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Your Top 5 (or more!) Favourite Ships of All Time

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  • Your Top 5 (or more!) Favourite Ships of All Time

    So who do you ship together?

    We've had lots of Buffy and Angel threads about the relationships over the years, but that really closes doors for all the other great series and romances created in them. So I was just wondering, in a thread that is non-exclusive to the Jossverse for once what your favourite couples of all time were!

    Aim to include at least your top 5, but if you want to include more then awesome! Enjoy!

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    I've no clue about the order but in my list are at least my favorite couples from TV series:

    Piper & Leo (Charmed)
    I adore both characters and I love the as well as a couple. I'm glad the writers kept them together, sure there were some dramatic ~break ups~ because they couldn't be together. But in the end it was always Leo & Piper. One of the rare couples who were together for 8 seasons. And since Charmed is pretty muhc the first non-kiddie show I watched, they were my first OTP I think. So they deserve this spot.

    Rory & Logan (Gilmore Girls)
    I don't like Rory and if Logan would exist in my life, I would love to punch him. But they were a great couple, Logan made Rory less holy and Rory made Logan less childish. They went through some difficult moments early on, but in the last season they had a good and mature relation. They were eachothers support, they trusted the other and they were clearly in love. And call be delusional, but I like to blame the break up on bad writing. It's like they found out that they only had three episodes left before the very end and started to contradict their own writing to break them up because Rory has to be single. (Rory is a ~strong woman~, which she clearly can't be with a handsome, smart and sweet boyfriend according to the writers.).

    Ah well, I move on.

    Angel(us) & Darla (Ats)
    I was always facinated with this relation. Not only is it full of symbolism, it's also a great one to watch because one is not more or less than the other. Darla & Angel are incredible vulnerable when they are together, because they know eachother through and through. They belong together, which is why they were together for such a long time and why neither can ever really let the other go.

    Booth & Brennan (Bones)
    Okay Bones starts to be a bit annoying nowadays, but the only reason I still watch this series are these two characters and the relation they have. Sure it's no romance (yet, everybody knows it will come.) but they connect like only some tv couples do. Maybe it's the so-called chemistry between ED & DB, but it's almost impossible to ship these two with other characters.

    Peggy & Pete (Mad Men)
    Talking about chemistry...
    Actually I feel guilty about this one because of Trudy. She is amazing and I enjoy her together with Pete, that's why I've no problem at all with Pete & Peggy having no future. But I'll for always love these two crazy (what they are) kids together, at least on my tv. It's weird how I went from "Run Peggy, Run!" to "Peggy & Pete 4-evaah" to "Poor Pete, he didn't deserve that. But *yay* for Peggy, you go girl!." It's very complicated, but what isn't in the world of Mad Men.
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      On most shows, I don't ship. Sometimes, though, when there are the right ingredients for me, a ship can become the thing I care about the most on a show. When there's a triangle, sometimes it's natural for me to pick a side...but not always. So, it depends.

      My favourite ships:

      - Spike/Buffy (Btvs): No need to explain! Nothing will ever top this for me.. I have temporary crushes for other ships/shows, but they all come and go, eventually. B/S is true love!

      - John Paul/Craig (Hollyoaks): Hollyoaks is a British soap (not a very good one). I don't watch it anymore, but it had this storyline (a straigh 18 year old boy falling in love with his gay best friend, and winning his own fears and defying labels to be with him) that will always remain in my heart. Probably my second favourite couple ever, almost up there with S/B.

      - Phoebe/Cole (Charmed): Charmed is a show I enjoyed watching for an hour of mindless fun, but it didn't really make a lasting impression on me. But there's one thing that excelled on that show, and that's Phoebe/Cole (the love story between the witch and the half-demon). I absolutely loved that storyline, too bad they crapped all over it in the end. Oh, well.

      - Jack/Kate (Lost): Despite Kate's jumping from one man to another, I was always convinced that she loved Jack. I could never buy into Kate/Sawyer (well, besides my dislike of Sawyer) because I didn't see any love on Kate's part. And independently from the triangle, I just loved the way Kate and Jack related to each other, the unbreakable (and immediate) bond and mutual trust. Also, Jack made Kate want to be a better person.

