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    New show for new Apple TV+...

    First 3 episodes are up on website/app. Really liking it so far. Great cast!

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    I'd really like to see this. Hope it comes to a channel I have


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      Since it's produced by Apple, I doubt it. On the other hand, they have a free week trial. Plus it's only like $5 a month.


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        Originally posted by HowiMetdaSlayer View Post
        Since it's produced by Apple, I doubt it. On the other hand, they have a free week trial. Plus it's only like $5 a month.
        I am sure it'll appear on BBC or Channel 4 in the UK in the next couple of years


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          No offense, but I highly doubt it. Apple/Netflix/Disney are getting stingy with their content. Best might be to DL, if you don't wanna spend money.


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            I don't know how these things work to be honest. I know the BBC sells it's shows around the world to other channels,but I don't know how it really works in practice. I can live in hope


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              I've watched the first 4 episodes and so far I don't *love* it but it's definitely intrigued me enough to keep watching.

              I will preface by saying that I'm a fan of both Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. I think they're great and I especially love all the work Reese is doing behind the scenes to create such wonderful productions for women to be a part of. However, I have to admit that I'm not warming to Reese's performance so far and I'm not entirely sure why. Something isn't quite working for me and it's bugging me. Aniston is doing better, IMO, and is more believable as a morning show host. Then again, her character is meant to be a seasoned professional whilst Reese's character is struggling so that's understandable and probably intentional. I'm just not entirely buying moments where Reese's character is meant to be authentic.

              The series is touching on some really controversial topics (MeToo) and seeing them navigate the storyline is really interesting. They're risking the ire from those in the audience who don't want to see the perpetrator humanised but I think it's important they go there. At the same time, Episode 4 ended on a pretty serious note with Reese's character accusing Jen's character of knowing what was happening all along. I think it's clear she did and her complicity in the environment they worked on is sadly realistic.

              There's a moment in Episode 2 where Jen's character lays down the law with the TV Execs and *that* was brilliantly written and acted. Everything she said about power, the industry, the patriarchy etc was spot on. However, as much as it was a great "f*ck yeah!" moment, the show undercuts it somewhat by having one of the execs conspire against her and let her believe she's in control. The constant power struggle is intriguing. It's a frustrating series in the sense that there's no quick wins, no real "f*ck yeah!" moments, but that's not a criticism. That's just real life.

              It's probably not a good thing that we're 4 episodes in and I can't recall the character's names right now. But I am liking the show. The characters just aren't necessarily likeable and the subject matter is unpleasant and exhausting so I always feel a little bummed out after watching it.
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