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    I'm not sure why he was at Palmetto. Does Malcolm mention it? I'd always presumed Dan was working with him before the shooting.
    I looked out for it on my third rewatch and Dan actually confirms that he had been doing shady business with Malcom before Palmetto. That might be why he tracked him to Palmetto but it is not really clear. So far Dan has been corrupted, he covered up for Malcom murdering his former partner he stole a gun, he is responsible for warden Smith' death and he made an attempt at killing Lucifer via Tiernan. I am curious to know if any of this will be dealt with in season 5. We also saw in the AU episode that he is a rather immoral person although he is capable of deep feelings for others.

    I'm fairly sure an Old Testament God wouldn't lose much sleep over Julian's punishment (given he was quite happy to send the flood). Do we have two different ideas of God - God's wrath (or an OT God) vs a NT God (God Johnson?), a forgiving God (why is God Johnson called Johnson - son of John?).
    Interestlingy the Show has already established that it wasn't God who sent the floods but the Goddess of all creation. Oh, and then ther is this as well in the Old Testament: To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.

    Which shows that the bible is not very consistent, even within just the old part of it.

    I watched the Axara episode yesterday and wondered why Lucifer is telling Linda in the very last scene he made a terrible mistake. On my first watch I thought he meant that distancing himself from Chloe was a mistake because it eventually led to her turning to Pierce. But in the very next episode Chloe offers him to stay with her and explicably says they hadn't spend much time together lately but he refuses and tells her he needs to go to a bachelorette party at Lux. If he has already realized he made a mistake, why is he doing it again? Was he referring to something else maybe?

    His hair is far too black in the second half of season 3. It almost looks like a helmet or a wig. A bit like Spike's hair but with Spike it was meant to look like that. I am, not sure it is the same with Lucifer.

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      Found this quote by chance

      You know who else lived in Hell and only found his true self when he came to Los Angeles, just like Lucifer? Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, Lorne from Angel. That’s some good company to be in.

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        His hair - I'v just watched S1 (for the 6/7th time? I'm losing count) and it's definitely looser - there's no product in it. It could have been made darker deliberately - or it could be the hair products. Hair definitely counts for something. Chloe's hair flows free (no pun intended) in S1 - in S4 she's wearing that tight bun.

        Lorne - does have the horns; owns a club and sings and is telepathic (so a Jedi on Lucifer's terms) which isn't far removed from reading someone's desire. Both are "part-time detectives" Fits quite nicely - although Lucifer left Hell to open Lux in the comics so he predates Lorne. Lorne also had problems with his mum (wasn't she trying to kill him?).

        The Daily Express is dropping hints about Dream/Morpheus from Sandman appearing in S5 - which would be nice but I think all the Express does is collect fan theories from Reddit. It might work if the rumours that Netflix is making Sandman are true.

        I wrote the following ages ago in response to your earlier comments. LOL - they don't make sense anymore but I've left them in.

        Axara episode: Like you, I always presumed his "I think I've made a horrible mistake" was because he'd artificially imposed a distance between himself and Chloe because he was fearful his dad would target her. (God - I wish the scripts were better laid out).

        Ax: Why are you trying to convince yourself that you don't like her?
        Luc: It's not me I'm trying to convince. It's my Father. I defied Him, and He's big on that "eye for an eye" sort of thing. So I'm afraid that he's gonna come after the things that I care about the most.

        The "mistake" he made was pushing Chloe away and pushing her and Marcus together.

        In The Last Heartbreak I think it's partly a "free will thing" (he wants her to choose) and partly because he's in denial.

        No, I know, because I've realized that there's room in your life for all sorts of relationships, even if one of them is with with him.

        The God thing - "floods" was a poor example. I think I was pondering on God's "manipulation". The "eye for an eye" points towards Lucifer understanding his father as a vengeful God who manipulates Lucifer in God's own interests. However, do we actually have a more benevolent God, one who has a plan but who interferes in Lucifer's best interests? Luci misread Father Frank's interest in Connor and he doesn't understand Chloe's parenting of Trixie.

        Let Pin Head Sing: I presumed the title was an oblique reference to this: "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" (I don't know if it's an adage used in Germany). In English it's used as a metaphor for wasting time debating topics of no practical value but it has a basis in theology

        There are several Axaras - the real one, Jill and Patrick (Azara 2.0 - Patrick is also Patti). The person who doesn't seem to have multiple identities is Marcus (Ella's "compliments" box).

        We think maybe she had a jealous stalker? Or an angry ex.


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          Good news for TriBel and Flow!

          “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”