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Young Justice

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  • Young Justice

    Young Justice is the newest DC Animated series. It follows the sidekicks of some of DC's biggest heroes. We got Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Miss Martian and soon Artemis will be added to the mix (And word is Wonder Girl will be joining at some point this season as well).

    The first 2 episodes were a great way to start the series and were full of action and stunning animation and just all together wow!

    Last night aired the 3rd episode and it was... well kind of a let down compared to what we saw before. The show fully introduced the character of Miss Martian, but the episode felt very generic. The storyline followed similar stories structure of the new kid feeling like an outside, then saving the day and being accepted. The animated was also a bit stiff.

    I hope the newer episodes start to ramp up the action because I think there is some amazing potential here. And I'm excited for Artemis who looks like a mix of Mia/Speedy and Arrowette.

    So we'll see.

    Is anyone else watching?

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    I have not watch this show yet.I heard the story of this show from my friend. When I was free from my busy schedule then I definitely like to watch this show online.