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Star Trek - The Next Generation

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    I think each season had it's pros and cons. I liked the more seasonal arc of s3 (& 4 to a lesser degree), but got a li'l old. S1 & 2 were hit or miss.


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      I'm looking forward to this!

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        It's going to be written by the same lot who did STD, so I'm not.


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          Originally posted by Silver1 View Post
          It's going to be written by the same lot who did STD, so I'm not.
          Seven of Nine . . . Data . . . I'm hopeful they can't muck it up too much


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            As this is controlled by Alex (I can destroy any franchise) Kurtzman I'm not holding my breath.


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              Trailer looked pretty good. Wasn't expecting 7 of 9. Kool.


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                I'll watch it for sure. Love me some Picard.

                I like who I am when Iā€™m with him. I like who we are together.ā€


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                  Barclay getting through to Voyager has just bought tears to my eyes What a great episode.


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                    How far along are you in yer rewatch?


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                      Originally posted by HowiMetdaSlayer View Post
                      How far along are you in yer rewatch?
                      I finished Enterprise this week. It's only four seasons so it went by pretty quick. I felt the cast was incredibly limited, with the focus being on 3 main characters, none of whom really interested me that much. I enjoyed the time travel aspects and there were some very good episodes, but overall it was the weakest of the ST series.

                      I'm into S2 of Discovery. I really enjoyed S1 the first time I watched, and enjoyed it even more the second time. The characters are all pretty interesting and you can see a lot of money was spent on the production.


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                        S2 was definitely better AKA more Trek like than S1.