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    Okay, I finished watching this a little while back so I don't remember it as clearly as I'd like for commenting, but I enjoyed it overall. The dynamic between the two main characters was definitely the best aspect and I actually really enjoyed the interplay, despite finding David Tennant a little bit exaggerated at first. Both Tennant and Sheen are clearly very experienced and had real presence that stood out when they were in scenes. I really enjoyed the switch at the end and although their line blurring with each other was a great feature and one of the best complexities of their dynamic, I didn't expect them to fool their respective groups in the way that they did. I really enjoyed that. For me it was very much a deeply affectionate relationship that had great depth, although it wasn't romantic it was emotionally rich and layered.

    The least enjoyable aspects of the show for me were the child actors and the childish humour at points. I often feel sorry for inexperienced actors when they feature against very competent and experienced leads. The weaknesses of the younger actors abilities seemed amplified by the context of the story and the wider cast. It wasn't aided by the humour at points making even the veterans look ridiculous against the more 'serious' scenes. The silly levels of humour that came with the seance and possession were just tedious at best and outright irritating often. And, sadly, Jack Whitehall and Adria Arjona seriously lacked any genuine/believable chemistry. These aspects really drew down the great scenes between Tennant and Sheen and were definitely problematic in balancing humour and really seeming to know who their target audience was.

    Overall, there were aspects of this that I really enjoyed and I'm sure if I ever read it that I'll picture Tennant and Sheen and be a bit disappointed if I find the read jars with the characters I've now come to really like through their performances. But I'd happily replace the rest of the show with my own visualisations of the book.