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    Well of course it's worth watching, seeing as it's made by Joss Whedon, but I don't know if you'd like it. I hated season four, but season three was my favorite season. Maybe for you it would be the opposite? It depends what you didn't like about Season 3. Season 4 IS very different from Season 3 if that's all you're wondering, so in that case give it a try.


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      Actually, Joss Whedon has nothing to do with True Blood. The series is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books written by Charlaine Harris and was adapted for television by Allan Ball. Other than some references to BtVS (such as Jason being accused of “acting like some Muslim Buffy with a dick” *g*) there is no connection between the two shows!

      Spoilers for S4:

      I would recommend you watch S4. The show is far from perfect but it still has a lot of very colourful characters and I personally find it to be, by far, the most entertaining of the ‘vampire shows’ currently airing at the moment. It’s cheesy fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, it pretty much encourages you to laugh along with it and I find that very refreshing. I do think the show has some frustrating writing flaws which prevents it from reaching its true potential (and I’ll get to them in a minute) but overall I thought this season was an improvement over the last. I’m also ecstatic that it killed off a couple of characters that bored me to tears (Debbie, Jesus, Tommy) so next season should be even better!

      I think S4’s biggest problem is that the writers are still introducing unnecessary characters and storylines that add absolutely nothing to the season. When it comes to TV I’m pretty anal about all the different threads of a season coming together to create a cohesive story, and the show often disappoints me in this way. Aside from S1, where all of the character’s stories come together under the murder mystery plot, the show repeatedly adds in random plots or characters that never amount to anything. In S4 we had;

      Tara’s bisexuality: Totally unnecessary and seems to have been done purely for shock value. Her new girlfriend had no relevance whatsoever to the story and it added nothing to Tara’s characterisation.

      The Fairy World: I found it very strange that in the season opener we’re introduced to this new world and then it’s pretty much dropped altogether for the rest of the season. Claudine makes one more appearance (only to be killed by Eric) and other than that it seems like a forgotten plot point. I’m going to assume that we’ll return back to that world at some point in the future, but I feel it was a mistake to take Sookie there in S4 if it wasn’t going to be addressed at all this season and had no relevance to the main arc. The writers might as well have saved it for the season where it will be explored in more depth.

      Pam’s curse: I really enjoyed this story and I loved seeing the character slowly decompose over each episode. However, I was really disappointed with the resolution when halfway through the season Pam found a temporary ‘fix’ and it became a non-issue. What a waste!? If I were the writers, I’d have let Pam’s condition grow worse throughout the season to build more tension for the climax. TB’s finales have a tendency to be pretty lacklustre so why not save the resolution for the finale and make it all more dramatic? That way it would have felt like the story was building to something substantial instead of it abruptly ending with a whimper midway through the season. In the end, it felt like the storyline was just done to kill time.

      Jason/Crystal: What was the point of this? Why set up this relationship between the two characters and then randomly throw Jason/Jessica together? It just felt like another storyline that added nothing to the season and was a complete waste of time. I’m going to assume that Jason will in fact become a Werepanther (or his storyline was even more pointless) but why not address that this season instead of just dropping Crystal’s character midway? If it wasn’t going to be relevant to this season then save it for the season where it will be relevant and spend all this precious screen time on developing what is relevant to this year’s plot. I’m all for setting up future storylines in advance (if that is what they are even doing) but not to this extent. Not when it detracts from the story you’re currently telling.

      It just feels like the writers have a very limited attention span. Sometimes I get the impression that they just throw random storylines and characters into the mix to see what will stick. Or they get bored very quickly and just move on before wrapping up storylines in a satisfactory manner. The other problem is that often all of the character’s stories feel quite random and I would like it if the writers found a way to link them all together by the end of the season. I feel the strength of S1 was that it had the murder mystery which made the entire season feel more cohesive and allowed all of the character’s storylines to become intertwined. To be fair, S4 did a better job with this and Tara, Lafayette, Sookie, Bill, Eric and Pam’s stories ended up being all very relevant to each other, but it still left characters such as Sam adrift.

      If the structuring of the seasons was tighter I think it would benefit the series greatly. The writers are capable of it because they managed it in S1 (and to a lesser extent S2) so I really feel they need more planning when outlining the season. When you only have a 13 episode order (as opposed to the 22+ that most network shows have) it should be very easy to write a cohesive and tight story. There’s really no excuse for all this unnecessary ‘padding’ when you have such a small amount of time to tell the year’s arc.

      There are many things about S4 I did like, though! I thought Marnie was a really effective ‘Big Bad’ as she came off very threatening and dangerous. I also loved how Nan Flannigan was given more screen time and loved the flashbacks between her and Bill in London. King!Bill was an interesting twist for his character and I didn’t mind Amensia!Eric, either. I have to say I wasn’t at all interested in the Sookie/Bill/Eric love triangle (and I found their scenes in the finale to be totally ridiculous) but I did enjoy how Sookie and Bill didn’t interact much. I also enjoyed how proactive Tara was throughout the season and loved the antagonistic relationship between her and Pam. And, as I said, they managed to kill off several characters that I really don’t like so that bodes well for me.
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        Eh, I have some major frustrations with season 4, mainly towards the end (after the first horrifically bad 8 min of the premiere, lol), but overall I really enjoyed it, much more than last season at least, and even most of s2 I think (since Marnie >>>> Maryann x infinity + 1, IMO). I do think s4 is one of the better seasons of the show, and indeed MUCH better than last season, even if there are still some issues. Marnie is a well-acted Big Bad, and some really shocking twists and turns! Overall if you ever liked the show, then YES, worth watching!
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          I have mixed feelings about season 4. I did watch it every week and like Jenni Lou counted down the hours, however I felt a little disappointed.

