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3.06 "The Climb" episode discussion thread

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    Oh no, they've taken Gendry!

    Ramsay Bolton's torture scene was horrible, I had to turn away. Poor Theon, he seems to have been strung up for months.

    'The laws of my fist are about to compel your teeth', what a great line.

    A good episode, but not as good as the previous. It felt like it was setting up things to come, reminiscent of Season 2 in that it had too much backstage political machinations rather than the action I enjoy. I liked that he ending was shot like a 1940's movie, the lighting was very old fashioned, reminded me of Gone With the Wind, with Jon and Ygritte kissing on top of the wall. (Still not feeling this couple though. I much prefer the idea of Sansa and Tryrion)