      - Pacey/Joey (Dawson's Creek): I kinda hate DC. The righteous and convoluted way in which they spoke, and all the speechyfing and over-analyzing was annoying. I only watched it for Pacey and Joey, who where fanstastic together! Pure gold, which saved the show for me!

      Honorable mentions:
      - Stuart & Vince (QaF UK)
      - Monica & Chandler (Friends)
      - Kara & Leoben (Battlestar Galactica)
      - Michael & Brian (Queer as Folk Us)
      - Clark & Lex and Clark & Lois and Lex&Lana ( )
      - Gabrielle & Carlos (Desperate Housewives)
      - Ryan & Taylor (The OC)
      - Baltar & Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica)

      ETA: How could I forget Lex/Lana? Thanks BloodyHell for reminding me!
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        I've tried to tone down my shippiness some..back when I was on the old Buffyworld forum, I used to get really rude and out of hand! And I admit that it does take some of the enjoyment out if you become so focused on one relationship that may or may not last. BUT. I still ship. I love relationships. And I often don't ship the main ship. In no particular order:

        1. Kate/Sawyer(Lost): I'm not rabid about this one, because I really like Jack as a character, and I loved Sawyer/Juliet together. Mainly Kate just bugs me. But I think this couple had their sweet moments, and I think they obviously deeply cared about each other. And I just love Sawyer. He grew so much over the seasons, and I've always liked snarky people.

        2. Chuck/Blair(Gossip Girl): They pretty well RUN GG! Love this couple. So much of what they have done to each other hasn't been loving at all, but the actors are so intense together, I've got some of my favorite ship moments ever throughout the seasons.

        3. Sookie/Eric(True Blood): Eric in the Sookie Stackhouse books is fairly different than the Eric on True Blood. The fact that he isn't heartless is more obvious. But even if you only watch the show: Yum!

        4. Spike/Buffy(BtVS): My "old faithful" ship. Still love it, though I've also come to love Buffy/Angel. I don't think I need to explain this ship.

        5. Damon/Elena(Vampire Diaries): My newest ship. Honestly, once again, I ship both DE and Stefan/Elena. But I love DE more, because they have a more layered and complex relationship. And Damon, when he is being "good" is so vulnerable and tender. It seems like no one has ever loved him, and that makes me want Elena to.

        6. Sydney/Sark(Alias): OK, so no, they never got together. And I loved Syd/Vaughn too. But Sark is so edible it is a miracle my TV screen isn't marked up, and these two had great chemistry. Plus, they had a kiss. And I can make up the rest. I love how Sark was a villain through the whole series, except that obviously he wasn't meant to be viewed as "really bad" because otherwise they would have offed him.

        A couple others:
        - Jess/Rory(Gilmore Girls)
        - Cole/Phoebe (Charmed)
        - Clark/Lois(Smallville)
        - Lex/Lana(Smallville)

        EDIT - I totally forgot Willow/Oz! I found this relationship to be so incredibly sweet...Oz was awesome. And I find their breakup to be more upsetting for me than any other breakup on BtVS. At first, because I felt like she was replacing Oz, I really disliked Willow/Tara. Especially when Oz came back for her. But when I rewatched the seasons when I was older, I started to really like Willow/Tara. WO is my favorite though.
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          I love to ship! The difference now for me is I'm less passionate (for 'passionate' read 'crazy' )

          1. Spuffy.. always.. my first ever experience of shipping really and it will always be them that I come back to whenever shipping comes into my mind.. still to this day I love all things Spuffy

          2. Lorelai/Luke (Gilmore Girls) I felt that was a kinda perfect love story that was built up slowly.. ok really slowly and while it had some major ups and downs it still just worked, they fit together perfectly for me

          3. Lilly/Marshall (HIMYM) Another lovely couple, they've been together for 10 years, never been with anyone else and after 10 years still couldn't spend a night apart! I love how they fit together so perfectly, they really are two halves of the same person and I love them so much

          4. Wesley/Fred I loved them since Fred came into the show, watching Wesley love her from afar was just so hard and yet he waited. I just hate Joss for giving us only a few episodes of them. His grief at losing her still hurts me to watch.

          5. Nathan/Haley (One Tree Hill) Even though this isn't one of my favourite shows by far this relationship is just lovely Started in season 1 and in season 8 still going strong. And they've had real ups and downs but still they were strong for each other and made it work even though in the beginning they just seemed like complete opposites.

