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Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Back!

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  • Originally posted by buffyholic View Post
    That´s also what I wanted to ask. Will be a thread to Ringer where we will be discussing the episodes on a weekly basis?
    I think it would be great!
    Yes, since The Ringer has its own section, weekly episode threads can be created for the show. Hopefully there will be enough interest in the show to sustain enough discussion to justify having a section.

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    • Hey guys! I just watched the second episode, and it ROCKED. Ringer is off to a good start in my opinion.

      What do you guys think about Bridget? And Sibhoan seems really creepy and sociopathic to me...
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      • Originally posted by Kiera View Post
        It's great to hear and see SMG back on TV. Hopefully I'll be able to stream some eps or something because we don't have cable... but very excited to hear more about Ringer
        Really, few actresses are as talented and also incapable of picking good projects as Sarah Michelle Gellar. But this one sounds like it could be a winner.

        "Thriller" is a pretty big word in TV/Movies and covers a lot of things that aren't horror movies. The thing this most reminds me of is also a suspense thriller -- "The Fugitive". You could pitch this as a sort of noir "Fugitive" and at once it should be clear how much potential there is for a successful, well-rated show.

        I would watch "Ringer" with almost anyone as the star; I could barely make myself want to watch "The Wonderful Maladys" even for Sarah. It would have been pure viewing charity; "Ringer" sounds like fun. This hopefully is a show that can tap into the now-homeless "24" audience and "Sopranos" audience and be the genuine next phase for Sarah's career.
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