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    Has anyone seen the "School of Thrones" Youtube web series? I really enjoyed it and found it hilarious with the way they transplanted GoT characters and very dark storylines into the silly, harmless world of a teen dramedy. Basically, it's Mean Girls (there are lots of references to it)/Breakfast Club/every silly teen show out there, but with a whole bunch of clever ASOIAF references.

    The references are mostly the first two books/seasons (particuularly A Clash of Kings) and a little bit of what comes later (I'm only halfway through A Storm of Swords and up to the first 2 episodes of season 3, but there's just one thing that may be a bit spoilery, and it has been hinted before anyway) but one can see that the people who made this are real fans, since they included some show-specific references and some book-specific ones as well (just a couple of small things, nothing big), and also a few things that don't seem to be referencing canon but the fandom- like the Jon/Dany thing, which seems to be a popular fanon non-canonical pairing, or the fandom's universal adoration of Tyrion and hatred of Theon.

    The only thing that was a bit disappointing was the lack of some of the main characters, like Arya, but I guess she's still not high school age in this, and they've apparently promised to include her later. Some other would be just hard to work into the story, since they're other characters' parents, like Ned or Catelyn or Cersei. Naturally, some of the adult GoT characters had to become high schoolers for this to work, but others remained adults and are there as school personnel... Guess who's the Westeros High creepy principal? That character is also amazingly similar to his GoT counterpart both physically and in personality, heh.

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