          Other top contenders:

          Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
          Michelle/Tony (24)
          Rory/Logan (Gilmore Girls)
          Monica/Chandler (Friends)
          Seth/Summer (The OC)
          Jackie/Hyde (That 70's Show)

          There are a few more I can think of but I think my list is long enough already


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            LOL same Nikki I used to be a mental teen about my ships but now I'm all grown up and a little less crazy!

            1. Buffy and Angel (BtVS)
            My first ever ship! and my all time favorite, to this day I still defend my Bangel to my dying breath lol, and will always do so lol.
            2. Buffy and Angelus (BtVS)
            I know this is pretty much the same as number 1 however I think they have a completely different relationship so I put them second... I love the angst and the I hate you I hate you I love you!!! even though a lot argue that there is no love their I can dream...
            3. Michael and Maria (Roswell)
            This ship has the same sort of relationship I think my number 2 ship has the whole I hate you I hate you Kiss me now sort of relationship, I love how Michael is so strong and a loner and Maria just brings out the best in him and she is his heart under the stone icy exterior.
            4. Richard and Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
            This is kind of a new ship for me but they are so adorable! they have the whole unrequited love relationship that I love so much, becuase they can't be together or else Kahlan will destroy Richard but he doesn't care becuase he loves her so much and even if it means never being with her he will never leave her, and he will always be true to her.
            5. Belle and Edward (Twilight)
            what can I say yet another troubled relationship I do love them don't I big strong silent type falls for the wrong girl and they can't be together becuase there will be death and destruction... it makes everything so much more fun... although I have a love hate thing for Belle she really gets on my nerves like ALOT but I still want her and Edward to get together.

            Sookie and Bill (True Blood)
            Jaye and Eric (Waterfalls)
            Dean and Jo (Supernatural)
            Darla and Angelus (BtVS AtS)
            Echo and Ballard (Dallhouse)
            Phoebe and Cole (Charmed)
            Fred and Gunn (Ats)
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              Originally posted by Nikki View Post
              Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
              I totally forgot about them. *face-palm* I love these two together as well.


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                This is tough... but here we go.

                1. Willow/Tara (BtVS)
                This was the first relationship I actually "shipped". I was like 13 when I rewatched all of Buffy and when I actually understood their relationship and just thought it was beautiful. The two of them really complete the other and while Tara helped bring out Willow in more then one way, Willow really let Tara shine and become a new people in her own right.

                2. Veronica/Duncan (Veronica Mars)
                Not really popular, but I am a suck for first loves and honestly Veronica will always love Duncan. My favorite parts of season 1 where watching there two interact knowing they both loved each other, but unable to be together. Plus learning that Duncan thought they were brother and sister. Season 2 I really enjoyed them together and it was heart breaking to see Veronica having to let Duncan go, but helping him get his daughter back.

                3. Clark/Alicia (Smallville)
                I knew these two would NEVER end up together... But out of all the girls Clark was with through out the 10 years of Smallville, Alicia is my favorite. You knew it was fated to end badly, but you also know that the two of them truly loved each other, even for such a short time and her death is the saddest for me to watch.

                4. Serena/Nate (Gossip Girl)
                I didn't start shipping them until season 3, but they really are awesome together. They were really cute and truly loved each other. I always like when friends get together on shows cause they already had so much history that they just gelled together. I so want them back together...

                5. Hiro/Charlie (Heroes)
                While I stopped watching Heroes after season 2, I still think Season 1 is one of the best pieces of TV ever. The Hiro/Charlie arc was my favorite of the season and it pains me because he tried SO HARD to save her and while season 4 kind of came and destroyed the entire balance of that relationship and epicness of the arc... I still find the episode "6 Months Ago" to be one of the best episodes of TV.

                Wow... I just realized all my ships ended in heart break, and 3 of them ended in a death...
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                  1. Spike/Buffy (BtVS) will always be #1 for me - My interest in them has never wavered.

                  2. Monica/Chandler (Friends) - I always wanted this to happen and one of my first regular haunts on the internet many years ago was a Chandler/monica shipping site. I liked it when they got together but as they settled into domesticity my interest did wane a little bit. Although I rewatched friends recently and found their relationship very genuine and realistic and was impressed by them all over again.

