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  • Every Show You've Ever Seen!

    We had this thread a while back, and it was mentioned a few days ago too so I thought I'd make a new one. Simply write down all the television shows you've watched over the years. Feel free to add comments or reccommendations, but if you don't want to that's perfectly fine!

    It's just always neat to see who has watched what over the years, which is the point of this awesome thread.

    I might suggest we spoiler tag our lists though, because I'm sure some people will definitely have some pretty long ones!

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    Oh gosh, LOL. Well, I guess I can start with my childhood on up J/k. But some of the below will probably be from when I was a teenybopper Cartoons count, yes? In no particular order:

    Fraggle Rock
    AAH! Real Monsters
    Rocko's Modern Life
    The Facts of Life
    The Brady Bunch
    Diff'rent Strokes
    Secret World of Alex Mac
    Clarissa Explains It All
    All That
    My Brother & Me
    News Radio
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Veronica Mars
    The Cosby Show
    A Different World
    Passions (yes, yes I did. Mostly for Timmy
    Can't Hurrry Love
    Style & Substance
    Degrassi Junior High
    Degrassi: The Next Generation
    Instant Star
    The Best Years
    The Muppet Show
    Eureeka's Castle
    Sesame Street
    Point Pleasant
    The Little Couple
    Mystery Diagonosis
    Trauma: Life in the ER
    Three Rivers
    NYPD Blue
    WWF (WWE) Raw
    Law & Order: SVU
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    Law & Order
    Strong Medicine
    The Division
    Designing Women
    Full House
    The L Word
    Married with Children
    All in the Family
    Benny Hill
    Red Skelton
    Sister, Sister
    Hannah Montana (yep! I did and actually kind of liked it hehe)
    Wizards of Waverly Place
    The Puzzle Place
    Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    Angry Beavers
    Adventures of Pete & Pete
    Salute Your Shorts
    Kenan & Kel
    Power Rangers
    The Fairy Oddparents
    Who's The Boss?
    Step by Step
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    Sabrina The Animated Series
    Rugrats All Grown(ed?) Up
    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
    10 Things I Hate About You
    The Wild Thornberries
    Pinky & the Brain
    The Smurfs
    The Snorks
    Gullah Gullah Island
    Scooby Doo
    Murphy Brown
    Mad About You
    Home Improvement
    The Brothers Garcia
    Family Matters
    The Simpsons
    Ed, Edd & Eddy
    Spongebob Squarepants

    I'll probably add more as I think of them, but for now the brain is drained


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      Dang- I watch a lot TV! This list isn't all of 'em. I look them up as well. The hearts are for shows where I was in love with a particular actor. This was fun to do.


