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1.20 Five Years Gone Episode Discussion

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  • 1.20 Five Years Gone Episode Discussion

    So I've caught up on this show, seen all episodes now
    And also the latest.

    5 years in the future... Wow Peter is soooo powerful! that's really cool. I've been liking him since the beginning, Peter, Hiro and Claire are my favourite characters.

    How Matt Parkman can be so fooled by Sylar is a mystery to me! Isn't he able to read his mind? I guess he has the Haitian with him all the time.

    But I also liked Mohinder in this episode. He was a bit rogue and it was cool that he had read the comic and knew he had to kill or inject the Haitian

    I thought this was an interesting episode, with them saying 'Sylar' was the guy that exploded, then finding out it was Peter after all. Nathan being weird, but then finding out it was Sylar (which I was thinking in the 3rd scene he showed up and talked about killing and all.)

    I really liked Hiro and Ando having the comic and wonder what's going to happen next I don't think Hiro will kill Sylar, cause who will be the villan next year

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    Isn't Sylar in the next season anyway, because he is on the credits according to IMDB. I loved Peter in this episode, very sexy with his power lol. It was a very confusing episode though, I don't get how Hiro couldn't kill Sylar because he was able to regenerate, if Claire is still alive five years on, then how did he get her power?
    I was pleased that Mohinder didn't end up being nasty and did help Hiro, I got a bit worried for a minute that the only way he wouldn't kill Hiro is if Peter came in and stopped him.
    This has to be the most confusing episode so far, maybe I'll understand it more when I see the finale.


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      It was a very confusing episode though, I don't get how Hiro couldn't kill Sylar because he was able to regenerate, if Claire is still alive five years on, then how did he get her power?
      I can fanwank it some: At the time, Sylar had killed Claire, but FutureHiro changed the past when he warned Peter, so he probably kept his memory of what happened originally because he was time-jumping, but history changed and Claire was alive and Sylar didn't have the power anymore. But even that is flimsy. What's happened is that you've found an awesome plot error.
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        Thankyou I guessed they must have made a huge error, it really threw me off, I couldn't believe they could get it that wrong lol. I think it was interesting that they kept Sylar alive five years on and he could morph into other people (if that is the right term) They should have killed Claire though, that way, it would have shown Hiro that he really can change what has happened.


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          I think it was interesting that they kept Sylar alive five years on and he could morph into other people
          He refers specifically to meeting a girl named Candice -- he stole her power of illusion, just like he took DL's power to phase.
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            How did Nathan die anyway in the future? And how did nobody know that Slyar was Nathan five years later, either they are gulliable or Syler is smarter thne I thought.

            BTW: Who do you think would have been the only Main hereos left if Hiro hadn't changed back time?:

            Well Claire, Nathan, Isaac, Ando, DL, Micah, Jessica, were all dead. And if Past Hiro didn't reverse time, it could be possible that Suresh and Matt ended up dead, and if Future Hiro didn't get out then him.
            Which would have only left who? Nikki?
            And who would have won the fight between Peter and Syler? I think Peter because fire is stronger then ice isn't it?
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              Sylar had Nathan's power; Sylar took the braaaaaiiiiins. Same as he must have for DL and Candice. Although he must never have found Molly.

              The fight in that hallway would have gone almost indefinitely -- they both could regenerate at that point. They both could fly. They both had at least two offensive powers -- ice/TK and fire/TK. Presumably only Peter could bust out invisibility... but Sylar could also phase, and you may have seen that DL, at least, knew how to use that offensively.

              I'm going to say Peter would have prevailed, because having Hiro's power is a trump-card.
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                Definitely my favorite episode of s1 (I just saw it a few weeks ago ^^).

                The hallway fight was SO COOL! I was so disappointed when Hiro went back before we could see any of it. Peter was probably stronger power wise, but Sylar is crafty so it would definitely be a cool match to watch. Peter's hair was pretty cool too. I loved the Parkman scenes, because it was interesting watching him be all Special Ops, even if it was kinda sad to see him loose his integrity and I so didn't see the Nathan/Sylar/Claire scene coming. Actually I was a little disapointed that it wasn't actually Nathan.

                But my favorite scene in all has to be when Peter confesses to Niki that he was the one who blew up NY. It was so full of emotion and exquisite acting between Ali and Milo.

                FUTURE PETER: (shouts) Because it was me! The bomb? It was me! I killed all those people. I killed Micah.

                FUTURE NIKI: No, it was Sylar. Everyone knows!

                FUTURE PETER: It wasn't. Nathan lied. He lied to protect me. He told everybody that it was Sylar. Think about it. You know me. You know what I can do. Listen, if there is a chance that Hiro can undo this, I have to help him.

                That has to be the most memorable moment of Heroes for me. ever. I think Niki and Peter have some very messed up and gloomy chemistry.
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