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  • 10x08 Abandoned

    This one was chocked full of awesome guest stars - Teri Hatcher, Lindsey Hartley, Julian Sands, Helen Slater, and Christine Willes.

    We finally learn Tess's true identity! What did you all think of it?

    I really liked how the writers tied all of these threads together in this episode to create a unified arc of storytelling. For Lois, her emotional wounds were old and rather than run away from the memories of her mother she faced them. For Clark, his wounds w/ Jor-El were still too fresh to face. And Tess had no idea who she really was - and it was nice seeing her show some fear and vulnerability.

    My favorite parts of this ep were Lois going to the Fortress and demanding that Jor-El face his son and the message from Clark's parents. I loved Ella's message, but this show has always been about Clark's journey and knowing how utterly turbulent his relationship has been w/ Jor-El, it was nice to have him get to see a REAL message from his dead parents. It only makes me wonder how things could've gone had AI Jor-El been smart enough to have shown Clark THAT message in the very beginning.

    Tess - I love this girl. Now she's fully canon. Can't wait to see what the others will do when they find out her true identity.
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