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BBC's Dracula

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  • BBC's Dracula

    Anyone else seen this? I thought the first two eps were great, especially Sister Agatha, but the last episode was spoilt for me by being set in the modern day.

    Claes Bang was excellent as Dracula.

  • #2
    Have mixed feelings on this. Seemed kinda like Count Sherlock. Agreed on Sister Agatha. Got spoiled on ending.
    Only got halfway thru the finale. Dunno if I'll bother finishing since already know what happens.


    • #3
      I turned off after about 20 minutes - it made me feel queasy. The Guardian liked it. Was there a lot of reference to craft beer and sourdough bread?


      • #4
        First two episodes were great, but imo it all fell to pieces in the third. Shame.


        • #5
          I agree it was very much Count Sherlock, but Gatiss has a style and he sticks to it. It should have stayed in the 19th century, and the third ep was a bit dull compared to what had gone before.

          I can't actually remember any reference to sourdough or craft beer

          All the performances were very good.


          • #6
            I have this recorded but haven't seen any of it yet.


            • #7
              Wasn't a big fan of this. The tone was very uneven. It went too far into the jokey/campy area. Its like Dracula was a stand up comedian at times. I liked the last episode the most. The modern satire made it more interesting. I think all three episodes should have been set in the present.


              • #8
                I watched it, but only with half an eye because I was doing other things at the same time. So I missed parts of it but overall, I thought it was an interesting take on the classic Dracula story. One thing I liked about Agatha was that she didn't have a German accent (which is often what happens). She didn't really sound Dutch either, but at least you could tell that was what they were going for.