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    As the title says, tell us about the films you have seen recently. They don't have to be new films, just ones you've seen lately.

    I've seen I Tonya and Lady Bird, both of which were really good, with four strong performances from the female leads. Both films were partially about relationships between mothers and daughters, but both very different. I cried through a lot of Lady Bird and he film really touched me. It's my favourite of the two, but I'd recommend watching both films.
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    Trailers for the Tomb Raider movie! it comes out soon!

    “Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home.”


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      Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - great effects, cool story, but Eddie Redmayne was so fey as Newt he became distracting. I would have loved to have seen he and Colin Farrell swap roles, I think that would have been far more interesting. The ending was sweet. 5/10


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        I've watched a few recently, which is actually unusual these days. I wouldn't describe these as reviews but I'll just say what I think about them without being spoiler-y (I hope)...

        After decades I finally got around to watching the last two of the sequels in the Night of the Living Dead series - Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead. Neither film was as good as the previous ones imo and Day of the Dead is probably still my favourite (although my instinctive fondness for Night of makes me feel guilty saying it). I would say that I preferred Diary to Survival (although I liked the way the two were linked in the last one, I hadn't known they had done it like that). Both films seemed to conclude with a key 'moral' observation which were interesting comments on human behaviour but weren't especially surprising or profound. Pretty typical zombie genre stuff really that just didn't feel great enough to have Romero's name on them to be honest.

        I also went and saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the big screen last weekend. I really enjoyed it and found all the scenes with Leia in made me feel quite sentimental about it all, especially with other character deaths within the franchise. It really does feel like the end of an area/baton passing time and that certainly seemed to play its part in the plot again. I liked that one subplot, one attempted 'save', didn't go to plan right at the moment when it looked like they'd done it. It wasn't fixed at the last minute as often happens in heroic tales but was a mistake to try and had some serious repercussions. The weight which was repeatedly put on better leadership being sometimes subdued and appearing more cautious felt like a different flavour for this kind of action tale to me and I appreciated it. There was a lot more strategy going on than muscles/action winning the day. I'm not sure about the choice they had Kylo Ren make when with Rey, it is feeling a little too predictable for his character and I can't see where they can take him from here other than one of two very worn paths. The next instalment then could prove to give me even more surprises!
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          I wasn't that impressed with Last Jedi. I thought in their rush to make people accept the 'new way' they managed to alienate some of those who'd been fans since the beginning. I mean I thought how they dealt with Luke was pretty damn awful and I'm not surprised to hear Mark Hammill disliked what they did too, although considering his later twitter retraction I suspect the 'Big Mouse' got to him and told him to turn it down.

          I do know judging by what I've seen online and in the news this film has really managed to split the SW fandom down the middle. Those who hate it, and those who love it.

          I thought it wasn't awful (It had some nice visual set pieces) but I felt the writing was crude and it's constant not too subtle message of 'you must ignore the past!!' quite grating. And don't get me started on 'Mary Poppins' Leia.
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            Molly's Game Interesting that it begins with another female athlete, which seems to be in vogue in films currently. I guess it's an easy way of showing women overcoming misogyny which fits with the zeitgiest of the times. Interesting script by Sorkin, and always great to see Idris Elba on screen. Chastain is excellent in the title role. It's a good film, but it doesn't have much emotional impact and I can't say I cared very deeply about Molly 5/10

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            Blade Runner 2049 - Beautiful looking film, the world they have created is stunning, the light moves within a scene in a way I've never seen before. Great performances, entertaining story and asking the usual sci-fi question of what does it mean to be human, real, have a soul. But done beautifully


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              Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

              Some nice performances, but once you know the story it removes a lot of the drama and intrigue. I imagine if you didn't know the story this film would be far more interesting. 5/10


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                The Shape of Water

                Just a beautiful film, literally, the cinematography is amazing. A magical story about love, friendship and lonliness which moved me to tears in places. Great performances, especially by Richard Jenkins who has rightly been nominated for an Oscar 8/10


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                  Shane (1953), Unforgiven (1992), Rosemary's Baby (1968), The Exorcist (1973) and Carrie (1976). Hey - I've heard a rumour they're building a dome in Greenwich to celebrate the Millennium.


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                    Justice League (2017) - It's as corny as hell, but I liked the character moments, they really worked for me. I thought Affleck was rather good as Bruce Wayne, Henry Cavill wasn't very good, but the others were okay. I really liked the music, the songs really worked and it's really not as bad as I expected 6/10


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                      Because I have very eclectic taste(!) I watched these a couple of weeks ago and forgot to pop them on before now...

                      Near Dark (1987) - really grabs your attention and keeps a strong enough hold for the duration. But I'm not sure if that's just because I found the mix of genres interesting or just so crazy you can't stop staring. The vampire mythology in it is some of the most bizarre I've ever seen. The end is immensely strange and a pretty disappointing turn to be honest. Bill Paxton is aces though. It's quite beautiful in the cinematography at different points. I suppose it's really rather unique, and there isn't enough of that these days.

                      Lego Batman movie - KAPOW! What can I say, it's damn funny. I loved this film and it has been quoted a few times in the house since we saw it which is always a good sign. The positive messages are kid centred of course but fine and I just love all the hat tips to the previous batman iterations and other movies/heroic characters (and I'm not very knowledgeable so there were probably loads I missed). 'Batman' himself is top notch, probably the best batman eva! Okay, in the top three with Adam West and Michael Keaton anyway.


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                        Mostly agree with Priceless on several of her above reviews. The Shape of Water is a beautiful, if dark, movie. Kind of a modern Grimms fairy tale. Another Del Toro classic. I absolutely adore Lady Bird. ♥ Definitely my pick for Best Pic! I also really liked Blade Runner: 2049. Have to disagree about Molly's Game, though. Found it really smart and well written. Black Panther was really good. However, it's kind of over hyped. As opposed to what some critics are saying, I would not list it as the best comic book movie ever. Maybe top 5. Not that I actually have a list.


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                          Hi Metda, have you seen Justice League? What did you think?


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                            Hola Priceless! I thought it was ok. Why, what did you think?


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                              Originally posted by HowiMetdaSlayer View Post
                              Hola Priceless! I thought it was ok. Why, what did you think?
                              I quite enjoyed it and though Affleck was pretty good as Batman. It just got so much criticism and I wondered if I was the only one who actually liked it