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    Originally posted by Priceless View Post
    Didn't you enjoy Antman & The Wasp? I thought it was okay, but Paul Rudd can do little wrong in my eyes

    Oh now I don't know if Theon lives or dies!!! I've been trying to avoid spoilers for S8, though what I know for definite is that Jon, Sansa and Arya all survive, and I'm guessing Dany, Tyrion, Cersei and Jaimie all survive too, but apart from those lead characters I don't have a clue. I'm a Jorah/Dany shipper and a Gendry/Arya shipper so I'm hopeful Jorah and Gendry survive. (When I say shipper, it's nowhere near the levels of Spuffy, but thinking about the pairs together does make me happy)
    Huh...he's hardly Tony is he? What he sees in Pepper is beyond me (though, TBH, I thought the same of Shakespeare and the Coldplay guy). About the rest - I have a finger on my lips!


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      Ah well I'm not a big fan of Tony, so I wish him and Pepper all the luck in the world