                  3. Sawyer/Juliet (lost) - Guh, I love this couple. My god, that final episode - the vending machine! the coffee date! made it all worthwhile.

                  4. Jack/Jennifer (Days of our lives) yeah, this is a throwback to my teenage soap infatuation. J & J kept me watching that crazy show for waaaay too long!

                  5. Barney/Robin - love this couple. Loved the build-up, hated the resolution. My son has a theory that Barney and Robin are not done yet and that in the end, we'll find that they are 'Aunt Robin' and 'Uncle Barney' are indeed old and married to each other.


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                    I'm not really a big shipper but some relationships have moved me a lot!

                    1. Jim/Pam (The Office) - I've never seen such a realistic portrayal of a relationship on TV. It actually scared me sometimes when I’d watch their scenes (mostly during S1-S3) and it was if the writers watched my life then put it in a script. I love everything about them and I’ve enjoyed how the writers have promised not to break them up.

                    2. Seth/Summer (The OC) - This was just a really heart warming ship. It had it's tedious moments in S3 but in its heyday it was a really great ship and both characters really grew because of each other. I loved how snarky and funny they could be with each other and how often their different personalities clashed so much but they also found a really great balance as well. It had some really classic moments like the Coffee Cart Declaration, the mermaid poem, the reunion in the rain, and their first time together - "Hello Sunshine."

                    3. Giles/Jenny (BtVS) -
                    I just loved the dynamic between these two characters and found them so sweet together. It's also, of course, a really tragic relationship and despite not lasting even a whole season, it had ripple effects throughout the rest of the series. Buffy and Giles' relationship was never quite the same after that and Jenny's death factors heavily into their friction in later seasons of the show.

                    4. Buffy/Faith (BtVS) - This one may only be subtext but I still love it and probably would classify myself as a "Fuffy Shipper" nowadays. I love how their relationship works on just so many levels and how the slashy subtext is engrained into the very foundations of their dynamic. S8's No Future For You just has me even more convinced that a part of Faith really does love Buffy in a romantic way.

                    5. Victor/Sierra (Dollhouse) - It's probably the most innocent and pure relationship I've ever seen on TV which is really ironic considering it took place in one of the most amoral places on TV - the Dollhouse! Belonging made me a shipper of these two when Victor waited for her all day!

                    Honorable mentions would go to;

                    Buffy/Angel (BtVS) - For how amazing their arc was in BtVS S2
                    Ryan/Marissa (The OC) - For their very early storyline in S1 and the S3 finale
                    Michael/Jan (The Office) - For how dysfunctional and hilarious it was
                    Dwight/Angela (The Office) – For how awkward and bizarre it can be
                    Xander/Cordy (BtVS) - Great snarky fun!
                    Whiskey/Topher (Dollhouse) - Complicated and really messed up but their scene in Vows was AMAZING!!
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                      Oooh fun thread! I used to be a big shipper, I have toned down a bit over the years but I still like squeeing over my favourite couples. So here goes:

                      1. Spike/Buffy (BTVS) - Spuffy was the first couple I ever shipped and very passionately and obsessively at that! Other ships have come into my life since then but they will never reach the love, passion and adoration I have for Spuffy.

                      2. Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls) - I know this is not really a popular couple around here but I have always liked Jess and the chemistry between Rory and Jess was pretty awesome IMO (maybe because the actors were a real life couple as well?). Now of course I was not fond of Jess treating Rory badly but they still had a lot of very sweet moments, especially in season 2 and early season 3 before they actually became a couple.

                      3. Starbuck/Apollo (Battlestar Galactica) - Another unpopular ship around here. Starbuck was my favourite female character on the show and Apollo my favourite male character and I loved how the writers showed the attraction between these two. From Lee's unrequited pining at the beginning to Starbuck realising her own feelings for Lee but then of course being Starbuck being too afraid to go through with them and instead choosing the easier solution of marrying Sam. And then the whole forbidden love in season 3, I just loved it. Now the writers could have done a better job with the whole love triangle thing and I was rather sad that Starbuck and Apollo did not end up together but that doesn't mean I did not enjoy their relationship over the years.