      Different Strokes
      Family Ties
      Knight Rider
      Dukes of Hazzard
      21 Jump Street
      The Facts of Life
      Small Wonder
      Gimme a Break
      Sledge Hammer
      The Golden Girls
      The Cosby Show
      Bosom Buddies
      Charles in Charge
      Dear John
      Empty Nest
      Falcon Crest
      The Fall Guy
      Bionic Woman (both)
      Fantasy Island
      Harper's Island
      The Love Boat
      Highway to Heaven
      Happy Days
      Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family
      Silk Stalkings
      In the Heat of the Night
      Incredible Hulk
      Wonder Woman
      The Jeffersons
      Just the Ten of Us
      Jake and the Fat Man
      Kate and Allie
      LA Law
      Laverne and Shirley
      Magnum P.I.
      Miami Vice
      Twin Peaks
      Mork and Mindy
      Mr. Belvedere
      Murder She Wrote
      My Two Dads
      Night Court
      Perfect Strangers
      Punky Brewster
      Quantum Leap
      Remington Steele
      Scarecrow and Mrs. King
      Charlie's Angels
      Silver Spoons
      Three's Company
      Too Close for Comfort
      The Wonder Years
      Saved by the Bell
      Boy Meets World
      Kids Incorporated
      Whose Line is it Anyway?
      Star Trek: The Next Generation
      Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
      Star Trek: Voyager
      Mama's Family
      The X Files
      American Dreams
      American Gothic
      Doogie Howser, M.D.
      Picket Fences
      Northern Exposure
      The Whole Truth
      The Nanny
      Lois and Clark- The New Adventures of Superman
      Desperate Housewives
      Brothers and Sisters
      Life Goes On
      My Secret Identity
      3rd Rock From the Sun
      Beverly Hills 90210
      Will & Grace
      Harry and the Hendersons
      Dawson's Creek
      Mad About You
      Life Unexpected
      Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
      Burn Notice
      White Collar
      The 4400
      Stargate (all of 'em)
      La Femme Nikita
      Judging Amy
      One Tree Hill
      Melrose Place (the old one)
      Spin City
      Caroline in the City
      Greatest American Hero
      Growing Pains
      News Radio
      Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      Veronica Mars
      A Different World
      The Muppets
      Degrassi High (the old one?)
      Sesame Street
      The Odd Couple
      Law & Order (all)
      CSI (all)
      Designing Women
      Full House
      Married with Children
      Who's the Boss?
      Step by Step
      The Smurfs
      Home Improvement
      Murphy Brown
      Family Matters
      Gilmore Girls
      8 Simple Rules
      Bird of Prey
      The Practice
      The Closer
      Criminal Minds
      Crossing Jordan
      Las Vegas
      Dead Zone
      Battlestar Galatica
      Ghost Whisperer
      Grey's Anatmoy
      How I Met Your Mother
      John Doe
      Prision Break
      Lie to Me
      Men in Trees
      Hawaii 5-0 (new one)
      The OC
      No Ordinary Family
      Raising Hope
      Still Standing
      Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
      Tru Calling
      Ugly Betty
      Joan of Arcadia
      Without a Trace
      Party of Five
      Gossip Girl
      Parenthood (new one)
      Vampire Diaries
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        scary thing is, there's probably more... and can't remember the names of some childhood shows.
        childhood/cartoon shows:
        Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - i loved that fat pink monster which holds it's eyeballs up with his hands.
        Animals of Farthing Wood - i loved drawing the foxes.
        Art Attack - creative art show for kids.
        Babar - a show about elephants.
        Banana Man - haha, great 5-min show.
        Bobby's World
        Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Wheeler was probably my fav, because he controlled fire.
        Daria - one of my fav cartoons. i could sorta relate to Daria, but honestly, she is way too cool.
        Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT - loved drawing Dragon Ball Z characters and the style of anime. a very influential period in my drawing.
        Earthworm Jim
        Family Guy
        Fantastic Four - loved the theme song.
        Futurama - has overtaken Simpsons these days for me.
        Gargoyles - loved this show.
        Hey Arnold! - never understood why he had a football shaped head.
        Inspector Gadget
        Iron Man
        Mr Squiggle - what he could do with his nose was awesome.
        Neon Genesis Evangelion - loved this anime show.
        Orson and Olivia - a cartoon about orphans.
        Pinky and the Brain
        Pokemon - loved drawing Pokemon. used to wake up and record all the episodes on the VHS.
        Power Rangers - loved the original version. red ranger was my fav.
        Rocko's Modern Life
        Sailor Moon
        Samurai Pizza Cats - a show about cats who are samurai and deliver pizza.
        Scooby Doo
        Spiderman - my favourite comic book cartoon and the jokes were very lame.
        South Park - loved it at first, but got bored of the excessive profanity.
        Spongebob Square Pants - Patrick Starfish is a legend.
        Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Rafael was my fav turtle.
        The Adventures of Tin Tin - i even read some of the comic/books.
        The Chipmunks - Theodore was my fav.
        The Ren and Stimpy Show
        The Simpsons - all time favourite cartoon. always loved drawing the characters
        The Tick
        Twins of Destiny
        Widget, the World Watcher - i remember Widget was supposed to be 4 foot tall, which when i measured out, realised was really tall for a supposed midget alien.
        X-Men - Wolverine and Gambit were my favs.
        Yu-Gi-Oh! - wasn't into the anime drawing style, but i strangely i enjoyed this card-playing tv-show.
        tv shows:
