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    Originally posted by DeepBlueJoy View Post
    I actually really loveOtis and Maeve in Sex Education, and so the ending of season two left me very perturbed. Nope, not sharing that!! You must watch for yourself. I also am fond of a certain parental pairing... Jean and Jakob. Truly love his boundaries (and that he knows his limits). Boundaries are seriously underrated. Jean is very smart, but Jakob is wise. He's good for her... hope she figures out how to fix the mess she made!

    On a non pairing related aside! I love 'it's just a stupid bus' Female solidarity for the win!
    I'm doing a bullet points and analysis for all 16 episodes. The ending is annoying, but it's understandable given the context and given the Otis/Maeve relationship.

    It'd only be galling if the producers didn't consider that a third Season was likely. I assume the massive success resulted in hefty pay raises for certain actors in Season 2. And that may happen again for Season 3.

    * The female solidarity was well-done. And even Jackson Marchetti and Maeve/Jackson was relatively well done. Jackson is a good guy and Maeve/Jackson made sense for what it was/is and not say a Buffy/Riley situation.
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