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  • Misfits

    I can't see any threads on this show, which probably means none of you have watched it or don't really like it, but I had to at least make some efforts to talk you into it, or find some of you who have seen it!

    Misfits is a british series on E4, and its in its second season now and frankly the episode that just aired has talked me around to viewing it as one of the best series I've ever seen and probably has the best characterisation I've followed since Buffy was on.

    Misfits is a comedy (but only in the sense that Buffy is a comedy) drama, about a bunch of teenagers who have been given community service for a variety of crimes - there they get super powers from a violent storm.

    While sounding cliched, the writer makes sure the show actually fights of cliches, so for example the chav like character is actually shown to be the best character in the show and really really likable.

    The first season is a bit shaky in points as it tries to prove itself but will sometimes fall down a bit into some cliched silliness.
    Season two however has been amazing, and the third episode (the one which has made me write this thread! Was amazing and deals with so many character points in a limited amount of time and uses the plot to really change some characters around into a completly different person than at the start of the episode.

    So yeah check it out, or discuss it on here week on week if you are already watching!
    (UK viewers can actually see it in the youtube 'shows' section)

    I honestly can't say enough of how good this show is. Season 1 is a bit shaky as I say, but season 2 gets it all right, and its only on episode 3!!

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    I recently read a lot of good things on this show on LJ, so I had to catch up with it and I'm in love. This show is fantastic, it's like Heroes, but funny...and good...and with a coherent and interesting plot...and brilliant actors...and sex...and probation workers.

    I love the main actors, not only that they do a great job, which they do (especially Nathan,god that boy can do annoying), but they also look completely real.

    Last episode was amazing, I can't wait to see how they tie the future and the present together, what role is the girl Future Simon pointed them at to play and how is the whole superhero thing going to come into being. Especially since Curtis wanted to jump off the building and Future Simon is immune to Alisha's power, so there must be some big time game changers in between.

    Also love the Season Two probation worker, I hope he survives


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      I get the feeling he might meet a sticky end I'd love that to be the ongoing joke, with the probation people just starting to question things more and more each time

      And yeah the whole future, present thing looks interesting - I'm wondering if theres more going on and actually if there are some even bigger twists coming!

      I think the bigger question than Simon being immune is how he travelled back in the first place.

      Also your really right about the actors, there all fantastic and I can see the guy playing Nathan as having a very brilliant career indeed - he plays it all brilliantly (and lets be honest how many actors are going to OK about doing the sun cream scene!)


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        I figured Curtis might have sent Simon back somehow, but that would mean that his powers changed, since they usually work only on himself and he replaces his past self, when he goes back in time.

        I'm sure there are several twists waiting to happen and fortunately the show moves on quickly so I'm sure we'll get to see them soon.

        Yeah, that sunscreenscene must have really taken guts. It was so silly and so funny.

        Also loved how Simon's actor changed him for the Future self, not staring as much and being a lot less insecure, but still the same guy and not completely easy around people.


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          I guess all last weeks chat is null and void now!
          What an amazing episode, but I honestly have no idea whats going to happen next!

          So Future Simon dies so his past self can change because Alisha will fall in love with her, so he can go back and die some point in the future and start the cycle again!

          I really don't know what the next twist is going to be, the future has to have some big twist in there - we've seen it too many times this series.

          On a side note: Best shot I've ever seen has to be them all hanging from the fish hooks

          The main plot was a bit odd and didn't work for me - but it served the purpose, I just wish the final shot was delivered by someone who was more of a baddie sort of thing than a convenient plot device really.


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            I miss Misfits


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              Originally posted by Stephanie View Post
              I miss Misfits
              Got series 1 on DVD so hopefully that'll take up some time then hopefully I'll move onto a series 2 rewatch

              But yeah its missed


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                I don't know if it will take up much time. I burned through 2 seasons in just a few days. I really enjoyed the show. The humor, the unapologetic vulgarity, the humanity, the friendships. It was a really interesting series. I want more!
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                  I love misfits!!! Nathan is the best but so gross lol, I can't wait for season three xD although I can't imagine what they are going to do with it.

                  I can't wait to see what powers they get xD I think Simon (barry) should get his old one back. Same for Nathan, ooo or get more than one! that would be cool. at least the girls get get more active powers xD
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                    So, after having the intention of watching it for ages and ages, I finally sat down and tore through season 1 on my computer..

                    What can I say, it's just, EPIC! It's a really intelligent show and has some fantastic relationships and storylines!

                    For some reason I really love Nathan - his snarky, witty, incredibly irritating personality is just hilarious to watch! He has some amazing lines and just... . Hilarious that he finds his power a little too late, but brilliant twist! Love the beginnings of a possible ship I'm seeing between himself and Kelly! Also, hilariously ironic that he actually did get nabbed while eating some pic'n'mix

                    I'm not so sure about Simon; he has that mysterious, creepy vibe that just... well, gives me the creeps! I love explaining his power to people because it sounds so pointless and funny! "I can only turn invisible when nobody is looking at me" he does kind of give off a gay/perverted vibe in my opinion... Especially freezing Sally's body and keeping it as a "keepsake", for lack of a better word

                    Actually, all their powers are really clever, how they reflect their mentalities and (to a lesser extent) personalities. Though I feel really sorry for Alisha, not able to touch anyone (skin on skin) owing to her power Curtis' turning back time could be really frustrating thing to have...

                    The only thing I can complain about is the length of the seasons: six episodes worth of a season are bloody tiny! but no worries, I'v still season 2 and a Christmas special to watch still!

                    EDIT because I watched season 2 in the short time that nobody posted

                    I thought it was more appropriate to edit this than create a new post, but there's a massive error... between 2.06 and the Christmas Special, imo anyway. Anytime Curtis has travelled back before, only he has any recollection of what happened in the alternate timeline. So in 2.06, when Alisha tells Simon about Future!Simon, then Curtis changes the past, Simon shouldn't remember that, but it's clear from the Christmas special that he does. That struck me like straight away in the Christmas Special. It's upsetting that they messed up like that, but I can see why it helped.

                    The whole time travel in general really gets my head going in circles! If it's not very obvious, I'm one of those people who thinks way, way too much about things, so I've been trying to work out the time travel but I just end up with my head spinning!

                    I loved the ending though - Nate has something close to a family (and he looks so happy to be a "father", even if he doesn't have a clue what to do! ) and he and Marnie are like so similar! I hope Nathan gets his immortality back - I think he might because of his always considering it an A-list power - and that Simon gets his invisibility again..

                    I'm not sure what kind of power Alisha will get now, or anyone else really... I think Curtis' might have something to do with speed (because of his being a runner) and I'm not sure what else the others could get I'm guessing that that won't happen because it's far, far too predictable Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to Season 3 and hope it starts up again soon!
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                      Originally posted by Demetreas View Post
                      I love misfits!!! Nathan is the best but so gross lol, I can't wait for season three xD although I can't imagine what they are going to do with it.

                      I can't wait to see what powers they get xD I think Simon (barry) should get his old one back. Same for Nathan, ooo or get more than one! that would be cool. at least the girls get get more active powers xD

                      I watched the end of series one again online on 4oD and i always laugh when Nathans about to....
                      fall and he shouts 'SAVE ME BARRY'!! so funny

                      Originally posted by densoid View Post
                      Got series 1 on DVD so hopefully that'll take up some time then hopefully I'll move onto a series 2 rewatch

                      But yeah its missed
                      I think ill def be buying both seasons


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                        Just watched it. Absolutely brilliant, can't wait for the next episode!