                      4. Sookie/Eric (True Blood) - I fell in love with the Sookie/Eric ship while reading the books and even though there have been glimpses of what this couple could be on the show as well, I don't think Alan Ball has done them justice until now. Hopefully, this will change with season 4. Still, I love the chemistry between Anna Paquin and Alexander Skaarsgard (sp?) and Sookie and Eric had some lovely scenes together, especially in season 2 (for example when Sookie comforted Eric after Godric had died, etc.).

                      5. Elena/Damon (The Vampire Diaries) - Again it's all about chemistry for me and those two have it in spades! Now I do like Stefan/Elena as a couple as well but I find Damon the much more interesting character with his bad boy exterior and vulnerable, emotional side underneath. Elena and Damon's dance in "Miss Mystic Falls" was beyond romantic, the sparks between them could have ignited a fire! I'm a sucker for the whole unrequited love thing so another reason that this relationship is so much fun for me to watch. Of course I do hope that Elena will return Damon's feelings sooner rather than later!

                      Honourable mentions:

                      - Blair/Chuck (Gossip Girl)
                      - Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
                      - Rory/Logan (Gilmore Girls)
                      - Lorelai/Luke (Gilmore Girls)
                      -Tim/Lyla (Friday Night Lights)

                      And I'm sure there are others that I cannot think of right now.


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                        Hmm, I've had quite a few over the years, but these are the ones that are most important to me recently and overall. Honourable Mentions included at the bottom.

                        All time Favourites: Kara and Lee/Roslin and Adama/Caprica Six and Gaius: Battlestar Galactica. Coming straight from my favourite shows are my three favourite ships ever. The writing, turns, twists, endings, beginnings, etc. etc. They were done perfectly and I cannot even begin to express how fascinating and in love I am with each of these. Nothing will probably ever beat it.

                        Seth and Summer: The O.C. This is the couple I ship most and get the most enjoyment out of. There's something just smile-worthy of the pair, and I love them to death. A geeky guy and bombshell's a match made in heaven! I love them so much.

                        Angel and Cordelia/Buffy and Spike. I know those pairings are a little opposite of what some may prefer, but this is always how I wanted the series to end. Angel with Cordy, Buffy with Spike. They're just so much better!

                        Elena and Damon: The Vampire Diaries. Dark, twisted, sexy, fun, compelling, etc. Why not ship this, right?

                        Ryan and Marrissa: The O.C.
                        Lois and Clark: Smallville.
                        Tess and Oliver: Smallville.

                        Michael and Maria: Roswell. For such a small show, I was always surprised how wonderful this aspect of it was. Maria completely transformed Michael's character over the series, and it was just incredible. They had their ups and downs, but a deep understanding and love for each other. It's incredible.

                        Mal and Inara: Firefly

                        Topher and Bennet: Dollhouse! If only we got more of them. Such a cute little pair, like two little kids crushing on each other in the school yard.

                        Ross and Rachel: Friends Do I even need to explain myself? What an epic history.

                        Lilah and Wesley: Angel

                        Honourable Mentions,
                        Kyle and Tess: Roswell
                        Sandy and Kirsten Cohen: The O.C.
                        Sheppard and Weir: Stargate Atlantis
                        Max and Liz: Roswell
                        Wesley and Fred: Angel
                        Willow and Tara: Buffy
                        Cally and Simon: Firefly/Serenity
                        Kate Lockely/Nina and Angel: Angel
                        Oliver and Chloe: Smallville

                        You know, just to name a few. I'm sure there'll be more later on.
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                          BtVS/AtS: Angel/Buffy, Angel(us)/Darla, Wesley/Fred
                          (hon. mentions: Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Buffy)

                          Doctor Who: Ten/Rose, Eleven/Amy
                          (hon. mentions: Rory/Amy, Jamie/Victoria, Jamie/Zoe, Ian/Barbara)

                          Roswell: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria

                          Heroes: Sylar/Claire
                          (hon. mention: Sylar/Elle)

                          The Vampire Diaries: Stefan/Elena
                          (hon. mention: Damon/Elena)

                          Bones: Booth/Brennan
                          (hon. mention: Hodgins/Angela)
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                            LOVE the thread! I'm not a die-hard shipper by any means, and I don't have one ship that I love to death, I just have a lot of ships that I love

                            Caprica Six/Baltar from Battlestar Galactica: A lovely arc through the series and easily my OTP from my favorite show. They're relationship is amazing and I would probably also extend this to shipping Baltar with any Six. So many amazing scenes and so much unlikely chemistry that really compels me. Their scene in the finale is one of the more powerful ones for me, too.

