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Any Flash Gordon fans out there?

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  • WhiteHat
    Hi! Huge Flash Gordon fan since early childhood!
    I was raised with the serials (1936, '38, '40) with Buster Crabbe, in addition to the original Alex Raymond comic strip (1934-).
    When I saw the movie in 1980, I got sick to my stomach because it was not remotely like the Flash that I grew up with, and others felt the same way at the time because the movie was an obscene eyesore and gigantic flop.
    I watched the first 5 to 10 minutes of the recent SciFi network show but again was disappointed.

    The FG wiki is a good place to learn about many things FG-related, but it is an ongoing work-in-progress.

    Glad to know that there are others out there who don't think that Star Wars is the only SciFi!

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  • Heroine X
    started a topic Any Flash Gordon fans out there?

    Any Flash Gordon fans out there?

    I have recently got into the franchise of Flash Gordon.

    I've seen the 2007 live action series, which I think is underrated. I want to see the 1980 movie which I hear is good.

    I like the characters Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Joe Wylee.

    I cried when Joe was killed in episode 17 of the 2007 Flash Gordon episode.

    I was wondering if there's any other Flash Gordon fans out there.