        10 Things I Hate About You - a very teen show, probably too young for me. ok overall. characters aren't overly interesting and seem over the top at times.
        3rd Rock from the Sun - ok comedy.
        90210 - 2010 version. only watched the first 10 or so episodes. characters never drew me in.
        Alias - my first ever obsession with a adult drama. Vaughn
        Buffy - my very first adult show. season 1 Angel
        Charmed - Balthazar was my fav character, aka Julian McMahon. Phoebe was my fav witch.
        Dawson's Creek - my first girly drama. Tac Fitzgerald who played Chris in the 100th episode is major hotness.
        Desperate Housewives - 7 seasons on, and still love it.
        Everybody Hates Chris - Chris Rock is awesome and the jokes still crack me up till this day.
        ER - enjoyed the medical cases, but not the characters or storylines. Dr Kovac was my fav.
        Everybody Loves Raymond - average comedy sitcom.
        Felicity - first season was the best. Noel
        Friends - comedy that i'd watch every now and then when i'd remember.
        Friday Night Lights - i love sports movies, but i only like this for the actual match scenes. actual people and their storylines are kind of boring though.
        Glee - love singing-related shows and love hearing songs i know. Brittany is hilarious.
        Gossip Girl - only watched the first 12 episodes. other than Chuck Bass, didn't like the characters.
        Grey's Anatomy - one of my absolute favs. love the characters, the storylines and the surgical cases.
        Hellcats - ok cheerleading show, sticking with it so far.
        Hercules - used to like this show.
        Heroes - started off really well, but got sick of it and still haven't finished watching the series.
        Home and Away - there's over 20+ seasons (>5000 eppies), but only watched about a season or 2. could never keep up with the new characters and crazy drama.
        Home Improvement - don't remember why i watched this show.
        House - only watched first season. loved the medical cases. didn't care for the characters and their drama though.
        How I Met Your Mother - only season first season, because timeslot was a problem and kept forgetting about it. Barney is awesome.
        Jake 2.0 - not a very good show, got axed.
        Life Unexpected - characters aren't very interesting, story is getting boring, but still watching it at the moment.
        Lost - first season was intriguing and held a lot of suprise, but then it got too confusing to keep up. never finished watching the last 2 seasons.
        Malcolm in the Middle - fav sitcom.
        Married with Children - Al Bundy was awesome.
        Merlin - comedy is lame, but i love it.
        Miss Match - had potential, but got axed pretty quick.
        Moonlight - short-lived. loved Jason Dohring, but the show in general was not overly interesting.
        My Name is Earl - great comedy, but had trouble remembering to watch it due to bad timeslot.
        Nikita - loving it so far, but still love Alias more.
        Numb3rs - love the maths involved, but never got into it, because it's a cop show.
        One Tree Hill - watched first few episodes, then it got axed here, so never caught up.
        Prison Break - first season was unbelievably amazing. after that it died off, still haven't finished watching the 4th season.
        Providence - thought Simon Baker was hot, but didn't like the show, and only lasted a few episodes.
        Robin Hood (UK) - just a fun show about Robin Hood.
        Sabrina the Teenage Witch - just a fun teen comedy/drama.
        Skins - love this show. got a bit crazy at the end of season 4 though.
        Sliders - used to love this show.
        Smallville - loved earlier seasons with Lex Luthor, love Lois, but don't really get latter storylines because never followed the comic books.
        Sons of Anarchy - bikie gang storyline is very interesting.
        Summerland - watched it because of Jesse McCartney.
        Supernatural - got into this show very late, but this show has more horror than most horror movies i've seen. not a hardcore fan, but very good show.
        Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles - was just starting to get interesting before its axing.
        The Brady Bunch - lol, must've been really bored.
        The L Word - Shane McCutcheon
        The OC - loved the first season. loved Caitlin in latter seasons.
        The Vampire Diaries - the direction they're taking away from the books is what will make this show successful. still haven't finished reading the 5th book.
        Tru Calling - i think it got axed on tv, so only saw first half of first season.
        True Blood - Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman also love the books.
        Veronica Mars - my fav teen drama.
        Weird Science - loved this show about two teen guys creating some computer generated woman.
        Xena - not as good as Hercules.
        reality shows:
        America's Best Dance Crew - JabbaWockeeZ, Quest Crew and Kaba Modern were my favs.
        Australian Idol - i like singing shows, but only if the contestants can sing.
        Big Brother - i only liked Friday Night Games, where they did challenges, but got sick of it after a few seasons.
        X-Factor - another singing show.
        So You Think You Can Dance - enjoy the different dance styles. hip hop and ballet were my fav styles to watch.
        Survivor - one of my fav shows, but this season is really crappy so far.
        The Amazing Race - don't follow it now, but loved the setup or detours, road blocks, challenges, etc.
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          Gosh- I forgot about Felicity, Providence and Summerland.
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            See, I don't really watch much TV. So my list is going to be relatively short compared to everyone elses, I think. I'm more of a film person.


