully they'll hold onto it. Their reasoning behind cutting down the episode number was only due to scheduling conflicts as far as I know, and they don't have much to replace it with.

                      Anyways, I'm really looking forward to it's return. I picked up the S1 DVD on boxing day and a rewatch of the series has been just as wonderful and exciting! It's a fabulous series that I've grown to really love.


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                        Boy oh boy! Where are the 'V' fans? It's probably one of the best shows on television right now - and it feels like no one is watching it. The ratings say otherwise, but they do still need some more so everybody should check it out! I'd hate for it to be taken off the air, especially after such a long hiatus.

                        What did you guys think of the Season 2 premiere?


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                          I thought it was pretty great. I was surprised the red rain got turned off so quickly, in a way, but it was cool. I just hope this season develops really well with some real 'shocks', because it still seems to be all about the masses thinking the Vs are great

                          And I don't care for the baby alien storyline.


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                            We're supposed to know all of Anna's plans by episode 7.

                            This season has been great - they set the speed to full throttle and have been charging forward full steam ahead.

                            I really want to strangle Tyler.


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                              V... what a flawless series it has become. Only minutes into the pilot episode, I was in complete love with it. I said to my brother who was watching it with me that eventually it would be my favourite show ever. Since that moment I have only grown more certain. Renewal for a third season is still up in the air (you better not cancel it ABC) so I've started praying. Everything about it just blows me away. The characters and the stories...they mesh and just fit with my interests perfectly.

                              Season 2 has been incredible. What are the other fans here thinking? There's a major lack of discussion. Here are a few things from my LJ regarding the latest episodes.

                              Anna! Not since BSG's Kara or Gaius have I probably seen a character so fascinating and complex. It is an utter joy to watch. I don't quite know how to go about describing Anna. She's somewhat ethereal to be honest... She embodies a caged lioness trapped in a beautiful human body. Right now she is bad, we know that, but it also seems like she's still holding back. One day, my dream is for her to simply say "I said we are of peace. I lied." Or something to that effect at least. In the first season she was rather stoic and controlled to a fine point, but Lisa and Diana have been making her very irrational this year. In these moments of irrationality she starts feeling emotion, and this is where it gets good. In some ways Anna is quite sadistic and almost like a serial killer. She doesn't like nor does she want to feel anything, and yet she still takes pleasure out of harming people and working her ulterior motives. Her character contradicts herself in so many ways, because she displays emotion as a tactic to trick humans into trusting her, but she's not really feeling them. Or at least wasn't until the end of season one. Now that she knows true ones, it's consequently raised the feeling and intensity of the series as well. Vengeance, hate, power... they are no longer her ideals. She knows them in full. As Diana says, "Emotion gives us power." But as long as Anna denies herself of these things, the fifth column has an opening to bring her down. Everything the character does is phenomenal and so incredibly subtle. What I just wrote barely makes sense, because she is so much more than that. The nuances in her actions, the methodical choices....I'm just gonna say wow. Flawless!

                              Onto the ships in the series. I am enjoying Tyler and Lisa, but Tyler is a little annoying so I'm not sure he's worthy of Lisa anymore. I do think they’re soul mates, but I want Tyler to redeem himself and smarten up before getting the girl. The arcs both of them are enduring are quite interesting though. That aspect I do admire. As Erica is losing her son, she's gaining a daughter. As Anna is losing her daughter, she is gaining a son. Everything that happens in this series is thought out so well. It's beautiful.
                              Another romantic development that I ship and has been building from day one is Erica and Jack. I think they support each other very well, so hopefully the events of this week's episode won't delay their connection. While those two have been set up, Hobbes is another option for Erica. I do like Hobbes and I don't mind if he's with Miss Evans, but he doesn't exactly seem like relationship material... They had sex at the end of the latest eppy, so my dream is that it's only treated as a "I wanted to feel, you wanted to feel" kind of situation--but nothing more. Otherwise (especially after Mr. Evans death) it doesn't feel quite natural.

                              Now for Diana and Lisa. JANE BADLER IS FLAWLESS. Mmm, I adore her and the ferociousness she has. If anyone besides Erica will be able to stand up to Anna it's her. Now wouldn't that be one epic clash of alien titans? BAMF VS. BAMF. Sounds good to me! All humour aside though, I really have enjoyed what has been happening. Somehow I wouldn't be surprised if she had ulterior motives too, but for now I just like watching her. The female characters are written so well on this show. The alliance she shares with Lisa is certainly building up to something big. Hopefully in Season 3 (it will happen, or I will freak) she is a series regular. She brings a whole different dynamic to V. Everything about it blows me away. This season has been so good, and the presence of Anna's mother has definitely played a big part in that.

                              Finally I'll tackle the plot. What exciting stuff they are doing. Not since Battlestar Galactica have I been so excited for a show. I honestly yell at the screen, jump off the couch, shed tears, laugh, and just let my draw drop. Aliens and sci fi have always been some interests of mine. What is remarkable in V is that they take a plot that is extremely sci fi but turn it into a very thrilling and human drama. It's my philosophy that every great show must say something about the world. This new take on V not only hits on our post-9/11 society in which terrorism is something we now live with, but it discusses mother and child issues, faith in the midst of crisis, how devotion can be twisted into something dangerous, and what it means to be human. At the same time such intriguing elements of the Aliens are being incorporated and they blend together impeccably.

                              If you're going to bring a story back, be respectful of the source material, but bring something new to the table. Not only has ABC's reboot of V done that, but they've done it in great ways that I've been constantly shocked, immersed, and impressed by. It has stepped up its game so much, and I can't wait to see what they bring to the table in the final episodes of this season, and hopefully in season three and beyond. Long live the fifth column! Long live V!