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Speculation on Season 3 based on the book (will contain spoilers!)

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  • Speculation on Season 3 based on the book (will contain spoilers!)

    I think there's a good number of people who have read the books and are watching the show. I thought it would be good to have a thread where we can talk about events in the 3rd book (1st part of it anyway) and speculate how they might play out in the show. Also we can talk about scenes we really want to see.. or really don't want to see.

    As the subject warns of spoilers I think we can talk freely in here, however if it's a large event that is being discussed it will probably be good to hide that, just to make sure we don't ruin it for someone. However the day to day stuff is fine in the open.

    Also let's spoiler tag anything past the end of book 3 for those who might not have read it yet.

    I’ll start with my hopes for the season;

    Jon: I’m really interested to see how they play out his story at this point. I’m sure we’ll get some great stuff with Ygritte, but I hope we get more of life with the free folk on their journey back to the wall. I feel his character needs a boost after last season and developing him in this storyline would be a great way to go. And Sam, I wonder what they’ll do about him killing the white walker and being renamed ‘Slayer’..

    Jamie and Brienne: This is brilliant in the book. I was never a Jamie fan because of his relationship with his sister, his arrogance, pushing Bran out of the window.. but I think his journey South with Brienne really changes him, especially their time with the Bloody Mummers. I hope they do it justice as I feel that was such a turning point for his character, by the end of the book I’d completely forgiven him his past sins!

    Sansa: I am really interested to see how her story develops. I feel she’s not had a lot of time on screen yet and she’s a lovely character but you get so much more of that in the books. I think she has a lot of the Stark strength in her, but it’s covered by her good grace and upbringing to be a lady. I hope we get to see that side of her, and her bravery in the escape. And of course Littlefinger!

    Daenerys: We know that she already found Selmy as I guess they couldn’t hide him from us so it will be different to see how she comes to trust him. I’m really looking forward to her screen time this season; I imagine we’ll get some really grand scene when they take Astapor and Yunkai.

    Anyway those are just my initial thoughts. I’m sure I’ll have many more as the season continues.. I’ve not even managed to watch the second episode yet /sigh