            Buffy the Vampire Slayer
            The 10th Kingdom
            Ugly Betty
            The Simpsons
            Prison Break
            Sex and the City
            Family Guy
            Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
            10 Things I Hate About You
            The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
            Sabrina the Teenage Witch
            The Tudors
            The Twilight Zone
            Harry Hill's TV Burp - This counts right?
            QI - Awesome show. I Alan Davis
            Russell Howard's Good News
            Life On Mars (UK)
            Malcolm In The Middle
            Mock The Week
            Only Fools and Horses
            South Park
            The Vicar of Dibley
            The Little House on the Prairie - Only because my mother is obsessed with this show...
            Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum

            There is probably more, but that is all I can think of at the moment...

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              I'll try but I probably forget a lot of series. And I will skip the many Dutch series (since nobody knows those) and the shows I saw when I was a young kid. (Too many, including The Smurfs, Pippi Longstocking, Pokemon, Digimon & Sesamestreet.)

              Regular shows:

              Buffy The Vampire Slayer
              Gilmore Girls
              Veronica Mars
              Mad Men
              The 10th Kingdom
              Arrested Development
              Desperate Housewives (Only first 3 seasons)
              Lois & Clark (not every episode)
              Will & Grace (Not every episode)
              Dharma & Greg (Not every episode)
              The Nanny (Not every episode)
              Samantha Who (Not every episode)
              The Good Wife
              Ugly Betty (Only first seasons)
              Freaks & Geeks
              Supernatural (only first season)
              Friends (not every episode)
              Reaper (only first season)
              Life Unexpected (only first season)
              Pushing Daisies
              The OC (Not every season)
              Everwood (Not every season)

              Shows I saw when I was in my early teenage years:
              The Tribe
              Power Rangers (I'm too young for the original, I saw Turbo till Time Force I think. I'm told that was the golden age anyway, so good for me. )
              Young Hercules (Young Ryan Gosling.)
              Breaker High (More Ryan Gosling...)
              Sweet Valley High
              Beetle Borgs
              The Mystic Knight of Tir Na Nog.
              Sabrina the Teenage Witch
              Big Wolf on Campus
              Saved by the Bell
              Boy Meets World
              Degrassi High (The next generation I think)
              Lizzie McGuire

              British shows, beware of the detective genre!,:

              Doctor Who
              Robin Hood
              The Tudors (Only first season)
              Absolutely Fabulous
              Little Britain (Not a real series like the others, but still.)
              Inspector Morse
              Midsummer Murders
              George Gently
              Inspector Lynley
              Wallander (BBC version)
              A Touch of Frost

              Not as many as some of you, but I think I wasted quite some time of my 22 years on tv and it's series.


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                Like Hannah, my list will be fairly short.. mainly because I can't remember every show I've ever watched But nontheless, I'm putting in the cartoons and kidshows I used to watch too... is that ok??


                Remotely Recent/Religiously watched shows
                Angel (which I'll be continuing with my epic attempts to watch soon enough! )
                Desperate Housewives
                Misfits (as of today - I just tore through S1!!)
                Grey's Anatomy
                Veronica Mars
                True Blood
                The Muppet Show (best 16 Euro I've ever spent buying season 1! My brother doesn't like it and I really don't understand why not. I think it might be too much of a smarter kind of humour for him. It's depressing. )

                Anime/Kids Shows
                Death Note - Epic Anime
                Dragonball Z
                Powerpuff Girls
                Dexter's Lab
                The Morbegs (Irish kids show)
                Yes, I am putting Barney here.
                And Teletubbies...
                Phineas and Ferb (Seriously the Smartest kids show I've seen created anytime recently!!)
                Drake and Josh
                The Amanda Show
                Kenan and Kel
                Wizards of Waverly Place
                Hannah Montana
                I'm in the Band
                Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
                And its follow-up, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
                Jackie Chan Adventures
                Xiaolin Showdown
                Sonic Underground
                Super Mario World
                Sonic X
                Other Sonic Series whose names I can't remember..
                Saved by the Bell
                Sabrina the Teenage Witch
                Power Rangers (Ninja Storm and Wild Force)
                Black Hole High
                Life With Derek

                Others I remember../Ones I've put on to watch occassionally (meaning a good few times )
                Top Gear
                Friday Night With Johnathan Ross
                The Weakest Link
                Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
                Mock the Week
                The Young Ones
                Little Britain

                And that's all I can remember right now
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