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    So, my brother gave me the boxset with season 1 and season 2 for Christmas. And I´ve seen the first four episodes already and I´m already hooked. It´s a bit graphic but it´s also different from what I´ve seen so far.
    And I have no idea what will happen next because I don´t want to read any snyposis because I want to be totally surprised!

    So far, I like Sookie and I like the tension between her and Bill.

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    Hey and welcome to the board!!


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      Thanks for the welcome!

      So, is there a lot of True Blood fans here?

      As soon as I see some more eps, I´ll post my thoughts.

      Just finished the first season and it is pretty good. I´m not saying that I love it because I don´t yet, but I really liked it and I am so hooked on the theme song.

      Sookie. Love her! I find her strong, confidant and just amazing.
      Bill. He is mysterious and a bit sexy and I love to see him with Sookie.
      The murder plot was pretty good and I never thought it was Rene.
      Sam, Tara and Lafayette. I love these characters.
      The show is different from any vampire show I´ve ever seen.

      Jason. Almost every scene with him diminishes the episode and he´s so unlikeable.
      Two characters I don´t like very much: Lettie Mae and Andy.
      I really like it but I still haven´t gotten to the point where I wanna love it.
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