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    Anyone catch the premiere?

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    Oh, hell yes. It was terrific to watch characters you wish would meet actually meet! The conflicts have all been laid out - and they are all nicely organic. Tyrion and Sansa meeting was wonderful - and I live Sansa's parting shot. "you believe Cersei will send troops to come to your aid. I used to think you were the cleverest man alive."
    Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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      Yeah...watched it this morning at stupid o'clock (2am UK time) because I'm a loser and just watched it again. God - it was dark! Were they filming by candlelight? I turned the brightness on the TV up to 90% the second time I watched it.


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        No! I've still got 4 more seasons to get through before I can treat myself to S8!


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          I watched it this evening. I'm assuming I can talk spoilers.... There were some great moments in there but it also lacked some urgency and pace for me, considering what has been happening leading to the start of this season. Cersei's manipulations, her senses of frustration and times of satisfaction were particularly interesting and I can't wait to see her response to Theon's actions and what Bronn chooses to do re: the two brothers. That was an especially intriguing choice on Cersei's part.


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            Not even sure if it was Cersei's doing. Maybe Qyburn acting on his own? I have a theory that maybe after the North & allies barely defeat the army of the dead. Then Cersei attacks with her bank army. Maybe Daario shows up (with help of Yara) to (reinforce Danaerys & Co.) save the day. Anyway, that's my idea...


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              Apologies for being so late on this...

              I actually liked the pace: it was slow, but very fraught:

              Almost every encounter was so densely threaded with
              tension, tension born of both the past and the future—

              That look between Jamie and Bran at the very end
              was just the best example of this—

              And this, I think, set up beautifully all that will unfold—
              or explode—in the episodes to come...

              I also liked that finally, finally, someone whom we trust—
              Sam—put Dany into question: I know that she is very
              popular on this board, but my doubts about her have
              been growing... Most of all, I have doubted her sense of
              privilege, what that will lead her to do, what it has led
              her to do, such as burning Sam's father and brother, which,
              as Sam pointed out, as Tyrion knew at the time, was
              far from necessary, was the act of a tyrant, not that of
              a wise and fair leader...

              Even more, although she has done many admirable things,
              such as freeing an uncountable number of slaves, she has
              also done so from her position of privilege, while retaining
              that privilege: when she freed the Unsullied, she asked them
              if the would fight for her—not with her—her
              position as queen had to remain secure...

              What she will do when she learns that Jon is the true heir
              to the Iron Throne, has the better claim than she... Unlike
              him, I cannot see her bending the knee...

              (Of course, marriage would solve that problem, but I
              still cannot see her ceding her claim to him, given that,
              unlike Jon, her privilege is so much a part of her, something
              I do not think she can give up—not even in the face of
              the very facts to which she herself has clung... )


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                I very much share your uncertainties about Dany and I do like that they have shown a questionable side to the decisions she's made at times from the position she's claiming a right to, with her sense of hierarchy as a ruler. How this will or won't adapt to hearing of Jon's technical right over her own it'll be interesting to see.

                I'm most looking forward to seeing more of Jaime and Bran.


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                  I started having questions last season when Dany made Jon bend the knee as a condition of cooperation. Dany would apparently let everyone in the north die because Jon wouldn't bend the knee. The great thing is that they strung it out perfectly. I was so busy watching Dany survive and thrive that I missed the fact that Dany was becoming frighteningly entitled - to the point of burning people to death just like her grandfather. Now that Sam's father and brother were burned alive - just like Eddard Stark's father and brother were burned alive - I wonder if Jon will wake up.

                  Still, Jon is also right. They all need each other to survive.
                  Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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                    Loved last nite's episode!


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                      I became sceptical of Dany after she locked the servant who betrayed her in the empty vault in the desert city. It was just so callous.

                      Nothing worse than an idealist with no self awareness.


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                        Ahhh...I quite enjoyed that (Ep 2).


                        Nothing worse than an idealist with no self awareness.
                        Yes there is. An idealist with no self awareness and a couple of dragons.


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                          I thought that was a cracking episode but I'm even more worried now for Jaime's chance of survival when the awful things he has done in the past are being touched on and his caring affection for Brienne emphasised. Perhaps we'll just find Bran was talking of his own chances of survival, although more likely them both. I didn't get onerous vibes towards Tyrion though, which probably means he'll die too. I can't wait to see Arya wield her new weapon. It was just a great build up to the coming battle.


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                            I have read none of the posts in this thread. I have tried to avoid all spoilers for S8 (and S7) and I stupidly was trawling though tumblr and I read something I wish I hadn't read! I am so mad at myself. I may have to swear off tumblr until S8 is over.

                            For those interested in the spoiler I read . . .

                            Theon dies


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                              Episode three thoughts

                              Holy shit. So all this time we have had a battle between The Lord Of Light and the Night King. Everything that happened in ther entire series led to Arya killing the Night King. The dagger came to Winterfell in the first few episodes. Beric Dondarrion was given the fire sword and the gift of lives. He was a follower of the Lord Of Light. He died to rescue Arya, but also to bring her to her meeting with Melisandre.

                              Even Syrio. "What do we say to death."

                              You can reverse engineer the who0le thing.

                              I wonder if there will be given more depth, or disproved. in the books.
                              Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.