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    I was just wondering if anyone else is watching this AMAZING show? Honestly, it's one of my favourite shows since BtVS and definitely my favourite show in recent years. I think Season 1 had the better storyline but, honestly, I could watch this cast of women read the phone book together and I would be utterly captivated.

    Is anyone else tuning in? I'm totally in love.
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    I watched S1 and really loved it. I have S2 recording and am very much looking forward to it but I've one episode still to watch of S1 of The Passage before I'll get to it. I might even wait until the last three episodes have aired before starting it. We tend to watch an ep of something most nights so we'll watch the whole season in about a week (I'm assuming it is seven eps again).

    All the clips they showed when it aired looked brilliant. I'm otherwise entirely unspoiled. I had wondered where they could take a second season then I saw the clip of Meryl Streep with Reese Witherspoon and was so excited for S2 instantly.


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      I am so compeletly caught up in watching Lucifer at the moment that I don't even have time for BtVS (or my first watch of AtS season 1-4). But what you are saying sounds interesting and I will certainley give it a go as soon as Lucifer's charms have stopped working on me.

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        Originally posted by vampmogs View Post

        I was just wondering if anyone else is watching this AMAZING show? Honestly, it's one of my favourite shows since BtVS and definitely my favourite show in recent years. I think Season 1 had the better storyline but, honestly, I could watch this cast of women read the phone book together and I would be utterly captivated.

        Is anyone else tuning in? I'm totally in love.

        I did very much like S1, but despite my best intentions,
        things keep getting between me and S2:

        Almost no time for television, mainly—

        And my slim available slices have been devoted to
        Netflix's When They See Us

        Watched it twice, probably will again—

        Utterly devastating—

        And one of the most brilliant things I
        have seen in...

        I cannot reckon the years—

        Big Little Lies is excellent, but it
        pales in comparison, will have to wait....

        (And I adore Nicole Kidman... )

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          I'm glad you guys are fans. It really is such an amazing series.

          My favourite characters are definitely Renata and Madeleine but I really love Celeste and Bonnie too. I don't mind Jayne whatsoever but if I had to pick she'd probably be my least favourite of the bunch. The actresses all do such a wonderful job and the writing is top notch. It also certainly doesn't hurt that the houses and scenery are so enviable

          I'd love to discuss Season 2 with you all once you get around to watching it. We have 3 episodes left.
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            Once I start watching I'll come back to the thread to post after the eps. I'll probably watch it pretty much one per day once I get to it.


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              Hoorah, I finally started this tonight. I watched the first ep and a chunk of the second (which I appreciate isn't helpful for knowing where I've gotten to exactly and avoiding spoilers). For the avoidance of risking providing spoilers myself, I'm going to pop my initial thoughts under a spoiler.

              A total highlight for me so far has been Nicole Kidman's performance as she continues to explore the contradictions in how she thinks back on Perry and takes part ownership for the violence in their relationship. It is complex and really compelling how her mixed feelings and sense of guilt restrict how she views the abuse at times and yet her violent nightmares and distress at her son's violence reveal such deep trauma. But that she could also feel a sense of loss too is layered and so well done. The interactions between her and Mary Louise have all been fascinating.

              I'm interested in the struggle that both Bonnie is weighed by and also how Nathan is portrayed as handling her withdrawal and the responses of others to his attempts to seek help as well. With the added elements of two new mothers to the mix from Meryl Streep and latterly with Bonnie's mum, the dynamics and response to the behaviour of others is getting an intriguing push from these new elements in the mix. The scene with Marie Louise pressing Celeste about what she has realised has been left out of the accounting to the police after the truth about Perry's additional son is learned by her was incredible. The wish to deny what she has learned about her son whilst also pursuing a need for truth was great. And Bonnie's mum's hard attitude towards Nathan even despite his clear desperation to try to work out how to help, her irritation at him as a perceived ineffectual husband, alongside her callous handling of her daughter were also really interesting. The slight nod to a history of alcoholism and the damage that has played between her and Bonnie too.

              I really felt for Jane as she was talking to Ziggy after finding out that he'd been told about the familial connection to Celeste's boys and the nature of his conception. Again the emotional responses between people drives the story on as reveals and developments shift where people thought they were.

              I mean really in just the first 1.5ish eps that I've seen so far you could pick any one character and consider so many aspects of what they are feeling and experiencing. I can't wait to keep watching tomorrow evening.


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                Just watched the S2 finale last nite. Think S1 was stronger overall. Wonder if there will even be a S3?


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                  I'm part way through She Knows now (just got to the party). I know we watch in weird chunks, we just go with whatever we fit in in the evenings, you just have to roll with it. I'm not sure if anyone else is watching so I'm going to keep using spoilers to avoid giving anything away.

