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    1) Who were your favourite and least favourite characters?

    My favorite characters are Max because she's a strong character but in her strength lies her biggest weaknesses. Zack because he's a very caring person who's put his brothers and sisters before him, he's everyone's big brother. Lydecker because he was really a good guy masked as a villain, he was never what I expected him to be. Alec, who was on the same level as Max and struggling with where Manticore ends and where he begins. Joshua and OC as the supporting characters were great.

    Ames White and Logan always bothered me. White was a snarky man that thought he was better than everyone, enough said. I think the fact Logan acted like he owned Max on some level bothered me. It's like she always had to help him and because he loved her no one else could. And Asha...because she really didn't belong there at all.

    2) What was your favourite season?

    Season 1. It was a serious drama and I liked it. I wish season 2 had played a little more on the drama part, but I think the story lines there didn't really allow it. There wasn't enough Manticore in season 2 and I really like the brothers/sisters story in the first season. You can see Max's struggle clearly in season 1 much better than season 2. Max is everywhere in season 2, I don't think she knew what to do with Manticore everywhere.

    3) Who do you ship together?

    Max/Alec and Max/Zack. I always thought Max made sense with another transgenic. I don't think Logan could ever understand what that is truly like and I don't think he's too accepting of it either. He's real quick to get on Alec's or Zack's case over Max's. His love for her blinds him from knowing that those guys aren't much different from who Max is. I don't know if Logan ever said he was OK with who Max is, I can't remember, they just ended up together because they didn't fit in anywhere.

    4) What were your favourite and least favourite episodes?

    Season One: 411 on the DL, Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof, Rising, The Kidz Are Aiight, Pollo Loco, and Meow
    Season Two: Proof of Purchase, Some Assembly Required, The Berrisford Agenda, Borrowed Time (Gossamer was a stupid foil though),Hello, Goodbye, Dawg Day Afternoon, and Freak Nation
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      I watched this show as it originally aired, and I really enjoyed it. It's been a very long time so I don't remember much about it but I would very much like to rewatch it if I have the chance! It's a shame that it was so short lived.

      Also, the show introduced me to Jessica Alba, who I fell in love with (Well - I guess I actually fell in love with her character more than her as an actual person )


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        Originally posted by WWGD? View Post
        I would very much like to rewatch it if I have the chance! It's a shame that it was so short lived.
        There are several online sites that have the entire series available for download if you want to watch on the internet, and the two seasons on DVD are very reasonably priced at places like Amazon now.