                            Veronica/Logan from Veronica Mars: They are just epic, as Logan said himself. A brilliant couple with just this spark that makes them perfect for each other. "Do you really think a relationship should be this hard?" "Do people ever write songs about the ones that come easy?"

                            Wesley/Lilah from Angel: Talk about a OH MY GOD. They are so hot together, it's not even funny. Everyone is like Fresley or Cangel when it comes to Angel, but I'm sorry, Wilah is easily the most beautiful relationship on the show, drastically changing both Wesley and Lilah. From lust to love, it's an amazing journey that was cut so short.

                            Xander/Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: They just belong together! I can't explain why, I just love them and they make me happy.

                            John/Cameron from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles: He makes her more than she is, she becomes better and human because of their bond and connection. If that's not love, what is?

                            Hyde/Jackie from That '70s Show: This is the ship I love the most. The one I care for the most and am most attached to. Their journey is not the best and Jackie was a complete idiot near the end of the show and they didn't end up together, but...they are just soulmates and they are strangely important to me.

                            Some honorable mentions:
                            Doug/Celia from Weeds - LOL, more short-lived ships. They should've gotten back together, perfect foils!
                            Xander/Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Yes, I ship both Xanya and Xander/ with it
                            Sawyer/Juliet from Lost: Mostly for LaFleur, The Incident, and The End.
                            Charlie/Claire from Lost: Cutest. Ship. Ever.
                            Simon/Kaylee from Firefly: Haha, I lied. This is the cutest ship ever. I mean, when Kaylee has a crush on someone, how can you not ship them together? She's too adorable.
                            Chuck/Sarah from Chuck: Self-explanatory.
                            Jim/Pam from The Office: What Mogs said! What a realistic portrayl of a relationship. The awkwardness is perfect.
                            Michael/Jan from The Office: So dysfunctional and therefore perfect for each other. Suck on it, Holly.
                            Mason/Daisy from Dead Like Me: Dark and twisted but fun!
                            Andy/April from Parks & Recreations: My latest OTP.


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                              Hm, interesting. I don't know how I missed this thread.

                              Okay, favourite ships.

                              1. Buffy/Spike: As the majority of you probably already know, I'm a die-hard Spuffy shipper. I love the relationship throughout the series. I love the banter between the two characters and the dynamics, the ups and the downs, the passion...

                              2. Virginia/Wolf: - The 10th Kingdom. I this ship so much. Wolf is so cute and funny and is just perfect for Virginia...when he's not trying to eat her grandmother that is. The "Beauty and the Beast" story.

                              3. King Henry and Queen Anne: - The Tudors. Can I just say, I was gutted at the end of the second series, I cried. Henry and Anne just went fantastically well together, and I've always been facsinated with The Tudors, and Anne Boleyn was always my favourite Queen...there's so much awesomeness about her. Bad Henry!

                              4. Rachel and Joey: - Friends. Yes, you saw correctly. Rachel and Joey. Personally, I thought that Rachel and Joey were more suited for each other rather than Rachel and Ross. The R&R arc got old the second full rewatch round I thought. I am just quite upset that Rachel and Joey never really got a real chance...and it came back round to Ross eventually. Come on, Rachel, it's been six years!

                              5. Dean and Bela: - Supernatural. I just wish they actually had a relationship. I think they could have went great together...

                              Honourable Mentions:

                              Piper and Leo - Charmed
                              Phoebe and Cole - Charmed
                              Willow and Tara - BtVS
                              Phoebe and Jason - Charmed
                              Rachel and Chandler - Friends
                              Dean and Jo - Supernatural
                              Betty and Daniel - Ugly Betty. (Btw, I don't know if they get together or don't...I'm only on Season 2. )
                              Dexter and Rita - Dexter


                              And I want to add one from the movies...

                              Harry and Hermione - Harry Potter. Damn you, J.K. Damn. You.
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