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Episode 4.04 "I’m Alive And On Fire"

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  • Episode 4.04 "I’m Alive And On Fire"

    Hey all!

    So what did you think of the latest True Blood episode? I enjoyed it a lot (apart from the Jason/Hot Shot storyline which bores me to tears). You could tell that this episode was written by a woman, what with all the male eye candy we got. I definitely approve of Eric and Alcide being half naked. Eric being drunk on fairy blood and slapping Sookie’s butt, etc. was hilarious! As was the scene at the pond, with Sookie having to control both Eric and Alcide, I loved how she handled that! I loved the sparks between Eric and Sookie in this ep and was again moved by Eric’s childlike behaviour. So far the Eric amnesia storyline has been handled rather well by Alan Ball & co. After the disappointment that was season 3, I’m glad to feel excited about the show again. I love Eric’s vulnerability and his sadness about never being able to get out in the sun again was very touching, as was his trust in Sookie and the way he told her that he would never hurt her. Too bad the kiss didn’t happen though, you could tell that Sookie was seriously tempted. If only bloody Bill hadn’t shown up at the worst possible time!

    The witch storyline is pretty interesting so far, even though I still think it was more gripping in the book. Marnie does not seem to be evil per se, it’s only when she is possessed by her spirit guide that bad shit happens. I really hope that Pam will be okay, seeing half her face come off was pretty gross, I hope she can get that fixed somehow. They’d better not kill off Pam or I’m gonna be seriously pissed off! I feel bad for Tara, as soon as she got back to Bon Temps she was sucked into such a mess (again). Still, so far she has remained surprisingly calm and strong. I like this new Tara a lot. I had to chuckle at the different ways Marnie and Lafayette were praying to the spirit guide (Lafayette’s “save our asses” vs. Marnie’s earnest pleading).

    Poor Sam, he cannot seem to get much of a break! Yes he’s got a new girlfriend and even gets along with her daughter but I just know that the situation with Luna’s ex (who is a werewolf after all) is gonna get hairy (not pun intended) and is not gonna end well for the Sam/Luna relationship. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe the writers will let Sam be happy for once. His brother Tommy is not faring much better. He may have annoyed me at times but he doesn’t deserve to be his parents’ slave (again). I wonder if Sam will learn what happened and what he will do about it, if he is willing to do something about it that is.

    What else happened? Apart from the Jason storyline, which I’m trying to suppress because I find it so incredibly dull. Although I’m kinda curious how vampire blood will affect Jason, being on the verge of turning into a werepanther and all. Oh and I’m sure Hoyt won’t appreciate it if Jason has sexy dreams about Jessica from now on. Bill finding out that Portia is his great-great-great-whatever-granddaughter is not something I care much about. IMO the best thing in that scene was Andy wanting a Red Bull and his grandma telling him it was vulgar, that made me laugh. Oh and Nan Flannigan mocking Bill was another highlight (“Oh, poor Bill. Power’s so hard. Don’t f--- this up. How many retired kings do you know?").

    So overall I thought this was a very funny and gripping episode and I cannot wait to see what happens next, especially between Sookie and Eric of course.

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    i liked the episode for the Eric/Alcide eye candy and Eric's development of his sensitive side. i didn't like how Sookie went to hug Alcide after he helped wrangle Eric back inside. it seemed just a bit too intimate for my liking, and i would be worried about Debbie Pelt going back to her 'killing Sookie' ways again, because it's obvious Alcide has feelings for Sookie.
    Alcide has an amazingly ripped 6-pack!!! wow.

    i hate all the witch stuff, but it has to be done, because it's part of the books. i don't particularly like the whole Marnie not knowing anything when being possessed though. i think i'd rather Marnie being an evil witch, knowing exactly what she's doing.

    Pam's face falling off was gross to watch. i hope it fixes itself or someone does something to fix it soon, because i can see Marnie being around for the whole season and i don't want Pam being like that the whole time...mostly because she can't be her normal fun bitchy self.

    Sam/ can just tell the ex-boyfriend will show up and take Sam on. i'm guessing a final showdown is on the horizon in the latter part of the season, and that Sam will win...because he can shift into any animal to take on a werewolf.

    thank goodness Jason made it out of Hot Shot. i actually thought Crystal was going to stop him from escaping, but it does seem like, despite all her craziness, she does actually care for him. weird. Jason/Jessica... i wonder if anything will happen there. if it does, i'd feel so sorry for Hoyt, who's always felt like second best at everything to Jason.

    Portia/Bill. meh. yes, they're related and they had sex. don't care for either character, so this storyline just seems like another unimportant Bill storyline.

    Tommy. don't like the character, but i agree, he doesn't deserve the treatment of his family... you think he'd be grateful living with Mrs Fortenbery, instead of trying to take advantage of her.

    not that i'm not liking having Tara back, but wouldn't her girlfriend eventually start looking for her? she hated all this supernatural stuff, yet, she feels obliged to stay because she thinks Lafayette is in danger. after Eric losing his memory and Pam losing her face, you'd think Lafayette would be safe from them? and she could leave. i wonder how Tara and Lafayette would feel about Marnie and witchcraft now though...? ie, evil? more evil than vampires? or good form of protection against vamps, etc.
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      I'm also really enjoying the Eric storyline at the moment (to be honest, it's 90% of why I look forward to each new episode). I think it's brilliant that Skarsgård gets to play something other than evil and brooding on the show. I find it really enjoyable because in almost all of his early Swedish films he plays the awkward nice youth - far from the confident Eric. Because of that, this new Eric makes me think a lot about his earlier roles... I've also noticed that they don't always put subtitles on the things he says in Swedish (or is that just on the streamed videos I've seen?). I'm guessing it's because Sookie's not meant to understand - thus the audience isn't supposed to?

      I like Bill as king actually. Probably because he's not all 'Sookie' (in that voice) any more, but actually has a story line of his own. And I have to agree with you Cori - Nan is hilarious!

      It was good to see Alcide again. Although I also think that hug was a bit more than friendly... I'm not sure how excited I could become about another 'who do I want?' story line on a show - especially since this is supposed to be the Eric/Sookie season (at least that's what I've dubbed it in my head )

      I have a tendency to just half tune out whenever Sam or Tara are on screen. I enjoy Lafayette but usually just enjoy what he says rather than storyline, so I don't really care... I do love Terry though, so I'm quite scared about the baby-thing. A psycho baby is just not what that family needs!