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    This series just ended. Does anyone here watch it?

    Started off as a strong series but as time went on it dragged out and stopped having the spark of the first season. Still a lot of fun to watch. the end was alright. I didn't get all soppy and sad like many other fans seemed to. The new heaven was a bit silly but the actual *end* being a part of creation was ok. Jason was the funniest and Janet was just a guardian angel/fairy godmother and always a hoot. The strong acting is what carried the show - I doubt it would have been so popular with unknowns in the lead. Fun ride, but it was ready to be done.

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    I've never even heard of it. I'm so out of touch.


    • Hunga Munga
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      You got enough internet for a Netflix/Amazon Prime free trial ? A few weeks of that will catch you right up with the few digital gems like 'The Good Place' .

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    I watched the first couple of seasons and loved it, but as you say Quake, it went downhill and seemed to re-cycle a few of the story lines. (Once again it had a British poc in the cast, it must be in the Netflix contract for every show )

    I've also never been a particular Kristen Bell fan, and I think I probably would have liked the show more if I had been.


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      Fair play to 'The Good Place' , it did try quite hard in the beginning to be different ...and it was mostly funny all the time . For me as a viewer, it suffered because I struggled to give a crap about most of the characters beyond the first season .


      • redtent
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        The same for me. I stopped watching halfway through season 2. I lost interest in the characters and didn't care anymore what happens next.

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      I tend to have much lower standards for straightup 'comedy' shows . If they make me laugh consistently , they're doing their job ...and I will overlook allsorts of weaknesses . In that respect 'The Good Place' did okay ...but all that philosophy narrative stuff weren't working for me . I did love Kristen's character and Janet/BadJanet but I struggled to feel empathy for the rest of the main players .
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        I thought it was funny but I didn't particularly care about any of the players, they were all bad people, that was part of the joke. They became better people, but by then the laughs had dried up a bit. Comedy is such a balancing act and the players have to be vulnerable while also being funny.


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          Yeah the initial comedy was in discovering their world, twisting the world took some of its charm. I think they could have made the series shorter and kept that spark.
          Was that the point in the last episode- the heaven they so wanted to get into was a super boring place, and eventually everything they ever desired got boring too

          It was a clever show, maybe trying to be too clever at times. I thought each character was representative of particular personality traits but never looked into that with any depth. The pairings were unnecessary really. Jason was pretty much every ex boyfriend I have ever had, so I wonder what that says about me Janet was the standout that I didn't see coming from the first ep. Micheal and Elenors scenes were top notch, I feel like they probably managed to film those scenes in one take with such pros.

          Basic jokes work for me if the delivery is there - and it was there, especially in the early seasons.
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            I seem to have liked it more than most people here. I truly enjoyed the "blow up and shift the premise of the show every four episodes or so" aspect of it. It became less funny for me in Season 3 and 4, more like a drama with occasional jokes where nothing truly awful happens to anyone, and that works for me. I find it even more rewarding on rewatch when I can see foreshadowing and things that make more sense after you see the reveal (little details of Ted Danson's performance in Season 1, for example). It also rivals Bojack for amusing background details that are on screen for about 5 seconds or so.

            There's really nothing else like it on TV (Russian Doll probably is the closest for me, though it's considerably darker), and I will miss it terribly.


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              I liked it a lot. My brother is a philosophy professor and he really enjoyed that aspect and says it was well done.

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