          The previous seasons had usually thrown suspense at you at the end of the episodes and left thinking omg I can't wait til next week. This season really did the same thing but left me thinking really? I felt like the suspense was forced on me this season.


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            I just finished it and I lust say I liked this season. Now I don’t know if I am alone in this but I actually enjoyed season 3 it was season 2 that almost made me stop watching. But anyway season 4 I have some issues with it but there are some really interesting things.

            Ok spoiler alert!!

            Done that now on to the interesting things, I personally really enjoy Sookie and she is the reason I keep watching even when it gets almost unbearable I feel that I can relate to her and her actions this season were of the kind that made me root for her. I loved king!Bill I think seeing him without Sookie made him the better for it, he is more interesting character now, the opposite goes for Eric although I must say I dreaded the whole amnesia thing and it went really much better than I had expected. Oh the killing off/finishing of uninteresting characters/plots thank you! Although I got really accustomed to Jesus, he will be missed. And then of coarse to me the two higlights of this seasons:

            Marnie; I absolutely loved her this is for me the second season with an interesting big bad, Marnie was really scary because despite the with metaphor she represents something very real and the actress did an amazing job of being this sincere vulnerable even, while doing the most horrid things. So yeah love love love

            Jason: second favourite thing season is the fact that they have made a character out of Jason instead of a plot devise to show off naked chicks, for me it was an unexpected and very welcome surprise his growth process was very believable and fun to watch and I am tuning in for him next season.

            Oh and ok then a third good thing Pam! She is just bliss.

            There were things that I didn’t like as well (the stupid posses baby subplot, Andy, Tara’s bisexuality that is not getting touched upon or developed, Tommy, Sams new love interest, Alcide falling for Sookie as much as part of me wants to see that I also think no not the next guy come on!, the Eric/Sookie/Bill thing although I think it was handled right in the finally.)

            Overall I liked it looking foreward to next season
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              I'm about the start season 4, but I gotta say I much preferred season 3 to season 2. Season 2 really irritated me because it showed Bill (with the revelation about what making a human drink a vampire's blood does, and his connection to Sophie Anne) and vampires on the whole in a lot more problematic light (they were portrayed as something akin to slave-owning aristocracy, yet the show seemed to still portray them mostly as a misunderstood minority) and because it seemed to imply, through Maryann's storyline, that humans are indeed inferior as vampires consider them to be (they're the sheep that gets easily brainwashed). Furthermore, I didn't like that Tara was brainwashed through most of the season and didn't seem to pick up on Maryann's creepiness, she should be smarter than that, and that Lafayette just wasn't around much.

              Season 3 alleviated some of those concerns, since it acknowledged the frakked-up aspects of the vampires, thanks mostly to Russell, and made Sookie finally break up with Bill after realizing how manipulative and creepy he's been - even though I was disappointed when she broke up with him after he almost killed her but then they hooked up at the end of that same episode, that made it look like a farce. And Tara might have been victimized again, but she wasn't being stupid and she fought back and seemed like the smart, tough but screwed-up and vulnerable woman from season 1.

              I still don't like that everyone who gets to do something important or heroic on the show is a supernatural being, but at least there's an explanation why everyone is so obsessed with Sookie. I think I liked her better in season 3, when she finally showed some backbone and told all the vampires to stuff it, than I did in the previous 2 seasons.
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                Just started season four and I saw episode 3 yesterday! It´s been fun and enjoyable, except for the Jason/Crystal storyline. But even though I´m enjoying it so far, I´m a bit apprehensive because the witch storyline can go awry, depending of how they work the story.

                I´ll keep you posted about my thoughts.


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                  Originally posted by Dark Ages View Post
                  I would say the fourth season is worth watching. It was actually my favorite season. I also liked season 4 as well.

                  The thing about True Blood is that they introduce characters early on in the season or previous season to be a bridge or some sort of importance in the future of the story lines. You say you didn't like Tommy and he was pointless, well to me Tommy plays a big role in season 4. He shifts the life of his brother; his causes, effects Sam.

                  Jason is freaking great in the fourth season, I really grew to love him. In the forth season they dive into situations and relationships that you cant see coming.

                  I believe that people should try and separate book series from their tv series. Though its based off the books, literary agencies and television companies are two different species.

                  In all I suggest watching season 4.
                  I just watched the entire series in a couple of weeks. It is all mixed up in my head right now. I was sorta not that crazy about 4th season as I read spoilers of the end of the relationship between BIll and Sookie and it was the only thing that made me watch the previous eps.
                  I must however accept that it was forgettable fun. I got to really appreciate Eric. I am both S/B and S/E shipper as of now. If you like hot stuff go for S4. However let me warn you that the final episode ending sucks a whole lot and you will be back to this thread to rant. If I was you I wouldn't watch the final ep of the season until the new season starts or you will run the risk of leaving the whole series for good.

                  I agree with the amazing improvement of Jason. High time too! I wanted him dead for the first two seasons.

                  BTW, Sookie is such a Mary Sue in the whole series! It is starting to really bother me.

                  if you hate losing your time, do as I did. I started doing some knitting while watching so I could ignore it when it got stupid and got some nice stuff for my baby. I also watch it while working on my computer to ignore the TV when Sam is on screen.


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                    Thanks for the tip, KritianaO.

                    I´m on episode 6 and I´m really liking it. The witch storyline is interesting and heck, even Arlene is more interesting this season. I also feel Bill is much more interesting when he´s not with Sookie. The amnesiac Eric is fun too. Jason is more interesting too. The same can´t be said about Andy and Tara. But I´m liking it so far!