                  The interactions between Mary Louise and Jane and with Celeste are just incredibly well done. I'm impressed by how they manage to make you both feel for her in how awful it must be to try and realign your view of your child, especially whilst you're in the process of grieving for them. How potentially impossible that could be. With how horrifically poorly she is behaving towards both Jane and Celeste. Her desire to interact with her grandchildren and feel close to her lost child is understandable, but she isn't passive and is pushing and pressing the boundaries with both. This feels to be not just because the reality of what she knew of her own son is under attack, but because she clearly can tell that there are secrets being kept. This seems to be fuelling her justification for how she is behaving too I think as she fairly regularly oversteps the boundaries with those who've been hurt by her son. Some of the cruel things that she has said and done have just been astounding and I hope that the children are saved from her more acidic moments. The writing around her is so well done.

                  Speaking of denials, the whole storyline with Renata has moved on somewhat and her coping mechanism is so well written I think for a character that is portrayed as having built herself up but stands to lose this due to events outside of her control. The wish to just continue and not fully face the situation she's thrown into is understandable. Similarly, Madeline is wanting to fix the issues in her marriage but isn't willing to really consider where the problems that led to her affair originated. And all of these contrast to Bonnie's continuous struggle and the dreams we keep getting glimpses of them having of Perry's death, when they can't stop looking back at what happened. It's so good.

                  I know it's hard to separate the knowledge that you gain as you go on, but I'd love to hear what other people's responses were to the characters' situations at this point mid season, if you can avoid spoiling forwards.


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                    Okay I've finished the season.
                    I loved how the trial went between Mary Louise and Celeste for not painting either as without flaws but for finding a way forward to resolve the case. Facing the potentially negative elements Celeste was bringing into the home whilst also acknowledging the harm pulling the boys away from the security they felt, whilst not brushing over her need to still heal and seek help, how all that had happened played into her actions/choices, was just so well done. And I have to admit I was really pleased for her that after having to face so much of her personal details being aired that she was able to turn the tables and show that everyone has their issues, even if raising painful history seems harsh. By pressing Mary Louise's past too and what may have fed into Perry's behaviour as well as exposing direct proof of what she dealt with at his hands in court (and so what she was/is trying to counter from the boy's early experiences), it just worked so well for showing the ripples of abuse and the impact of history on the present. Considering everything Mary Louise had put her through I think Celeste encouraging the boys to go over and greet their grandma was pretty incredible.

                    And of course when considering the ripples of abuse the impact of Bonnie's history came out a little more and the effect she feels it has had on her present and how it fed into what happened with Perry. I really want to see more from her and how things work from here and perhaps if there is a third season this will be explored further. I did feel sorry for Nathan but am not totally sure there is no hope if Bonnie has the chance to face her past more, the result of her actions and heal further, but the long term view for the relationship at this point probably doesn't look good. But really the focus for Bonnie onwards has to start with the fallout from what I assume was her confession to the police at having pushed Perry. I found Zoƫ Kravitz's performance through the season really understated and very affecting so I'd love to see more of this character from her.

                    Then there was Madeline and the seeming positive step she and Ed had eventually taken after her affair and some of her underlying insecurities were faced. Yet there is that uncertainty of whether she has just found out something that can have impacted that moment of happiness and raised new/further issues between them.

                    I found Gordon the most frustrating and least sympathetic character across the season. He was fleshed out the least really I think, with us really just getting to find out some of what he had done without digging into what may have influenced his behaviour. And what we did see I found pretty despicable as he showed so very little remorse for what he was putting his family through and the huge effect his choices were having. This definitely could feature more heavily in another season with the results of everything that came to light right towards the end playing out further. I'm not sure I feel very interested in him to be honest, but I don't actually doubt the ability of the writers of this show to draw me into the complexities of their situation if they choose to.

                    It was nice to see Jane gain some confidence and happiness after all that she has been through and everything being so exposed publicly through the season for her/Ziggy too. What else could be brewing there though, who knows. The traumatic impact of what she experienced isn't going to be easily paved over even if there is potential for healing that looks good at this point.
                    So does anyone else have any thoughts on the season, the plots, the characters? Any hopes for a third season or what you'd want to see? Any answers or truths you think could be faced further if they did?


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                      Gordon's an A-hole! Not sure what's gonna happen, but not sure anyone will have custody of their kids (especially if they're 'in custody' ) after all of this.
                      One thought - wtf is up with all the bad bangs (hair) this year. Not just this show, but on Agents of Shield too!


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                        I don't think they'd charge all of the five, but they could of course for perverting the course of justice (or whatever is the US equivalent). It wouldn't take the guardianship away from the other parent though. I'm not sure that Bonnie would get a sympathetic jury when she hadn't been personally affected by Perry.

                        I'd not noticed any dodgy hair and don't watch Agents of Shield. Was it any character in particular?


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                          Depends on what the cops/DA perception. Certainly could end up charged with accessory, making false police report, possible manslaughter charges for Bonnie?
                          Some of those could land a person in jail. Which would most certainly effect one's custody rights.


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                            Agree that S2 wasn't as good as 1. Think it lost a bit of its edge and mystery. But still thought there was some great drama and character stuff. It was good getting more Renata! Streep's character proved a good addition too.

                            Not sure if there will be a S3. If there is I think it needs to be a different story. Maybe they will pick up with the characters ten years on or something.