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10x12 "Collateral"

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  • 10x12 "Collateral"

    So after a small delay, Smallville has returned with new episodes! I enjoyed the episode and thought it helped tie up the mid-season finale. I also enjoyed the use of Dinah...

    Okay this is how they should handle the JLA. Have them part of the story, but not make the story about them! It worked so well and felt natural to have Dinah there. It really worked and wish they had tossed in Bart, or maybe Cyborg in there as well.

    Now onto Chloe's return. I think it worked well and it was a believable explanation as to why she left and deleted her self from the world. Of course I didn't think this Chloe felt anything like Chloe we'd seen for the past 9 years, but I guess she is changing. I would have liked to see her and Bette, since they had that history together and it would have been a nice throw back to see them working together, but... yeah I'll take what I can get from this show.

    I really liked the fight between Chloe and Dinah, and it was really one of their better fight scenes ever... It had some great punches and was just great over all fight and I'm guessing Allison Mack enjoyed finally being more physical!

    Clark flying... ugh... I hate all these teases, just make him fly for real!

    I think Lois is planning this wedding WAY to quickly... like... they just got engaged? And she already has flowers and dresses picked out? I dunno, that just seems unlikely... But I guess they are pushing for a series finale wedding right?

    So in the end, a good episode, not great, but good.

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    I'm so dissapointed in myself because I feel asleep and missed most of the episode and only caught the last 10 minutes of it. UGH! Hopefully CW will post the full episode soon so I can watch all of it.


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      There was too much exposition in the episode, which is what always happens when Chloe's around. It's her job to explain things over and over and over again to people. If they'd just said "Think of this as the Matrix" - the characters should've been able to understand that and voila - we'd have had 5 more minutes of non-blah-blah-blah time in the episode.

      I love Dinah. I was so glad to see that we finally had her referred to and treated as herself and not just as a JLA member there to help kick butt. We got some shoutbacks to her introduction on the series from SIREN.

      The Clark/Lois stuff was great.
      A friend of mine who's a huge Superman comic geek said that the flight, even if it was in cyber space, was crucial for Clark to be able to overcome Darkseid. Learning to eliminate all doubt and believe what's in your heart will be what will allow him to not be overtaken. So in the end, even though there was a bulk of this episode that felt repetitious there was some good stuff in it.